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At the penthouse, Nick remarks on Chelsea’s amazing breakthrough. “You said Sharon knows. Sharon knows what?” He wonders if she knows where Adam is and decides to call Nate and get him over there to get answers.

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At home, Sharon admits she’s seen Adam. Rey snarks, “Well at least you stopped lying to me.” He demands to know where Adam is so he can bring him in. Sharon will tell him after he listens to what she has to say — it sounds crazy but Adam was set up by Chelsea, who has a history of scamming. Rey reminds her she’s paralyzed and asks, “Do you even have one shred of proof to support your theory?” Sharon tells him about the texts from Adam that he didn’t send — Chelsea had access to his tablet. Rey can’t buy this at all. Sharon protests that Chelsea had help — Chloe. Rey questions why Adam suspects Chelsea. Sharon tells him he saw her smile. Rey scoffs. When he asks what her motive would even be, Sharon replies, “Me. I’m her motive.”
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Moses wants to go to the hospital with Nate, who agrees. Elena appears and Nate makes introductions, explaining that she works at the hospital too. She tells Moses he’s learning from one of the best doctors and men she’s ever known. After Elena exits, Moses urges Nate to ask her out; she seems really into him. Nate informs him it happened already and didn’t work out. He gets a call from Nick about Chelsea and has to rush off.
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Amanda enters Society and approaches Victor. He asks what he can do for her. She wonders if he remembers Richard Nealon. He muses, “Should I?” Amanda explains he died in a car accident shortly after going to work for him… and now there are questions as to whether it was a an accident at all. He learns her client is Sutton Ames and Amanda goes on to explain the shady connection between him and someone at Newman. A reporter named Bruce Stansfield is accusing Sutton of tampering with Nealon’s brakes. Victor says the reporter came to him too. He warns her not to look at Newman… or him, for the crime. Amanda advises she’s sent a letter to Newman requesting a list of all the employees from the time in question. As Victor walks out, Devon arrives. He and Amanda decide to go discuss her case at his place.
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In the hospital, Nikki arrives to see Faith, who is bored but not keen on the punishments awaiting her at home.
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At the penthouse, Chelsea coaches herself to stay calm and play it right with Nate. He asks to speak to Meredith. Chloe explains she’s gone but insists that was the first time she spoke. Nate states it will take time for Chelsea to progress. Nick protests that if Chelsea knows something they have to find out. Chloe cautions against pressuring her. Nick gets a call from Nikki and leaves to get Faith. Nate tells Chloe there will be more tests and they will take baby steps. Chelsea rasps, “I need Detective Rosales.”
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At Sharon’s place she and Rey argue over which of them has clouded judgement. Sharon is adamant that Adam’s innocent. Rey demands, “Where’s Adam?” Sharon says he’s in a house on a lake he used to own. She won’t tell him the address unless she can go with him. Suddenly she gets a text from Nick about Faith’s release and says Rey will have to go get Adam alone. Rey leaves after she texts him the address, and Sharon contemplates sending a text to warn Adam.

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At the hospital, Nick has Faith talk with Christine, who is going to oversee her case. Sharon arrives. Faith is nervous about court but is glad Chris will be there. She will make the most of her second chance and still can’t believe Adam was the one who found her. Faith heads to the desk with Chris, and Sharon asks Nick why he’s staring at her. He covers, “I didn’t realize I was. Let’s just get Faith home.”
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At Devon’s place, he and Amanda discuss Victor trying to intimidate her. She understands and has no regrets. She recaps why it’s such a big deal for her to take the case and get to know herself by getting to know her family. Devon’s inspired. Amanda warns he may not see her for a while as she deep dives into the files. Devon will send takeout. Moses arrives and worries he’s interrupting. Amanda has to go. Devon walks her out. Amanda tells Devon that reminded her of how they used to be. He hopes to get back to that. If she needs anything, he’s there for her.

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After, Devon tells Moses he’s not sure things between him and Amanda are fixable, but Moses senses the right vibes. Devon’s amused and learns he’s had a few girlfriends… or one anyway. He then brings up Faith. He wishes he had got to check on her today. Devon teases him.
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At the coffee house, Elena runs into Nate again. He asks if she has time to talk, hang out and have a coffee.
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At Sharon’s house, she and Nick assure Faith her life will get back to normal. She heads upstairs to rest after apologizing again. Once alone, Nick tells Sharon about Chelsea regaining the ability to speak. Sharon smirks. “What did she say?” Nick relays, “Sharon knows.” Sharon shakes her head and asks Nick to hear her out. She begins by saying she knows where Adam’s hiding out — Rey’s headed there now. They bicker when she suggests Adam’s innocent and Chelsea did it. Sharon marvels at her suddenly regaining her ability to speak with two choice word. Nick thinks Adam’s playing her again. Sharon argues she listened to him and they owe him the benefit of the doubt. Nick learns he’s at the lake house and decides to go over there. Sharon protests, but he leaves.
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Later, Nikki and Christine arrive to see Faith and Sharon looks out the window thoughtfully.

At the lake house, Rey peers into Adam’s door, which is ajar. He busts in with his gun drawn but the room’s empty. He hollers, “Adam?!” Later, Nick shows up and Rey tells him Adam may or may not be innocent, but he’s long gone now. Nick relays that Chelsea spoke. Rey muses, “Just like that…” He fumes about not being able to bring Adam in as he points out the only person who would have been able to warn him… was Sharon.

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At the penthouse, Chelsea congratulates herself for picking the exact right moment to speak to Nick. “I’m holding the reins now.” She smugly concludes, “Yeah, Chloe, we’re in the home stretch. It’s all coming together.”

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In her suite, Amanda picks up the file marked ‘Richard Nealon’ and becomes emotional when she sees his photograph inside.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victor receives a surprise visitor.

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