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At the penthouse, Chloe’s surprised to hear that Sharon didn’t tell Rey where Adam is hiding and wonders if she suspects Chelsea. After pondering it, Chelsea figures out that Adam’s using her to set a trap for them. She fumes that Adam just can’t leave Sharon alone. Chloe is not going down for this. Chelsea wants to set a trap for them and lead the police directly to Adam. Chloe says it should come out organically. Chelsea decides she needs to make the organic, believable moment happen.
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At the lake, Adam and Sharon wonder how they got to this point. He thinks it’s ironic that involving her in Chelsea’s treatment may have spurred her recovery. Sharon worries that she’s part of the reason Rey almost died. Adam won’t allow her to take any blame. They go over being caught up in the moment when they kissed. He feels responsible. Sharon can’t debate; Faith’s being released today. Adam’s grateful for her help. Sharon urges him to turn himself in so they can find the truth the right way. Adam say Chelsea is a consummate con artist and will fool Rey. She can’t be cornered into revealing herself; she has to slip up on her own.
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At the hotel, Nick tells Phyllis he wants to get all of his girls together after Faith gets out of the hospital. He pivots to the argument Phyllis and Summer were having and wants a straight answer about what’s going on. Phyllis relays she tried to get Lauren to offer Sally a job in Los Angeles and it backfired. Lauren talked to Sally, who blamed Summer. Now Summer’s mad at her for over-stepping as a mom. Nick wants her to stay out of it — Jack and Summer are adults, and she betrayed their daughter’s trust by going to her boss. If she doesn’t let this go it will snowball.
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Talk turns back to Faith’s homecoming. Nick has a sneaking suspicion that Adam reached out to Sharon and she’s lying about it. Phyllis can see that and muses, “Look who’s protecting their ex.” Nick thinks he may be able to find a lead on Adam on his own and will update Phyllis later.

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At Jabot, Kyle insists to Summer that Ashland is playing with him. They’re interrupted by Lauren who speaks to Summer alone and demands to know why she went to Los Angeles to dig up dirt on Sally. Summer needed to find something to ensure that she wouldn’t steal her job. Lauren points out you keep your job by doing it well; was she really that insecure? Summer was threatened seeing how close Lauren was getting to Sally. Lauren is disappointed. She wanted to mentor them both. She can’t have them going back to blackmail as usual in the office. Summer looks concerned as Lauren picks up her phone and starts typing.
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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Sally agrees to come clean with Jack but warns it isn’t pretty. She tells him when Theo visited he told her about Kyle’s affair with Tara Locke — the information just fell into her lap. Jack’s stunned — Theo visited in February. She’s been blackmailing Kyle all this time and has had so many chances to tell him the truth! Sally had to do something to keep Summer at bay — she started the whole thing by going to L.A. to dig up dirt on her. Jack asks, “What dirt?” Sally replies if she’s guilty of anything it’s loving someone way too much. She tells him her ex-boyfriend leaving her twice for his high school girlfriend. Something inside her snapped and she pretended to be deathly ill to keep him by her side. Jack’s astonished; “You pretended you were dying?!”
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Sally explains she was in so deep by the time his girlfriend found out, that she held her against her will so she could get to Wyatt before she could. Astounded, Jack exclaims, “We’re talking about kidnapping!” Sally couldn’t stand the idea of being abandoned again. Jack muses, “The way your parents abandoned you when you were young.” Sally tears up; she just wanted to matter to someone. She laments that trouble kept finding her even after coming to Genoa City so she handled it the only way she could. “Please tell me you can find a way to understand.” Jack wishes she’d told him this sooner — especially about his son. Sally apologizes. She asks where this leaves things between them. Jack feels they have to slow things down now. He appreciates her honesty.

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At Sharon’s place, Rey reports to Michael that he’s had no leads. Michael muses it wouldn’t be the first time Adam disappeared without a trace. Rey’s instincts tell him he’s still close by. Sharon arrives and updates them that Faith will be coming home later. Michael knows what it’s like when a child struggles with substance abuse and wishes them luck before leaving.

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Rey asks Sharon if she was with Faith. She replies, “Yeah. I was at the hospital.” He tells her, “No. You weren’t.” Rey knows she’s been off, Nick’s noticed too, and she’s disappeared twice. He accuses her of hiding something and it can only be one thing — Adam. “He’s been in touch with you. Do you know where he is?” He rants that Adam tried to kill him; he literally brought poison into her home. “My God what kind of hold does he have over you?!” Sharon blurts that Adam is innocent. He HAS been in touch with her, but he didn’t try to poison Rey — it was Chelsea all along!
Sharon defends Adam to Rey YR

At Society, Lauren thanks Sally and Summer for coming. She wants to clear up the craziness once and for all. Summer and Sally both apologize but Lauren informs them that’s not going to cut it. There is no place for cat-fighting and blackmailing in the workplace and they will not be having this conversation again. “Am I clear?!” Summer and Sally nod.
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Later, Phyllis confronts Lauren about causing problems with her daughter. Lauren won’t apologize for how she runs her company and says she just got through talking to both Sally and Summer. Phyllis warns her not to put her daughter in the same category as Spectra and reminds her of her own past. She’d do well to remember that before she lectures Summer again! Michael arrives as Phyllis storms out. Lauren gives him the short version on Summer and Sally and Michael suggests they go book a couples massage. Lauren hopes she got through to Summer and Sally; she’d hate to lose them.
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At Jabot, Kyle updates his father that Ashland called him out of the blue and canceled his deal with Jabot. He feels like he’s playing mind games with him. Kyle knows one person who would know for sure. Jack warns him not to contact Tara and alludes to his enlightening conversation with Sally. He wonders why his son didn’t tell him she was blackmailing him. Kyle hedges, “About the affair?” Jack replies, “Unless there’s something else she’s holding over you.” Kyle’s irked when she senses Jack is still defending Sally. Jack can’t believe how any of them are behaving. Once alone, Jack puzzles and paces, then dials his phone. He leaves a message asking Ashland to give him a call about the deal — maybe they can still work something out.

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Nick arrives at the penthouse to see Chelsea and expresses sympathy for her situation. He’d do anything to know what she’s thinking right now. Chloe tries to get rid of him, but Nick settles in to talk about Adam saving Faith’s life. Chelsea thinks, “No. No! Don’t fall for it, Nick!” Nick knows Adam should go to jail for what he did to Rey but he also wants to thank him. He asks Chloe if they’ve heard from Adam and muses the police have no leads and he hasn’t contacted Sharon. Chelsea fumes that Adam’s going to get away with this and has painted himself as a hero. She makes a noise as Nick moves toward the door and chokes out, “Sharon… knows.”
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In the hotel lobby, Sally, Summer and Kyle decide to call a truce — for real this time. Phyllis listens to the exchange, then stops Summer. Her daughter fumes that this whole mess was Phyllis’ fault. “I don’t really want to talk to you right now.” Sally, overhearing, shakes her head as Summer stalks away from her mother and joins Kyle in the elevator.
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