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At the lake, Sharon warn Adam not to take her presence as a sign she believes he’s innocent. Adam wouldn’t poison Rey. Sharon relays there is stacks of evidence at his house and in his car. Adam says it was all planted. Sharon wonders who would want to frame him. He feels there’s only one answer — Chelsea. Adam tells Sharon that when Rey came to the house and found evidence he knew he was being set up. As he was leaving he turned back and saw Chelsea smiling in her chair. “She can move.” Sharon thinks it’s a far cry from attempting murder and framing him. Adam reminds Sharon she spent years as a con and excels at this sort of thing. Sharon can’t understand how she’d pull it off. Adam thinks Chloe was her accomplice.

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Adam worries that Sharon was Chelsea’s intended target, but she tells him only Rey’s things were tainted. Adam had no idea. Sharon’s still uncertain — in Adam’s mind the only thing standing between them being together was her husband. They debate whether Adam would try to end her marriage. Sharon points out when he kissed her his feelings were clear. Adam still loved Chelsea and was planning to be with her and Connor. He also didn’t send the text messages to Sharon. They were sent from his tablet and Chelsea and Chloe had access. They were creating evidence.
Adam, Sharon bed Y&R

Adam swears he didn’t try to hurt Rey and theorizes about why Chelsea would do this. Sharon thinks he should turn himself in and let the police investigate. Adam doubts they’ll believe him. He has to trick Chelsea into revealing her true condition and needs Sharon’s help. Adam asks Sharon to go see her, tell her Adam’s okay, and lure her into following her. Sharon can’t believe he wants her to set a trap for a moment who might be out of her mind. Adam insists it could work. “Will you help me?” He asks her to consider it and not to reveal his location to anyone — especially Rey.

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Chloe arrives at the penthouse. She’ll be staying there since Nurse Meredith isn’t comfortable working there given the Adam situation. Chelsea beams. “Good bye and good riddance. Now it’s just the two of us.” Chloe’s not thrilled to have to leave her kids to help Chelsea keep up this pretense. She’s in so deep now she has no choice but to see it through. Chelsea fumes when she learns the police have no leads on Adam’s whereabouts. Chloe warns he hasn’t run away; he’s close and is plotting his next move. Chelsea feels there’s nothing left for him there now. Chloe argues he’s likely figured out they set him up and will come after them with a vengeance. “We have to take care of Adam before he takes care of us,” Chloe declares.
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At Chance Comm, Billy wants to do a follow up article given Adam’s committed another crime. Lily argues that it’s another attack on Adam, not a fresh perspective. “I really need you to drop this.” They bicker about partnering with Victoria and Billy asks if Lily’s opposed because she’s his ex. Lily has no problem admitting that’s part of it. She believes in them and if she thought this was good for the company she’d go along with it — it’s not worth being in the middle of a Newman family war. She urges him to take a long look at why he can’t let this go.
Lily drop this Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Sally video chats with her Grams. Shirley senses she’s planning something and wants to ensure it goes off without a hitch. Sally is glad she got the check she sent her and talks about her promotion. Shirley thinks if they put their heads together they could ensure she rises to the top of the ladder. Sally insists she’s just calling to update her on her personal life. Grams flips out when she learns it’s Jack Abbott. Sally doesn’t care that he’s a big shot; he’s kind and really gets her. Lauren enters so Sally signs off.
Sally calls Grams Y&R

Lauren informs Sally she’s been led to believe she’s still trying to make trouble for Summer. “What exactly is going on between the two of you?” Sally admits she was disappointed when Summer was chosen to run JVC but she’s over it. However, Summer went to L.A. specifically to dig up dirt on her. Lauren asks why Summer felt compelled to do that. Sally thinks it was preemptive. Sally alludes to fighting back and Lauren wants to know what she did. Sally tries to dodge but Lauren won’t let her. Sally sighs. She admit she found out information Summer doesn’t want anyone to know… but she’s only using it to protect herself. Lauren fumes; that’s blackmail! She’s deeply disappointed and needs to process this before figuring out what to do next.
Lauren confronts Sally Y&R

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At Society, Summer watches in a panic from outside as Kyle stammers, “What did you just ask me?” Ashland repeats, “Did you sleep with my wife?” Kyle chuckles nervously about Locke’s odd sense of humor. Ashland doesn’t smile. Kyle tries again to laugh it off, then grows uncomfortable and decides to end the meeting. Ashland chuckles that Kyle passed the test; if he’d grown indignant at the question he’d have known it was true. He warns if anyone DID sleep with Tara there would be big trouble. Summer comes inside and approaches them. Ashland tells Kyle he kept his cool — he respects that. After Ashland goes, Kyle tells Summer he point blank asked if he slept with his wife! He worries if he starts digging around he’s in trouble. He says he needs to talk to someone about Locke and leaves.
Ashland tests Kyle Y&R

Later, Sally storms in and accuses Summer of going to Lauren to tell her she was holding something over her. She betrayed her trust, which was a big mistake! Summer tells her to keep her voice down and denies it. “I didn’t say anything to Lauren about your time in L.A.” Sally snaps that someone did. Summer asks, “Who would say anything bad about you?” Sally thinks all signs point to Summer — she won’t forget it.
Sally confronts Summer Y&R

At Jabot, Jack leaves Kyle a message asking how things went. Billy appears and relays they don’t need his help anymore they have a new source — Victoria. Jack asks if Lily’s on board. Billy concedes she’s not. Jack asks why he’s there. Billy needs a non-judgemental sounding board. He wants to beat Victor, but he also truly believes this is a good opportunity for Chance Comm. Walking away from this deal will kill him, but if he doesn’t, his relationship with Lily will never be the same and may not exist. Jack intones that he doesn’t need advice — he knows exactly what to do.
Billy, Jack advice Y&R

Later, Kyle arrives and fills Jack in on Ashland’s ‘test’. He couldn’t get a read on him. Jack says, “Tell me everything.” After hearing of the conversation offscreen, Jack deduces that Locke knows about the affair and wonders what his next move will be.

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Billy finds Victoria at the hotel and tells her Chance Comm will be passing on her offer. Victoria’s confused. Billy’s hoping Locke will have a change of heart now that Adam’s on the lam. Victoria argues he could still sell to Victor, who won’t forget about the expose he wrote on Adam. “He won’t rest until Chance Comm is dead and buried.” She’s throwing him a lifeline and wishes he would take it. Victoria questions who is calling the shots at Chance Comm anyway — him or Lily? Billy cuts her off and warns her not to go there again.
Billy warns Victoria Y&R

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In his hotel room, Ashland calls someone to send him the financials for Jabot Cosmetics and highlight the weaknesses. He wants to know where they’re most vulnerable.

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