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In the hospital, Faith dozes off while playing chess with Victor and he tears up.

Rey arrives at home accompanied by Nick, where Sharon, having just sent a text, explains she was on her way back to the hospital. Rey informs her he can’t look the other way on Faith’s accident – she was drinking and driving underage without a license. She’ll probably get a fine, community service, and be assessed for dependency. Sharon and Nick are in agreement there should be consequences.

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After Nick leaves, Rey has one more thing to discuss with Sharon — Adam. He shows her Adam on the security footage saving Faith. She asks if it makes sense that the person who did this for Faith would also poison him. Rey snaps that Adam did a good thing it doesn’t erase the fact he’s so obsessed with her he tried to kill him. He reminds her of the evidence he found. Sharon knows it looks bad, but reminds him there was more to the story when Chance was shot and he suspected Billy.

At the lake, Adam gets a text from Sharon saying she’ll be there as soon as she can and breathes a sigh of relief.

At her place, Sharon gets a text from Adam, who warns her to make sure she’s not followed when she comes to see him. She tells Rey she has to go to the coffee house and would like to continue their conversation later.

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At the hotel, Lauren curtly greets Phyllis, who hopes she’s there to advise her of Sally’s transfer to Los Angeles. Lauren wants to know why she’s suddenly maneuvering behind Sally’s back — is she afraid of getting on her bad side? Phyllis snarks that she’s not afraid of Sally the Schemer, she just thinks her moving is the best solution for all involved. Frustrated, Lauren snaps, “Solution for what?!” She wonders if Sally has threatened Summer. Phyllis won’t get into it with her and walks off.
Lauren questions Phyllis Y&R

At Jabot, Summer argues with Kyle, who plans to go meet Ashland despite Jack wanting to handle it alone. He stresses, “I have to do this. End of story.”

In her suite, Amanda gets a text from Devon that he’s downstairs with Moses and to swing by if she can. Just then, there’s a knock at her door. The man says, “Hello. I’m Sutton Ames.” Amanda levels, “I know exactly who you are. You’re my grandfather.” She immediately confronts him for forcing his daughter to give up her twin baby girls. Sutton shrugs that it was Naya’s decision in the end and he had good reasons for steering her in that direction. “Her best interests and mine coincided and to this day I believe it was the right choice.” Amanda wonders if his speech writers drafted that; if so, they forgot who his audience would be. He urges her to forgive. She snarks; that would also be in his own best interests.
Sutton no regret Amanda Y&R

Amanda informs Sutton she doesn’t need his approval as Naya did when she was young. She’s looked at the evidence and doesn’t believe he’s responsible for her father’s death but she blames him for the life of loneliness she endured. She rages at him for showing indifference and not working to keep her and Hilary together. It’s his turn to worry that she’ll turn her back on him now. Sutton confirms he wants her to defend him because of the good optics. Amanda warns she won’t acknowledge their relationship if she takes the case.

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Sutton still wants to hire Amanda; Naya and the entire family would be deeply grateful. It could also do good things for her career. He knows she hasn’t lost a single case since she passed the bar. Sutton stuns Amanda by revealing he kept tabs on her and Hilary all their lives; he wanted to know they were alright. Amanda snaps that they weren’t alright. Sutton feels they rose above their challenges beautifully. Amanda snarls, “No thanks to you!” Unbothered, Sutton agrees, and muses about how alike they are. He can open doors for Amanda and she can become part of a powerful family. “I look forward to hearing your decision,” he states as he leaves.
Amanda angry at Sutton Y&R

At Society, Jack meets Ashland, who’s disappointed that Kyle won’t be joining them. He assumes he didn’t trust his son to handle the meeting. Jack denies it. Locke knows Kyle has a reputation as an up-and-comer in the business world, but he also has another kind of reputation — as a bit of a ladies man like Jack before him.

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Nick arrives at the hospital and updates Victor that it was Adam who saved Faith; he’s still trying to come to terms with it. Victor’s chuffed that Adam risked everything to save his niece. Faith awakens and Nick tells her Adam was the one who brought her to the hospital. Sharon arrives and explains that Adam is complicated and capable of doing both good and bad things. Faith wonders if she should thank him. Nick says absolutely not, he’s still a very dangerous person and he hopes he goes to prison.
Faith leanrs Adam saved her Y&R

Despite Sharon’s objection, Nick tells Faith that Adam’s the one who poisoned Rey. Faith demands to know if he’s been arrested. Nick explains the police are looking for him. Sharon swerves to Faith having to go to court over her accident and probably do counseling. Faith understands what she did was serious. “I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you.”

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At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis updates Summer that her plan to get rid of Sally isn’t moving as fast as she’d like. Summer has bigger problems and relays that Kyle’s on his way to meet Ashland Locke. Phyllis doesn’t think anything catastrophic will happen but Summer’s unconvinced. It feels like Locke is targeting Kyle. Phyllis advises her to pull herself together; they don’t know that he knows about the affair. Summer has a feeling of impending doom. Phyllis chuckles that Jack knows how to deal with people like Locke.
Summer impending doom Y&R

At Jabot, Lauren realizes something went down between Sally and Summer and texts Sally to meet.

Kyle walks into Society to join Jack and Ashland. His father tells him he didn’t need to come and Ashland interjects, “But I’m glad you did.” Jack tries to wrap up the meeting. Ashland urges him to head back to the office and let him and Kyle catch up. Kyle agrees, so Jack goes.
Jack meeting Ashland Y&R

Outside Society, Jack runs into Summer, who wonders if there’s any chance Ashland does just want to talk about business. Jack thinks it’s more serious than that. “Whatever is going on in there is out of my hands.”

Inside, Ashland tells Kyle he never forgets a face, though Tara’s tried hard to convince him he’s wrong. He asks if Kyle spent time in the Hamptons when he lived in New York. Kyle admits he used to take bartending gigs there. Ashland figures he went out a lot. Kyle laughs that it’s all a blur. Ashland figures Kyle may not remember him if they crossed paths but doesn’t imagine he’d forget his wife. Kyle tries to play it off; “I don’t recall.” Ashland leans forward and asks, “Do you recall sleeping with her?”

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In the hotel lobby, Devon spots Amanda and introduces her to Moses, who marvels at her resemblance to Hilary. She updates Devon that she had a visit from her grandfather. Sensing they want to talk, Moses offers to take a cab to the hospital. After, Amanda fills Devon in on Sutton dropping the bomb that he kept tabs on her and Hilary their entire lives. Devon warns her to stay on her toes with this guy. She assures him her eyes are wide open… but she is leaning toward taking the case.
Devon hears about Sutton Y&R

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Sharon arrives at the lake and thanks Adam for saving her daughter’s life. She tears up while describing trying to find her and imagining the worst, which is exactly what would have happened if not for him. Adam explains when he saw Faith his stomach dropped; of course he stopped. Sharon couldn’t survive the loss of another child and knows he put his freedom at risk to help her. She says, “I’ll never forget what you were willing to sacrifice for Faith… and me.” Choked up, Adam just nods. He assures her they can keep it a secret, but she explains everyone knows because of the hospital footage. Talk turns to Rey’s poisoning. If she finds out he’s responsible she’ll never forgive him. Adam promises he didn’t do it; deep down she knows that or she wouldn’t be there.
Adam, Sharon innocent Y&R

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