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In the hospital, Faith wakes up and teases her parents for hovering. They assure her that everything is going well with her recovery and that she may be able to come home soon. Faith asks about the person who brought her to the ER — have they discovered who it was yet? Sharon makes a face but keeps quiet. After, Sharon announces she’s going out and assures Faith she will heal.

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At the hotel, Nikki and Victor finish up a meal and she asks him to come to the hospital, but he’s set to meet with his attorney ahead of Ashland Locke returning to town. Nikki’s not impressed. Victor assures her he wants to see Faith. Nikki thinks he’s afraid of his emotions getting the better of him and argues that she’s awake now and needs him. Victor promises he’ll be there. He frowns as Nikki exits.
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At Devon’s place he’s thrilled to see Moses. Nate tells Devon he found their future doctor in the ER making rounds. He intends to show Moses that no matter what obstacles are shown in your path it’s possible to be a great doctor. Devon looks chastened before talking up Nate’s talents and dedication. Nate counters that Devon’s a local hero for opening the clinic and changing people’s lives. Devon credits Neil, who, it turns out, is also Moses’ inspiration. After losing his dad so suddenly he realized he wanted to be a doctor. He’s grateful to Nate for helping to make his dream a reality. Devon is too. They go over Moses’ schedule and his internship after school at the clinic.
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After Nate leaves, Devon tells Moses how impressed he is with him. Moses returns the sentiment and wants to hear about Devon’s career. His brother demurs that it’s not glamorous, but music was something he shared with Neil. Moses remarks on Devon and Nate being so close. Devon concedes they share the same ideals about giving back. Moses asks about the lady he’s living with, and Devon says, “No, it’s just going to be you and me.”

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At Society, Rey tells a furious Lola that Adam was the person who poisoned him. She rants about him getting away with everything because of his Newman connections. Rey says none of that will save him this time. Lola thinks he should let someone else handle the case, but he reassures her. Elena enters as he leaves, and asks if Lola can talk about girls’ night.

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While discussing Abby and Mariah, Lola senses Elena’s hesitation and asks about it. Elena admits she thought of having kids with Devon but Mariah carrying this baby doesn’t bother her. Lola still feels something’s up. Elena sighs; Devon’s trying to make things work with Amanda and Nate’s mentoring his cousin… everyone’s moving on with their lives except her; she’s stuck. Lola can relate. She felt that way when her marriage ended, but eventually realized it allowed her to get back to herself. Lola teases Elena could text back the guy from the bar the other night. Elena doesn’t want to think about men. Just then, Nate appears.
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Nate approaches and asks Lola how Rey’s doing. She fumes about someone trying to kill her brother and is grateful Elena and Nate figured it out. Lola makes an excuse and leaves them alone. Nate remarks that they did work well together. Elena replies, “But there’s no going back for us, is there?” Nate sees no point; she still has her feelings about Devon to sort out and he wouldn’t be able to trust her again. They agree they were beautiful together though. After, Elena reconvenes with Lola and decides she’ll take a break from romance to focus on her friends and career.

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At the hospital, Faith stuns Nikki by asking if her grandfather hates her for stealing the tequila and the truck. Nikki assures the girl he loves her and was terribly upset to learn she was hurt. If anyone failed Faith, it was her.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon gets another text from Adam pleading with her not to ignore him; he’s desperate. Nick enters and asks if she’s okay. Sharon covers that it’s just been a difficult few days. Nick noticed she’s been thrown by some texts. “What’s going on? Is it Adam?” Sharon replies, “Yes.” She explains he’s been on her mind; could he actually be responsible for poisoning Rey? Nick feels the one bright spot right now is the guy who saved Faith. Sharon doesn’t respond. Again, Nick’s puzzled by her behavior, but says he won’t stop until he discovers who saved their daughter and tells him how grateful they are.
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Moses and Devon encounter Victor at the hotel and he’s impressed to hear of Moses’ plans to be a doctor. He tells him how much he admired his father, Neil. Moses steps away, and Devon sits with Victor. They discuss Devon’s generous gesture to help Abby until Moses reappears. Victor tells Devon that his father would be proud of him and goes. Moses asks Devon about his love life. Devon quips, “You should probably take a seat.” He explains he screwed up things with the last girl he was seeing, Amanda. “Does that answer your question?” They laugh as Moses says, “Okay.”
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Sharon returns to Faith’s hospital room as Nikki’s expressing her guilt feelings over what happened. Faith dozes off and Sharon reminds Nikki she’s not to blame; she wishes she’d got Faith into therapy sooner. They agree it’s best to move forward. Nikki asks to stay longer so Sharon goes. Later, Faith awakens to Victor arriving with a portable chessboard. She’s glad he’s there. Victor tears up. “You gave us quite a scare you know.” Faith’s sorry. Victor collects himself and sets up to play.
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Rey catches up with Nick at the coffee house and is still hopeful Adam will be found. He relays he has footage from the hospital that may contain the Good Samaritan. They watch and Nick spots a guy in a hoodie carrying Faith. He exclaims, “Oh my God.” They zoom in and Nick confirms it’s definitely Adam. Rey marvels that the guy had the entire GCPD after him and took the time to help. Nick wonders if he caused the accident but Rey nixes the idea. Nick muses, “So Adam was on the run and stopped everything to save my daughter’s life.”

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At home, Sharon texts Adam back to ask where he is. He replies, “Lake.” She nods and then sits to think.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Sharon meets with Adam.

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