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In the hotel lobby, Sally wonders why Phyllis doesn’t have a snarky comment for her. Phyllis snarls at her to have a great day. Sally retorts and Phyllis lunges for her as Summer intervenes. Sally walks off and Phyllis confesses she’s been up all night worrying about Faith — it’s just like Cassie. Summer commiserates. Phyllis says Faith has to pull through this; she just has to.
Phyllis lunges for Sally, Summer Y&R

In the hospital, Sharon tells Faith she was in a bad accident. Faith’s so sorry; she did a stupid thing. “You have to be mad at me.” Nick assures her they’re relieved — her coming back to them is the only thing that matters. Later, after examining Faith, Nate tells Nick and Sharon he expects their daughter to make a full recovery. Nick steps aside to call his parents and Sharon rejoins Faith who has something to tell her and Nick.
Nick, Faith apology Y&R

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki tell Victoria there’s been no more news on Faith. Nikki feels guilty and leaves to get air. Victoria tells Victor she heard about Adam. “Did he really poison Rey?” She figures Victor doesn’t believe it and can’t still see him for who he is. Victor is concerned with Faith right now. Nikki enters with an update, and then exits. Victoria brings Adam up again and Victor snaps that it’s probably Billy Boy spinning that garbage. They debate. Victor fumes that she’s so eager to defend Billy but doesn’t even question the veracity of the charges against her brother. He insists it doesn’t make sense for Adam to have poisoned Rey.
Victor questions Victoria Y&R

Victoria suggests Victor back out of the deal and let her buy Cyaxares. He can’t believe she’s trying to capitalize on her brother’s misfortune. Victoria shrugs; she learned it from him. Vic maintains Adam will be exonerated and will run Cyaxares. He thinks Victoria’s as obsessed with her hatred of Adam as her friend Billy Boy. Later, Nikki rejoins Victor and they discuss Faith’s mistake. He thinks it’s important to know people are on your side. Nikki guesses he’s talking about Adam. She’s willing to listen if he wants to talk. Once alone, Victor tries to reach Adam again and leaves him a message that running away is stupid. “Please come back, I’ll help you. Together we will solve this.”

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At Society, Billy tells Jack he wants to make another bid for Cyaxares since Adam’s on the run. Jack realizes he wants to exploit a Newman family crisis and have him fund it. Billy’s actually going to need more money… a lot more. Jack informs Billy he won’t back him; he wants this for the wrong reasons. Billy insists it’s about growing his company rather than revenge on Adam, but Jack won’t change his mind; his decision is final.
Jack questions Billy Y&R

At the hotel, Phyllis gets a text from Nick about Faith and updates Summer. She states there is nothing a parent wouldn’t do for their child and Summer wonders if they’re still talking about Faith. She presumes Phyllis has done something where Sally’s concerned. Phyllis admits she’s reached out to Wyatt Spencer and plans to pave the way to send the redhead back to Los Angeles. Summer doubts Sally would want to go; she has a pretty nice life in Genoa City. Phyllis has a plan for that too.

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Before long, Lauren arrives to meet with Phyllis, who has a favor to ask. She wonders what Lauren would think of Sally running her newest store… in Los Angeles. Lauren realizes she’s trying to run her out of town and can’t understand why she views her as a threat. She fumes, “Why are you trying to get rid of her?” Phyllis knows Sally’s type and doesn’t want her to hurt anyone she cares about. Lauren informs Phyllis if she wants her cooperation she’d better be a lot more forthcoming about what’s really going on, and then storms off.
Phyllis request Lauren Y&R

At Jabot, Kyle gets a text from Ashland that he’s coming to town tomorrow. He calls Jack and leaves him a message to let him know.

At the hospital, Faith tells Sharon and Nick she’s sorry for her mistake… she made the choice to drink and drive. She doesn’t remember much and asks how she got there. Sharon explains a Good Samaritan brought her to the ER. They tell Faith they know what Jordan did. Faith just couldn’t handle it and she sobs, “I’m sorry.” Nick reassures her and suggests she rest. Faith has something important to ask something first; “Can you two ever forgive me?” Nick and Sharon feel, if anything, that they failed her. Sharon promises there’s nothing they can’t get through as a family. Nick adds, “We love you so much.”

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After Nick and Sharon leave and Faith closes her eyes, a young man appears and watches her with concern. When Faith opens her eyes, he waves. He steps in and asks if she’s okay. She wonders if he works there. He introduces himself as Moses Winters and explains he was looking for his cousin. Faith introduces herself and grimaces when they laugh at the weirdness of the situation. He learns she was in an accident as Nate wanders in. He’s surprised to see Moses, who admits he couldn’t wait to start observing him. Nate insists Moses head to Devon’s. Moses hopes Faith feels better and leaves her smiling. When Sharon and Nick return, Sharon gets a text. She assumes it’s from Rey, but it’s Adam asking to meet if she believes he’s innocent.
Moses greets Faith Y&R

At Jabot, Sally discusses her nerves about a pitch with Jack before swerving to Phyllis. She thinks she’s accepted them spending time together. Jack warns her she may not be openly hostile but that doesn’t mean she’s coming around. Later, Kyle meets with Jack, who reminds him that he will handle Locke. Kyle’s reluctant, but his dad insists, “Leave everything to me.” Once Jack’s alone again, Lauren arrives and fills him in on Phyllis trying to run Sally out of town. He’s noticed Phyllis has been acting strangely and appreciates the update. Lauren exits, and Sally reappears. Jack asks her to close the door and muses about them not knowing everything about one another yet. She wonders if someone said something about her. Jack questions why she’d jump to that conclusion and asks if there is something he should know about her.
Sally questioned by Jack Y&R

Billy arrives at Chance Comm just as Lily has learned that he reached out to Ashland Locke behind her back. Billy reveals that Jack turned him down anyway. Lily reports that Locke was unwilling to meet with him anyway and says, “Let’s just forget about it and move on.” Soon, Victoria arrives, greets Billy, and gets a cool reception from Lily. Victoria proposes they team up to steal Cyaxares away from her father and Adam. Lily crosses her arms and adopts a grim expression.
Lily sees through Victoria Y&R

Billy glances at Lily’s demeanor and informs Victoria that he and Lily would have to be in agreement. Lily tells Victoria they’ll discuss it privately. Victoria leaves, confident she’ll be hearing from Billy soon. Billy launches into trying to convince Lily, but she sees this as personal and also too risky. There’s a reason Jill wouldn’t back it. Billy’s frustrated by her saying no. They argue about him doing things behind her back. She’s convinced they need to walk away from this deal. He’s convinced it’s the best thing for the company and asks, “So where does that leave us?”

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At Society, Kyle relays to Summer that Jack suggested he leave town. Summer thinks it’s a good idea, but Kyle won’t run and hide. If Locke’s suspicious it’s better to show him he has nothing to worry about.

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Phyllis arrives at the hospital in time to hear Nick thanking God for saving his daughter.

At home, Sharon’s glad to see Rey. He’s pleased to hear Faith is going to be okay. Sharon believes her recovery will be more than just physical, but she may be able to come home soon. Rey is still on the clock and asks if Adam’s reached out to her. Rey studies her closely as she meets his eyes and lies, “No. I haven’t heard a thing.”
Sharon lies to Rey Y&R

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