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In Faith’s hospital room, Nick tells his daughter the sun’s up now; he wants her to wake up and come home. Nick reads her a get well card from Christian, then flashes to talking to Cassie when she was hospitalized before dying. He tells himself it’s not the same. Nikki arrives as Nick chats to Faith about how difficult it is to be a parent who’s lost a kid. Nikki gasps, “I’m so sorry.” She feels guilty about leaving Faith alone. Nick doesn’t blame her. He thought he had the bullying thing under control and let his guard down. “I should have protected my little girl.”
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In the penthouse, Chelsea reads about the manhunt for Adam on her phone and grins.

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At Sharon’s place, she tells Rey that Faith is still unconscious. Rey urges her to remain hopeful. Talk turns to Adam and Rey figures he’s long gone. After Rey leaves, Sharon’s phone rings — it’s Adam. Sharon answers and he asks about Faith. Sharon learns he’s the one who found her and took her to the hospital. He saw the crash from a distance and then was stunned to see Faith behind the wheel. He didn’t have cell service so drove her to the hospital. Sharon explains she’s still unconscious. Adam can’t tell her where he is for obvious reasons, but needs her to know that he’s not the one who poisoned Rey.
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Sharon urges Adam to come forward to defend himself. Adam explains he was thoroughly set up and needs Sharon’s help to clear his name. She has to focus on Faith. He apologizes; he’d feel the same way if it was Connor. Sharon disconnects. Just then, Mariah walks through the door. Sharon flashes to Cassie coming home from school and goes into an emotional tailspin and is unable to look at her daughter. Mariah insists on driving her back to the hospital, but is stunned when Sharon snaps, “I don’t want you to!” Mariah realizes she’s been thinking about Cassie. Sharon admits she’s terrified and cries, “I can’t do it again.”
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At Society, Nina thanks Abby for breakfast and talks about how happy she made Chance. Abby admits between not knowing when Chance will be back and waiting to see if Mariah’s pregnant, she’s jumpy. Nina suggests she help her write a screenplay — the main character is based on Abby. She enthuses about Abby’s interesting life and suggests it could even be a period piece. Abby muses, “We could go crazy with costumes.” It’s decided they will center it on a restaurant and Nina envisions it being like Casablanca. She wonders who Abby would cast as her love interest. Later, Mariah wanders in upset and shares the news about Faith with Abby and Nina. Abby gasps, knowing it’s similar to Cassie. Mariah feels like a walking, talking reminder of what Nick and Sharon lost. She’s sad and scared for her sister.
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At Devon’s place, Amanda tells him she’s not there to discuss their relationship. Devon realizes whatever Naya said to her must have been huge. She explains her head is spinning and she needs help figuring out what to do — she has a huge decision to make. Amanda brings him up to speed on Naya’s father being accused of killing her father… and Naya asking her to head up his defense. Devon marvels at her mother’s nerve and remarks on the family being willing to bring her back into the fold now that it benefits them. Amanda relays that Naya thinks this could be a new beginning.
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Devon asks about the evidence against her grandfather. Amanda hasn’t seen much, but reading about the accident made her realize how young her father was; his life was stolen from him, which is sad and infuriating. Devon wonders if Naya’s father would go after the man who got his daughter pregnant. Amanda relays there’s another possible angle for motive; when her father left college he worked for a company that gave sizeable donations to Sutton’s political campaign.

Richard discovered the man there was bending the rules to benefit his company — it was shady enough that neither side wanted it to come to light — Richard died, or was killed, before he could expose what was going on.  Devon figures anyone involved would have reason to go after the whistleblower. Amanda agrees; that’s why she wanted to get his thoughts on it; the company her father worked for was… Newman Enterprises. She explains it was when Victor was in his prime, before Neil worked there. Devon’s shocked but doesn’t think Victor would murder someone; it could have been someone else at Newman.
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Amanda admits she’s tempted to take the case to learn more about her father. Devon knows that growing up in the foster system, the ultimate dream is to be part of a family. He suspects she’s being manipulated and feels she should keep her eyes open. Amanda is still hopeful. Devon reminds her they’ve abandoned her in more ways than one; it’s a big risk. Amanda can’t deny that, but there are risks to not getting involved too. If her grandfather’s being framed she’d be letting her father’s real killer go free. Amanda thanks Devon for listening and goes.

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Victor arrives at the hospital looks heartbroken to see Faith lying there. Nick informs him they won’t know what they’re dealing with until she wakes up. Victor assures him this isn’t like Cassie. “Don’t go there.” Nick relays it’s hard not to. Victor reminds his son her name is Faith.
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Later, Sharon rejoins Nick, who updates her that his parents will return if they need a break. Talk turns to Rey looking for Adam, and Nick hopes he can get the monster out of their lives. Sharon cautions him, but Nick invites her to name just one person who’s better off because of Adam. Sharon looks at Faith. Talk turns to the prank Jordan pulled. Sharon knew she was trouble and Nick agrees; her motherly instincts were right. He marvels that it was a complete stranger who wound up helping Faith when she needed it most. “I want to shake his hand and thank him.”

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Rey shows up at the penthouse to ask Chelsea about Adam’s whereabouts and promises to find him. Chelsea thinks, “I’m counting on it.” Rey and the nurse step into the kitchen so he can question her and Chelsea tries to listen. After, Rey wonders how a woman as sharp as Chelsea could put her faith in Adam. He’s disgusted at him abandoning her in her condition to save his own neck. “I’m truly sorry for what Adam has put you through.” Once alone, Chelsea smiles, stretches and muses, “Oh Rey… Not nearly as sorry as Adam’s going to be.”
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At the ranch, Nikki worries to Victor about Faith having a terrible head injury after hitting the tree. When she goes to make tea, Victor calls Adam and leaves him a message to call him back. “I’m here for you. You’re not alone.”

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Still at the hospital, Sharon and Nick try to get Faith to give them a sign, then decide to pray. Suddenly, she opens her eyes and croaks, “Mom, dad?” Sharon gasps, “Thank God!”

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