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In their vehicle, Sharon and Nick fret over the spotty cell signal from Faith’s phone. Suddenly, Nate calls — Faith has been in an accident and they need to get to the hospital as soon as they can. Nick floors it.

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In the hospital, Nate disconnects from Sharon and turns to look at Faith unconscious and bloodied in the bed. Soon, Sharon and Nick rush in. Sharon gasps, “My poor baby!” Nate joins them and explains their daughter was in a serious accident and she has internal bruising to her kidneys and cracked ribs. The extent of her head injury will be known when she regains consciousness. They ask if she’d been drinking. Nate confirms that there was alcohol in her blood and she was driving without a seat-belt. They’re very lucky she was brought in when she was. Nick asks, “Who found her?” Nate explains she was brought to the hospital by a Good Samaritan — a man who disappeared right afterward.
Faith hospital Y&R

Sharon sits by Faith’s bedside and feels she failed her. She cries that it’s been such a hard year for all of them. “We would never give up on you so don’t give up on us!” Later, Nick asks about the mystery man again but Nate has no more information. Nick takes a turn at Faith’s beside and tells her how badly everyone wants her to be okay. He wishes he had some way to help her. Sharon listens as he pleads with her to open her eyes.

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At Chance Comm, Billy stews over the article about Locke selling his business to Adam and Victor. Lily clucks at him to stop reading it; he can’t change it. She looks at him and realizes he has a plan. He guarantees she won’t like it. Billy wants to make a huge counter offer. Lily argues they’d be close to paying more than the company’s worth. Billy has to ask why he’d go into business with Adam, who can’t be trusted. Lily retorts, “Why can’t you let this go?!” She argues that he’d be attacking his judgement and could get on the wrong side of him. Billy insists it’s a threat to their company; he’s willing to take the risk. Lily is done. “You’re sounding obsessed.” She wants to take his mind off this and says, “Come on, let’s go.”
Lily calls out Billy Y&R

At the hotel, Summer thanks Phyllis for not saying anything to Jack about Sally. Phyllis admits it’s difficult because she’s really taking advantage of Jack, but her loyalty is to Summer. She imagines Sally residing in another town far, far away. Later, Billy and Lily arrive and Lily asks Phyllis to book them a couples’ massage in her suite. Phyllis snarks at Billy, “You’re a lucky guy, aren’t ya’?” At the elevator, Lily informs Billy this won’t be a regular old massage.
Phyllis, Summer thanks hotel Y&R

In his suite, Kyle tells Jack they needed to have complete privacy. Jack turns off his phone. All he knows it this has to do with Ashland Locke. Kyle explains it actually starts with his wife, Tara. He goes over how they met at a party and Kyle admits he knew she was married. They developed feelings for one another. Jack wishes he’d known beforehand and thanks God that Ashland doesn’t know. Kyle worries he does, and tells his father about his recent calls from Tara and Ashland. Jack wants to know every detail about the affair. Kyle blames Theo, who encouraged his worst impulses.
Kyle, Jack secret confession Y&R

Jack warns the last thing Kyle wants is to be on Locke’s bad side. Kyle knows. He recalls a story about Ashland doing a hostile takeover because he felt snubbed at a meeting. It sends chills down his spine. Jack relays Locke publicly gutted his former business partner and then went after his brother. Kyle knows he won’t hold back on him… or Jabot. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep this from blowing up. Jack’s just glad his son finally opened up to him. Summer enters and learns Jack’s up to speed on the affair. She assures Jack she’s okay. Jack declares he will handle this from here on out; Kyle needs to stay as far away from Locke as possible. Kyle argues the point, but Jack insists he meet with Ashland solo.

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In the penthouse, Chelsea ponders Adam’s whereabouts as Chloe reflects that she didn’t realize Chelsea would take things this far. Chelsea protests that he forced her hand. Chloe asks how she was able to pull this off— she might as well tell her everything. Chelsea explains she had the thallium sent to Adam’s P.O box and sent Chloe to pick it up. Chloe gasps — she thought she was picking up medical supplies for her. Chelsea decides not to tell her anything else, but soon the world will know what Adam did and will be horrified. Chloe’s unconvinced; Adam may figure this out. She asks, “What about Connor?” Chelsea will make sure he understands the cold, hard truth about his father.
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Rey joins Sharon at the hospital and reassures her. She can’t help but think what might have happened if the stranger hadn’t found her and rushed her to the hospital. Rey learns the hospital didn’t get any information from him and will see what he can find out. He reports that from the accident scene it looked like Faith lost control. Sharon confides Faith was drinking. She thanks God for the man, whoever he was, and wishes she could thank him; he saved Faith’s life.
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In Lily’s suite, she and Billy loll on their tables after their invigorating massages. Billy reminds her she said there would be more to it. Lily has an idea how to take it to the next level and opens her towel. Billy grins. Later, Billy places a call to Ashland Locke.
Billy, Lily massage Y&R

In the lobby, Phyllis greets Sally with saccharine sweetness. Sally narrows her eyes, wondering why she’s being so nice. Jack appears as Phyllis pretends to be deeply wounded by Sally questioning her sincerity and says she will have someone fluff Sally’s pillows. Jack asks Sally to go to Society and Phyllis suggests they stay there. Sally wants Society, so they leave. Phyllis contacts Wyatt Spencer while muttering that it’s time they had a little chat.
Phyllis, Jack, Sally interrupting Y&R

Still at the hospital, Nick and Sharon wait for Faith to wake up. Sharon relays that Rey will ask around about the Good Samaritan. Nick thanks God for the mysterious stranger and vows he won’t give up until they find him. Sharon tearfully agrees; they could never thank him enough — he saved their daughter’s life.

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In an undisclosed location, Adam listens to a report that an all-points bulletin has been issued for his arrest and lets out a deep sigh.
Adam in hiding Y&R

Next on The Young and the Restless: Sharon covers for Adam.

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