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At Jabot, Kyle sighs as he looks out the window. Summer enters and he admits he’s worried about Ashland. Summer shrugs; it was just a business call. Kyle knows he wouldn’t call himself for something so minor. “He’s testing me.” Kyle relays that Ashland is returning to Genoa City to complete his business deal and wants to meet. He also worries that Jack knows something is up and wonders if it’s time to come clean… at least about the affair. Summer thinks it’s a good idea.
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At the ranch, Nikki, Nick, and Faith go over Rey’s poisoning. Nick is sure they’ll get answers and advises Faith to keep doing what she’s doing. He steps away for a call and Faith gets a text. She smiles and tells her grandmother she’s been texting with a sweet boy from school who just told her he wants to meet for the first time. Nikki will take her if she clears it with her parents. Nick returns and they run it by him. He’s concerned because the boy is anonymous but Nikki protests that it’s romantic and she’ll be with Faith the entire time. Nick gives his permission and mutters, “And so it begins. Boys…”

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At Sharon’s place, Rey is glad to be home. Sharon feels sick knowing there was poison in the house. Rey feels the same way; it’s frightening but they can’t be overwhelmed by it; the house has been cleared. He’s relieved he was the only one targeted and needs to find out who went to all this trouble to get him out of the way. Rey declares that Adam is the prime suspect. Sharon argues that he’s not the only possibility; it could be someone he arrested. Rey points out Adam has access to the ranch and has been pursuing her. Sharon can’t wrap her head around him doing something like this. Rey vows to get proof; whoever is responsible will pay.
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At the hotel, Jack tells Phyllis they have unfinished business. “You’re up to something, Phyllis.” Just as Sally appears, he informs Phyllis he’s not leaving until he finds out what it is. He’s bothered by her behavior; she’s all over the map about Kyle and Summer. “Tell me what’s going on. What are you hiding from me?!” Sally rushes over and interrupts. Jack argues they’re not finished here, but Phyllis states they are and assures him everything’s okay. Jack and Sally leave. Nick, nearby, asks Phyllis, “You want to tell me what that was all about?”

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Phyllis claims it was just a simple understanding but Nick doesn’t buy it. He figures it’s about Jack seeing Sally and tells her to leave it alone. Phyllis is being protective of her friend. Talk turns to Faith, and Nick relays she’s gone to see the boy. Phyllis groans; that’s why he’s in a mood. Nick has another reason. After he fills Phyllis in on the poisoning offscreen, she marvels that’s pretty twisted stuff. Nick suspects Adam but he hasn’t spoken to Sharon yet. Phyllis doubts she’ll like his theory. Nick feels it’s time she opened her eyes to see Adam for who he really is.

At the penthouse, Adam quizzes Dr. Cavett about Chelsea’s progress. The woman tells him there hasn’t been any. Chelsea snarks to herself that Adam’s one step behind and won’t figure it out until it’s too late. The doctor tells Chelsea to keep working, then leaves. Adam admits to Chelsea he wondered if she found a way to send those texts to Sharon. If she didn’t send them, then who did? Adam calls Chloe and says they need to see her… now.

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Chloe arrives at the penthouse and Adam confronts her about the texts sent to Sharon from one of his devices. He accuses her of hacking his phone. Chloe wouldn’t know how. Adam says Kevin would. Chloe denies it. Adam suggests she used his tablet and urges her to come clean. If he finds out she’s to blame he won’t so forgiving. Chloe thinks he’s deflecting; he made a pass at Sharon and got busted. She insists he apologize to Chelsea. In her mind, Chelsea thinks, “Nice job, Chloe. Now bring it home.”
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Adam denies Chloe’s accusations but she blurts that the photo of her kissing Sharon says otherwise. Adam gawps, then begins reassuring Chelsea about the photo. Chloe tells Adam she doesn’t need to do anything; he’ll sabotage this relationship all on his own. Adam argues she can’t control her hatred for him. Chloe would never risk her happiness or her family’s again — he is not worth it! Adam persists; only Chelsea, Chloe and Meredith had access to his tablet. Chloe leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Faith looks for the anonymous texter, who said he’d be carrying a red backpack. She tells Nikki she hopes he’s cute. Just as Faith thinks he’s not coming, he gets a text confirming his parents wouldn’t let him go out. Faith asks him to tell her who he is, but he replies, “Not yet.” The only clue he’ll give is they don’t share classes, but they’ve spent time together.

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Nikki and Faith arrive at Sharon’s to raised voices between Sharon and Rey, who has called the police and refuses to rest. Faith goes upstairs to change for riding and Nikki agrees to keep her at the ranch until Sharon and Rey have the poisoning sorted out. Rey reveals he’s going to meet the D.A. While he’s upstairs getting ready, Nikki learns that Rey suspects Adam of poisoning him. She thinks it makes perfect sense and is determined to tell Victor, but Sharon asks her not to until they have the concrete information. Rey listens from the stairs as Nikki fumes that Sharon is really something; her first instinct is still to protect Adam. “I can’t imagine the toll that must take on Rey!”
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Later, Sharon looks at the texts from Adam and paces. Nick arrives to check in. Sharon guesses he suspects Adam of poisoning Rey, but there’s not a shred of proof. Nick warns, “No more excuses for Adam. Enough is enough.” Sharon can’t understand why he’d do it. Nick hopes Rey and the cops nail Adam for what he’s done and he gets what he deserves.
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At Jabot, Lauren wraps up her meeting with Jack and Sally, then exits. Jack invites Sally for a drive and lunch, but Kyle interrupts to speak to his father alone. Sally leaves, but hovers outside the door. Kyle tells Jack he was right, “I’m definitely not okay.” He admits he has a problem with Ashland Locke. He’s about to come clean when Sally drops something outside the door. Kyle decides they need to find someplace more private to talk.

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On the coffee house patio, Rey shares his suspicions about Adam with Michael, who warns they don’t have evidence. Rey argues he could be planning something else and wants a warrant. Michael feels this is highly irregular. Rey snaps, “Are you going to help me or not?”
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At home, Adam continues to puzzle over the texts and wishes he could have a conversation with Chelsea, assuring her that he loves her. He announces something strange is going on and he’s going to find out what it is. Adam grabs his coat to go out, but opens the door to find Rey standing there.

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