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In their suite, Kyle and Summer have lunch and reiterate that whatever comes up they’ll ace it together. Kyle has a meeting downstairs and heads out. Once alone, Summer jumps on the laptop and looks up an article about Harrison’s birth.

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In the lobby, Phyllis is relieved to hear Jack had lunch with a buyer and not Sally. Talk turns to Summer and Kyle and Jack alludes to his son not being very open with him lately. Kyle scoots past and Phyllis tells Jack he’s probably just late for a meeting, not avoiding him.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria is dismayed on a phone call and disconnects. She tells Nikki, “You’re not going to believe this.” After filling Nikki in about losing the bid for Cyaxares offscreen, Victoria wonders if she shouldn’t have turned down Ashland’s dinner invitation, Nikki’s taken aback, but says she’s sorry.
Victoria bad news Y&R

Vikki thinks her mother’s secretly happy that she lost. Nikki clucks that she’s her biggest supporter. Victoria knows if she’d won it would have made things tense for her at home. Nikki’s more concerned about Victor teaming with Adam. She presumes Victoria’s mind is on Billy and what this could mean for the two of them. Victoria feels she failed. Nikki warns her to be careful and advises her not to make any sudden move where Billy’s concerned. “Don’t do anything you can’t take back.”

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At Chance Comm, Billy ends a call, turns to Lily, and curses, “That sonofabitch!” Lily finds out they lost the bid and reminds him it was a long shot. Billy’s concerned; they need to be ready for the onslaught from Adam and Victor; Cyaxares is a weapon pointed directly at him. Lily urges him to focus on their business and not old feuds. He thinks she sounds like Victoria. Lily counters that on this point she’s not wrong.
Billy bad news Y&R

Billy knows Lily is worried he’ll flip out again and assures her he doesn’t want to get twisted up with Adam again; he’ll do what he does best — come up with content. Talk turns to Victoria and Lily assures him she believes their relationship is solid, but she expects Victoria to make another move. Switching back to the bid, Billy thinks something shady went down to land Victor and Adam the company. Lily tells him to forget about it.

In Adam’s penthouse, Adam pops the cork on a bottle of champagne as he, Ashland, and Victor celebrate. Locke’s certain his company will be in good hands. He’s headed back to New York and will send contracts.
Victor, Ashland, Adam champagne Y&R

Once alone, Vic and Adam toast to their massive win. Adam would love to see the looks on Billy and Victoria’s faces right now. Victor asks him not to gloat. Chelsea appears and Adam enthuses that they got Cyaxares. Chelsea snarls to herself about Adam’s smirk — he has no idea what’s coming! She wishes she could jump out of that chair and tell them both off. Chelsea warns herself to rein it in just a little longer, and then he’ll pay. After Victor leaves, Adam huffs about the last few days being a whirlwind; he hopes he has Chelsea’s support. She blinks once for yes and thinks he’s done nothing but lie to her, why shouldn’t she lie to him? Adam announces he’s going out. After he leaves, Chelsea texts Chloe, “I need you.”
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In the hotel lobby, Kyle and Tara compare notes on her awkward visit to Genoa City and their constant run-ins. She fumes about Ashland insisting she come. When Kyle brings up Harrison, Tara snaps at him, “Kyle enough! I can’t keep doing this!” Ashland arrives, unseen, and watches his wife tear into Abbott.
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As Ashland and Tara exit the hotel, Sally appears and muses, “The one that got away.” Kyle snaps that Tara’s son is not his kid. Sally didn’t even mention the boy and wants them to get along since she’s spending time with Jack. Summer steps out of the elevator and Kyle leaves with her. Just then, Phyllis appears. “Sally Spectra! Just the woman I want to see.” She sweetly offers to set Sally up with one of her employees. Sally marvels at her generosity and muses, “You must really hate that Jack and I are becoming friends.” Phyllis would only have an issue if it goes further than that. They spar as Phyllis relays Jack’s too good for her and Sally counters that she’s certainly an upgrade on some of his exes. Phyllis whispers, “You think you are so clever don’t you?” She warns Sally her sweet innocent act won’t work in Genoa City. Sally smiles; she’ll tell Jack that Phyllis said hello, and flounces out.
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Billy runs into Victoria at Crimson Lights and they discuss Adam and Victor winning the bid. Victoria imagines he’s steeling himself for their next move. Billy thinks they’ll be fine no matter what her demented brother throws at them. Victoria doesn’t want to discuss her reasons for entering the race. Billy asks her not to feel awkward about putting herself out there; they’re good. She smiles. Over coffee, Billy asks Victoria’s opinion on getting Katie a musical instrument. She knows he’s trying to show her everything can be normal again. Her ego doesn’t need more bolstering, so he can go.
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Later, Victoria spots Adam entering and walks over to congratulate him on his win. She means it as much as he did when he congratulated her on becoming CEO of Newman. Adam supposes she’s bitter that Ashland didn’t like her pitch. She snarks that she wasn’t as desperate as Adam. Adam laughs; she was desperate, but not for Cyaxares. He muses about her pursuing Billy after all he put her through and trying to protect him from what they have in store. It’s beautiful, in a pathetic kind of way.
Adam confrontation Y&R

At Newman Enterprises, Victor shows up looking for Victoria and gets a speech from Nikki about teaming up with Adam. Victor insists he’s changed and reminds her he had a traumatic childhood.

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At Society, Kyle updates Summer that Tara thinks Ashland bought it when they said they’d never met. She wants to continue on as though they never had an affair and Harrison doesn’t exist. Summer’s glad; it’s exactly what he wanted. Kyle sighs. Summer asks, “Right?” Kyle doesn’t want to blow up the kid’s life and worries what Ashland’s reaction might be if he discovered the truth. Summer feels he doesn’t seem like a ‘forgive and forget’ kind of guy. Switching gears, Summer wants to get re-engaged. Kyle’s completely on board but suggests they keep it quiet. Summer agrees and they decide to celebrate with champagne.
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At Jabot, Sally gifts Jack with a new dress shirt to go with his new jacket. Jack’s tickled as she explains she loves to shop. Just then, he gets a text from Phyllis, “Can we meet? There’s something you need to know.” Sally updates him that Phyllis warned her away from him. Jack’s irked. Sally agrees with her that Jack is out of her league but sees nothing wrong with wanting the best.
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Chloe arrives at the penthouse, where Chelsea complains about having to sit there stiffly while everybody yammers. Chloe’s just glad she’s finally over Adam. Chelsea needs her to do something for her. After hearing the request offscreen, Chloe complains the task seems very vague and arbitrary, but reluctantly agrees to do it. She warns Chelsea to be careful as she leaves. Once alone, Chelsea picks up Adam’s tablet.
Chloe warning Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Adam’s bewildered when his phone dings and a conversation between him and Sharon pops up. He sees the texts Chelsea sent — Adam wishing they could be free and be together, then imploring her not to ignore him and to please reply — followed by Sharon’s response, which reads, “Leave me alone, Adam. Don’t do this. Rey is sick and I have to focus on that. Please let me go for good.”

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Adam bewildered texts Y&R

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