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Victor arrives at Adam’s place where he’s second guessing the business plan he submitted, but Victor assures him Ashland Locke was impressed. If they don’t get this, they’ll find another opportunity. Adam realizes his father wants to keep working with him. Talk turns to Victoria going for Cyaxares behind Victor’s back. Vic doesn’t care why she did it, but wonders if she understood what it would mean to go up against them. Adam figures she wanted to show their father she could do this on her own terms; he admires her for it. Victor lets Adam know he will never turn his back on him. Adam vows to prove that Victor was right to believe in him.
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At Sharon’s place, Faith listens from the stairs as her mother calls Nate to tell him Rey is no better. Nate warns if he’s no better when he wakes up to get him to the hospital. Faith joins Sharon and questions her about Rey. Sharon reassures her but suggests she stay the night at Nick’s. As Faith leaves for school she gets two texts from the anonymous texter, one wishing her a good morning. After Faith’s gone, Rey awakens and asks for soup.
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At the hotel, Phyllis listens to Ashland signing off on a call with his son. She introduces herself as the owner of the hotel. He admires the Grand Phoenix, but says he and his wife will be checking out later today when his business there is concluded.
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At Chancellor Communications, Billy’s preoccupied with the outcome of the bid for Cyaxares. Lily thinks he still has Victoria’s confession on his mind as well. Billy insists it doesn’t matter what she said, he doesn’t reciprocate it. Lily argues that part of him wanted this to happen. She’s not sure he’s as over his ex as he claims. Billy doesn’t need to take time and says, “Lily I love you.” Lily’s unconvinced and suggests they stop seeing each other outside of work while he figures this out.
Billy over her Y&R

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki wonders if Victoria’s having second thoughts about entering the bidding war to protect Billy. Victoria doesn’t want to discuss it but Nikki persists with questions about her romantic interest in her ex. Victoria blurts that she told him she still loves him, then shares that Lily accused her of wanting Billy now that he’s become the man she always wanted him to be — but she doesn’t want any of this! Nikki wonders what Billy would have said if Victoria hadn’t told him to forget about her confession. Victoria states they share children and that’s it. She hopes to hear from Ashland soon and storms out.
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At Crimson Lights, Amanda learns that Nate and Elena broke up. Nate tells her he doesn’t presume to know what Elena’s feeling about Devon.

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On the patio, Victoria runs into Lily. They discuss Cyaxares but the subtext is clearly about Billy. Lily calls Vikki out for wanting something she’d already cut loose, and Victoria shrugs that things change; it’s a completely different entity than the one she sold her and has real potential, especially under her leadership. Lily has a theory that Victoria doesn’t want the company because it’s important to her, but because someone else might get it. Victoria denies it and insists, “It’s important to me.” Lily snaps, “No. It’s important to me and you know that… it’s just a trophy for you.” Victoria counters that Lily couldn’t be more wrong. She’s confident she’s going to come out on top. Lily laughs; if she were really that confident she wouldn’t work so hard to convince her. Victoria stalks out and Lily shakes her head.
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At the penthouse, Elena apologizes for showing up unannounced again but she thought Devon should know that Nate broke up with her. Devon’s sorry. She asks about her bracelet. Devon hands it over and admits Amanda found it. He didn’t tell her they slept together but she knows they’re closer. Devon says it’s not fair to mislead Elena that they have a future together; he thinks he should see where things go with Amanda. Elena hopes he gets all the happiness he deserves.
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Jack shows up at Chance Comm and finds Billy agitated. They discuss what a great team Billy and Lily make; Jack thinks Ashland would be lucky to have them. Jack warns if Adam gets it, he’ll come after Billy and Chance Comm and his brother will have to have a game plan to protect Lily. Just then, Lily returns. After Jack leaves, she tells Billy she ran into Victoria and is convinced everything she does is calculated. Billy doesn’t want to go backward, only forward with Lily so they can believe in each other. Lily thinks he’s in denial; Victoria pretty much told her she was coming after him.

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Agitated, Victoria ducks into her office with Nikki hot on her heels. Vikki admits she ran into Lily, who is staking her claim. Nikki doesn’t think she should be surprised Billy told her about her confession and asks, “What are you going to do?” Victoria will decide after Ashland accepts her offer.

At the penthouse, Amanda presses Devon — there’s something going on with Elena and it’s more than him being just a good listener. “You slept with her, didn’t you?” Devon admits it. Amanda guesses it wasn’t the first time since they’ve been seeing each other. Devon says it happened one time before. Amanda’s ready to walk out but Devon explains he and Elena aren’t getting back together. Amanda fumes that he slept with her twice — apparently he had to make really sure. Devon just had to be with her again to realize she is his past. Amanda questions what happens if the feelings surface again and levels, “Now that I know who you are, it’s going to be so much easier to get over you.” She slams out.
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At Society, Elena complains to Lola that she’s lost two good men. She has no one to blame but herself because she couldn’t decide what she wanted. Lola reassures her she’s a kind and loving person who made a mistake. She thinks maybe it’s for the best.

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Amanda enters the hotel lobby and rants to a startled Phyllis that she put herself in another doomed situation and makes terrible choices when it comes to men. Phyllis tries to reassure her. Amanda’s glad she wasn’t hopelessly in love with Devon… yet. She was trying to make sure she was important and now she looks like a damn fool. Phyllis argues Devon’s the fool if he doesn’t appreciate her. Suddenly, Phyllis makes an awkward face as Devon appears. He asks Amanda to hear him out.
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In Ashland’s suite, he calls an employee with the news he’s ready to return to New York; he’s made his decision.

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At Adam’s penthouse, he gets a text from Ashland and tells Victor he’s made his decision.

At Chance Comm, Billy gets a text and tells Lily that Ashland has decided.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria updates Nikki that Ashland messaged and will soon let her know his decision.

At Sharon’s place, Rey becomes delirious. Sharon picks up the phone but he hollers, “Stop.” She insists they go to the hospital. When Rey tries to get off the sofa he collapses on the floor, unconscious. Sharon frantically calls for an ambulance.
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