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Amanda pops in on Devon and updates him that she’ll be filing his donor agreement in the morning. She pulls out the documents, then notices the sofa in disarray. Devon flashes to sex with Elena as Amanda asks, “What happened here?” Devon lies that he’s been coming home late from the studio and passing out on the couch. While he’s in the kitchen, Amanda straightens up the blankets and pillows and discovers a woman’s bracelet.

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Devon rejoins Amanda and sees the bracelet. He admits Elena came by. Amanda muses that Elena and Nate have hit a rough patch; it’s clear she has a secret and is commiserating with Devon about it. “I think it’s time somebody told me what’s going on.”
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Devon hedges that things ended between him and Elena abruptly, but now he realizes he played a part in what happened. Amanda asks, “How?” Devon thought there was more to them spending time together and he can’t say she was wrong given they’ve gotten close. He explains there are unresolved issues between him and Elena and they’re working through them. Amanda tightly asks, “Working through them how?” She wonders how concerned she should be.

At Society, Abby updates Jack on Project Baby; she was able to harvest ten eggs and they’re being fertilized as they speak. Tara and Ashland Locke wander in and Jack recognizes the man. Introductions are made as Locke recalls they ran into his son Kyle. Tara looks uncomfortable.

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In their suite, Summer asks if Kyle’s okay with everyone living a lie. Kyle, agitated, wonders why she’s making him question himself. She’s just worried he’ll have regrets where his son is concerned. Kyle argues the boy has two parents who love him and that’s all that matters. He’s glad she knows the truth. Summer advises he’ll only lose her by lying to her. Kyle feels they can handle whatever the world throws at them. They express their love and decide to get dinner at Society.
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At Sharon’s place, Rey can’t eat Lola’s soup and tells his wife his legs and feet feel like they’re on fire. Sharon insists something is very wrong; they need to get help now. Rey thinks she’s over-reacting but grimaces. Sharon is reacting the same way he would if it were her.
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At Crimson Lights, Elena realizes her bracelet’s missing and flashes to sex with Devon. Nate calls her name. She snaps out of her reverie as he asks if she wants to talk — it looks like she has a lot on her mind. Elena can’t talk through this, but appreciates the offer. Nate suddenly gets a call from Sharon, who fills him in on Rey’s illness. He disconnects, tells Elena he has to see a patient and wants to talk later.
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Once Nate’s gone, Lola joins Elena and asks what’s going on. Elena says, “Devon.” They adjourn to the patio where Lola learns Elena ‘accidentally’ slept with her ex again. Elena can’t figure out why she’s being so selfish and careless. They’re both seeing other people. Lola questions if she’s trying to make things work with Nate. Elena was honest with him about her feelings for her ex. Lola figures Devon must be feeling it too and urges Elena to decide what she wants.
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At Society, Ashland recalls doing business with John Abbott and reflects that he didn’t have a ruthless bone in his body. Jack swerves to Billy’s pitch for Cyaxares and talks him up. Ashland’s not inclined to show which way he’s leaning. Talk turns to Harrison, who is still too young to follow in Ashland’s footsteps as Jack did John’s. When they sit for a drink, Locke brings up Kyle being Jack’s co-CEO. Tara pipes up that she’s a Jabot Cosmetics fan, then excuses herself. On her way to the restroom she spots Kyle and Summer arriving.
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Kyle and Summer take a deep breath and approach Ashland and Jack. Ashland crows that he’d like to do business with the Abbotts in the future. Summer and Kyle explain they’re getting takeout and join Abby at the bar. Summer heads to the restroom and encounters Tara in the corridor. She lets her know that Kyle doesn’t keep secrets from her. Tara asks what she wants. Summer was about to ask her the same thing. Tara has no ulterior motives and warns Summer shouldn’t be concerned about her but rather the inquisitive Sally Spectra. Tara concludes she will manage her affairs as she sees fit and suggests Summer do the same.

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At the bar, Kyle updates Abby that he and Summer are just pulling out of a spin and can face anything together. Abby’s happy for him and starts talking about Chance leaving town. She advises Kyle to put a ring on it. Kyle won’t let Summer go again. As Tara rejoins Ashland, she and Kyle exchange a look across the room that her husband watches. Once Kyle has his takeout, he wishes Ashland luck with business. Ashland keeps his stare on Kyle as he muses that luck has nothing to do with it; it’s all about sizing up your competition, finding out what they’re trying to hide, and what they’re terrified to lose. He then watches as Kyle and Tara exchanges goodbyes.
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At Sharon’s place, Nate gets the rundown on Rey’s symptoms, which seem like a reaction to something he’s ingested. Sharon worries it’s something neurological. Nate will draw some blood for testing. Later, after Nate’s left, Rey wants to discuss their therapy session. Sharon is only concerned about him and vows to make sure he’s okay. She loves him very much. He loves her too.

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At Devon’s penthouse, he tells Amanda that what he and Elena had wasn’t meant to be, but he didn’t want to keep hating her. He wanted to move on… with Amanda. Amanda wishes him luck working things through with Elena and walks out.

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At Crimson Lights, Elena keeps daydreaming about reuniting with Devon. She imagines Amanda catching them together, and then Nate telling her that Devon is her past and he’s what she needs in her life. Just then, Nate appears on the patio. He knows she’s been struggling, and he can’t stay in limbo. He’s moving on. Whatever they had is over.
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