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In Victoria’s office at Newman, she admits to Billy that she is still in love with him. She gets apologetic, telling him she knows he’s committed to Lily. He’s frustrated; he kept asking her if she was okay with moving on and she insisted she was. Victoria claims she just wants what’s best for him and asks him to go so they don’t have to talk about this.

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At Chance Comm, Traci arrives and to tell Lily about her trip to New York. As the conversation turns to Billy having been gone for a long time, Lily thinks he knows where he is. She shares her worries about Victoria trying to worm her way back into Billy’s life. She has a gut feeling there’s more to it than just co-parenting for Victoria. Traci’s supportive and asks Lily to say exactly what she means. Lily states she believes Victoria wants Billy back. Traci urges her to be honest with him. Billy arrives as Traci takes off.
Lily and Traci talk about insecurity at Chance Com Y&R

Billy admits he found himself at Victoria’s office, and he and Lily agree they need to discuss his ex. He says her instincts about Victoria were right on; she admitted she’s still in love with him. He insists that doesn’t matter. This isn’t convincing for Lily, who knows that true love never dies. She urges him to do some soul searching before they get any more deeply involved.
Lily and Billy discuss Victoria at Chance Com Y&R

At the penthouse, Adam tells Chelsea that things are starting to turn around. He’s anticipating a lot of good news today, sure he impressed Ashland Locke. She snarks to herself that she can’t believe he’s still after his father’s approval and muses he’s going to regret how he’s treated her. Dr. Cavett arrives and Adam leaves them. Chelsea’s eyes flash as she mentally curses Adam for having an affair with Sharon. She concentrates on faking her condition to fool the doctor.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Adam, surprised to have received her text, meets with Nikki. She thought it was time for them to have a chat. His cozy new working relationship with Victor has her concerned. Laughing, Adam assures her Victor knows what he’s doing. Nikki warns her husband needs to know he’s important to Adam as a father. Adam promises he does matter to him; he was there for him and Chelsea when everyone else turned their back on them. He acknowledges that the family was justified in doing so, but that’s what makes Victor wanting to work with him so meaningful. Nikki makes it clear that she will never trust him after the anguish he’s caused and will never forgive him. Adam asks if this is some kind of threat. Nikki calls it a warning — as soon as Chelsea is able, she expects him to leave town and never come back.

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Nikki drops by Victoria’s office to get some contracts. She quickly realizes there are Billy problems. Victoria admits that she said more to him than she intended to. Her mother tells her that being a strong woman doesn’t mean she needs to build a fortress around herself
Nikki talks to Victoria about Billy in office Y&R

At home, Sharon nearly calls an ambulance for Rey, but he insists he just has a bug. Their session made him nauseous. He’s surprised that she’s so scared about this. She’s sorry for everything. Rey says they need to take things one day at a time. He could use some of Lola’s magical chicken soup. Sharon needs to meet with some suppliers anyway and takes off.
Sharon worries about sick Rey at home Y&R

Sharon strolls into Lola’s kitchen at Society and asks for the soup. While she’s there, Sharon also thanks her for how helpful she’s been with Faith. Lola says they’re family now and then brings up Adam. Sharon assures her that she is fighting for her marriage. They even went to counseling today.
Sharon and Lola talk Adam and Rey at Society Y&R

As Sharon is on her way out, she bumps into Adam, who reassures her again that he didn’t steal things from her house. She gets annoyed when he asks about Faith and tells him he messes up her life even when he doesn’t intend to.
Adam bumps into Sharon at Society Y&R

At the penthouse, Dr. Cavett tells Chelsea she’ll send Adam her report later and exits. As soon as she’s alone, Chelsea smirks about how good she is at pretending. She wheels over to grab Adam’s tablet and sends a text to Sharon.

When Sharon gets home, she gets a text from Adam (really Chelsea) saying he wishes they could be together and just be free. Startled, she turns her attention to Rey, whose condition has worsened since she left. She thinks something must be seriously wrong.

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Adam returns to the penthouse where Chelsea has been stewing about Sharon not responding to the text she sent. She was sure the blonde would be quick to reply in kind. Adam relays he’s talked to Cavett and wonders if she needs a better doctor. Chelsea thinks to herself that this will all be over very soon.

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