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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria contemplates calling Billy, but puts down the phone when Nikki enters. Victoria is prepared to make Ashland Locke see that he should sell Cyaxares to her. Nikki muses about it being personal since she’s going up against her father, Brother, and ex-husband. Victoria insists it won’t affect her negotiation, but Nikki reminds her she divested her media company and wants her to admit this has nothing to do with business.

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Victoria claims she’s trying to avoid an all-out war between Adam and Billy. Nikki doubts Billy will like this one bit. She thinks Victoria is pulling out all the stops because she wants Billy back. Victoria denies it, but Nikki knows her too well. She thinks she’s trying to prove to Billy how far she’s willing to go for him, and may offer to sell Cyaxares back to him. Victoria has a plan, but it’s more to do with her dad. She’ll relish beating him at his own game. Nikki agrees to hear her pitch, which involves a healthy financial offer. Afterward, Nikki reminds Victoria she doesn’t need to do everything on her own. Victoria retorts that sometimes her family gives her know choice. She sees Ashland as her equal.
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In Billy’s suite, Lily urges Billy to get ready for their meeting with Ashland Locke. He’s totally ready to make his pitch. Lily replies, “Show me whatcha’ got.” They decide they have time for sex before the meeting.
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After making love, Billy and Lily are showered and dressed when Jack arrives to hear their final pitch — there’s a lot riding on this. Billy gets a message and reports he now knows who the third bidder is. He leaves Victoria a voicemail wanting to know what’s going on, then turns back to Jack and Lily, who are stunned at the development. Lily feels they must rethink they’re strategy. They go over the pitch, which involves pointing out that the Newmans are at each other’s throats. Jack issues another warning about Ashland, then leaves.
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In the penthouse, Chelsea is standing and holding onto the sofa when Adam comes downstairs looking at his phone.

At home, Sharon notices something is off and exclaims, “Not again,” before calling Adam.

In the penthouse, Chelsea slips back into her wheelchair unseen as Adam answers Sharon’s call and tells him, “I need to see you now.” Adam informs her he’ll leave in a few minutes, disconnects, and tells Chelsea he’s going to see Victor to go over their pitch. Once alone, Chelsea reaches for her phone and texts, “He’s gone. Come now.”
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At Society, Lola greets Nick and Faith, but notices Faith is tense. When Nick steps away to take a call, Lola reassures her about the busboy who was fired after taking the photo of her mother and talks about confronting bullies. She’s always there if Faith needs an ear. Faith teases she’s a workaholic. Nick returns and Lola heads to the kitchen. Nick advises Faith the girl who put the vodka in her locker confessed and was suspended. Faith worries about the atmosphere when she goes back to school. Nick offers for her to return to boarding school but she won’t run away and let the bullies win.
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At Crimson Lights, Sharon says she wanted to see Adam in person because she wanted to see the look in his eyes when she asked this question, “Did you break into my house and steal some things?” She explains some gifts he gave her have gone missing. Adam’s confused and they get to talking about the figurine and a tray from Lake Tahoe where they got married. Adam thinks maybe it was Rey. Sharon argues he doesn’t know the items are related to Adam. Adam’s surprised she kept them and wonders why. Sharon tells him not to read anything into it. Adam’s concerned someone is stealing their shared history.
Sharon questions Adam Y&R

Talk turns to Chelsea. Adam reports little to no progress. She’s sorry. Adam relays he’s teamed up with Victor to bid on a company. Sharon’s amazed they’ll be working together. Adam assures her there’s nothing nefarious going on, but he’ll be staying in town. Just then, Victor appears. Sharon’s pleased Adam and his dad have patched things up. Adam admits he’s become one of his strongest allies, then adds, “My only ally actually.” Sharon sighs.

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Adam joins Victor on the patio and dodges his questions about Sharon. As talk turns to business, Vic warns Ashland Locke’s not an easy guy to deal with. They’re amused at the idea of the three of them in a room. They recall a nasty deal of Locke’s that went down in Dubai. Adam and Victor anticipate going in and making a deal. Victor wants Adam to take the lead on the pitch and wants to hear it. Adam’s presentation involves pointing out they offer Newman’s deep pockets combined with the aggressiveness of a start-up. After, Victor warns Adam not to underestimate Billy and Lily. Adam won’t focus on them but is ready.
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Chloe arrives at the penthouse where Chelsea shows her she can stand and take steps. She has a new appreciation for what she has… and for what she has to do. She asks Chloe to keep a bag for her for a few days. Chloe opens it and asks, “What is all this?” Chelsea just wants her to keep the items safe and make sure no one sees them. It involves payback for Adam, and ensures he can’t follow her when she leaves. Chloe’s frustrated she won’t tell her more, but is all in. She asks if Chelsea’s sure — paying Adam back is playing with fire. Chelsea knows this is what she needs to do. Her life fell apart after that fall in the elevator all because Adam did something sketchy behind her back. She doesn’t trust him and has to break free. Chloe is all for it, she just wants to ensure no one else will be affected. Chelsea promises this is only about him and fumes about Sharon and Victor sucking him back in. For her own well-being it all has to stop.
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At Sharon’s place, she and Nick touch on school with Faith, who then heads upstairs. Nick and Sharon are still concerned about her. Sharon worries she’s bi-polar like her. Nick wonders where this is coming from. Sharon confesses some things have gone missing from around the house. Faith denied any knowledge of it, but stealing is exactly what she did when her bi-polar disorder began to manifest itself. Nick would like to believe there’s another explanation.

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Faith comes down and hears them agreeing she should go to therapy as planned. Later, Faith gets a text, “I think you’re brave. Like a warrior.” Faith replies, “Who are you?” The texter will only admit he’s a guy. Faith wants to meet in real life and confides that her parents still don’t trust her, her friends are not existent and it would be nice to talk to someone who believes she’s brave. The texter replies with a heart. Faith returns to her room, and Nick assures Sharon that she and Rey will get through their problems. He asks about the missing items and senses she’s not being honest when she downplays it.
Faith texts Y&R

At Chance Comm, Newman Enterprises, and the Crimson Lights patio, calls come in letting the various players know that Ashland has arrived in town. At the coffeehouse, Victor muses, “Let the games begin.”

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