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At Society, Billy and Lily toast to a night off from business, but Billy mentions he’s heard there’s a third prospective buyer for Cyaxares, but no one seems to know who it is. They wonder about who it could be and decide to concentrate on their pitch. As the banter, Billy gets a call from Ashland Locke and asks, “Do we have a deal?” Billy disconnects and updates Lily that Locke will be flying in to meet with all three potential buyers. Lily realizes the third unknown party is in GC. Billy observes it’s someone with money and the spine to go up against them and Victor.

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Talk turns to why Lily’s so into Billy until he blushes. When the conversation turns back to the acquisition, Billy wonders if Devon’s the third investor. Lily nixes that; he would have told her. They mull over Bill Spencer but Lily suggests it could be Adam. Billy’s doubtful and doesn’t want to think about that. The conversation shifts back to them falling more in love and they decide to get out of there.
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At the penthouse, Devon begins, then deletes a text, “I really need to… He starts again, “This is way too important to…” but abandons the idea and heads out.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby talks to Ashley about tomorrow when her eggs will be harvested and Devon will make his contribution. Ash muses that she’ll know soon enough what it’s like to look at her own child; she believes it’s going to happen. They look at Abby’s baby album and Ash points out how Brad looked at her with so much love. Chance will look at their child that way too. Devon arrives and Ash leaves them to chat. Abby asks if Devon’s okay. He needs a friend. They go over how happy Katherine would be about tomorrow before Devon opens up about his romantic life. He divulges that he slept with Elena during the ice storm. They agreed it was a goodbye but still have feeling for one another.
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Devon admits he questions if he had sex with Elena to get back at Nate. Abby won’t judge. She asks how Amanda reacted and learns she doesn’t know yet. Abby thinks Devon has to choose Elena or Amanda. Devon loves spending time with Amanda but can’t stop thinking about the night with Elena. Abby feels what she did was nine kinds of wrong, but he’s the only one that can figure this out. Devon knows what he has to do. Ashley reappears and asks Devon to email her his baby pictures. Devon urges Abby to get some rest and they thank him for what he’s doing. After Devon’s gone, Abby decides she’ll go alcohol free in solidarity with Mariah before saying goodnight to her mom.

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In their suite, Summer asks Kyle if he spoke to his dad, but he admits he didn’t tell him anything. Summer learns that he found Sally there when he arrived and later questioned his dad about it. He became defensive so it wasn’t a good time to open up. Kyle has second-guessed confiding in Jack, who might figure things out and push him to pursue custody of his son. They speculate if Jack would be intimidated by Locke, and Kyle offers Summer an out if she’s changed her mind. She asks how Kyle’s feeling. He’s torn, and worried about how his actions might affect Harrison. Summer points out Tara could be lying about the boy’s paternity but Kyle gets defensive; he believes her. It’s driving him crazy and he needs to make a decision. “I’m walking away.” Summer’s supportive and suggests they go hang out in Crimson Lights.
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On Crimson Lights patio, Jack and Sally flirt while discussing ice-skating. Jack recalls how the family used to skate together and shares that Kyle was a serious hockey player. Sally thought Kyle seemed really upset last night and hopes nothing was seriously wrong. Jack suspects it has to do with the sudden trip he planned to New York and wonders if his past is somehow catching up with him. He reflects on Kyle’s upbringing. Things between Jack and Diane were strained, especially when he was with Phyllis, who Sally has her own problems with. He thinks his ex’s Mama Bear instincts kicked in with her. Sally notices he’s protective of Phyllis and asks what happened between them. Jack muses they shared a lot of life; he delivered Summer. Sally gapes, “What?” Jack continues that it wasn’t meant to be and he wishes Phyllis hadn’t cheated on him, but that’s in the past.
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Sally is paying Jack compliments when Kyle and Summer appear. Kyle glares in their direction. After they sit inside, Summer observes that Jack looks so happy. On the patio, Jack presumes Summer and Kyle disapprove of them. Sally’s determined to win them over. Jack doesn’t care and leans over to kiss Sally. Inside, Kyle and Summer’s jaws drop. Summer asks Kyle to take her back to the hotel and make love to her. Kyle’s up for the distraction and they head out, but Kyle turns back with a dismayed look. On the patio, Jack wipes off Sally’s lipstick and enthuses, “Wow. That was everything I’d hoped for and more.”
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Devon arrives at home and pulls out his phone. He stares at Elena and Amanda’s name in his contact list, then texts, “Can we get together and talk?” Elena replies, “I’d love to.”

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In Billy’s hotel suite, he’s still concerned about figuring out who the third party is, but Lily dangles sex and he drops it.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Devon finds himself at a crossroads.

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