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At home, Sharon calls Faith into the room to ask about a missing figurine. Faith hasn’t seen it and wonders if her mother thinks she stole it. Sharon apologizes if she came across as suspicious; it’s just special to her. Faith offers to help look for it as Sharon flashes to Adam gifting her the statuette to symbolize new beginnings. She’s strong, fierce and determined, which made him think of Sharon.
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Rey arrives and Faith asks him about the missing figurine as Sharon downplays it’s importance. Faith, Rey, and Sharon have a conversation about fixing things that are broken and turning things around. After Faith goes upstairs, Rey asks Sharon about therapy. He knows she doesn’t want to do this and believes she’s concerned that she’ll have to put Adam out of her life to save their marriage. Rey’s willing to do the work because she’s worth fighting for. Sharon calls a therapist and makes an appointment.
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Chloe arrives at the penthouse and tells Chelsea she saw the photo of Adam kissing Sharon and is there for her. Chelsea croaks, “You’re doing it just being here.” Chloe’s stunned that her friend is speaking. Chelsea warns, “Our secret.” Chloe learns she’s the first to know and that Chelsea practiced when she was alone. Chloe’s so proud. Chelsea relays she got so mad at Adam last night that she stood. Chloe covers when the nurse enters the room.
Chloe there for Chelsea Y&R

After, Chloe wants to move Chelsea in with them, but she wants to stay and let Adam believe she’s still helpless. Chloe wants to know what she’s planning. She’ll end this chapter of her life. Chloe warns her desire for revenge on Adam consumed her, and urges her not to let her anger take over. Chelsea assures her she won’t do anything drastic. She needs a clean break from Adam but needs Chloe’s help.

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At Chance Comm, Billy updates Lily that Ashland Locke agreed to an in-person meeting. Lily thinks he’s excited by the opportunity to outmaneuver Victoria and Victor. They banter as Billy enthuses about pulling it off. Lily reminds him they still need financing. Billy’s unbothered. They talk about making a great team and head out of the office together, abandoning their coffees.

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After sex, Lily and Billy return to the office, where he marvels at her choosing him day after day. They laugh at Jill wanting to take credit. Lily teases that his mom is a genius. Jack interrupts — and quips that’s an exaggeration. They get into the Cyaxares proposal and Jack agrees to back them financially. Lily and Billy are thrilled. Jack suggests dinner later to celebrate and tells Billy, “You missed a button,” as he goes.
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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria gets a message and informs Nikki that Ashland Locke is willing to meet but he has several interested parties. She assumes one of them is Victor and Adam. She thinks Victor’s trying to play her and Adam against each other and underestimated her again. Nikki learns Victor wants the company to weaponize it against Billy. She’s trying to keep Cyaxares out of their hands to protect her ex, and she only plays when she knows she can win.
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At Society, Adam tells Victor he’s in when it comes to his father’s plan to acquire Cyaxares. He wonders if Victor trusts him. Victor muses if Adam was playing him he’d be burning his last bridge. Adam enjoyed double-crossing him in the past but no longer has the time. They chuckle over the irresistible chance to target Billy. Adam turns serious — it means a lot that Victor came to him with this opportunity and he’s 100% committed. Victor raises a power fist in response.
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After discussing what Ashland Locke will think of Adam’s reputation, talk turns to Chelsea. Victor warns him about Chelsea finding out about Sharon. Adam looks forward to re-establishing himself in business and taking no prisoners. Victor chuckles enthusiastically. He wants Adam to put Sharon behind him to focus on work.

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Nikki and Victoria enter Society. Adam greets them politely and Victoria asks about Chelsea before congratulating him on getting closer with their dad again. Adam exits and Victoria joins her parents. She notes Victor’s looking pleased with himself and hopes he’s not planning a move on Cyaxares. She steps away to take a phone call and Nikki lashes out at Victor for playing Victoria against Adam. She does not approve. Victor doesn’t care if she approves. Nikki rails that it’s cruel and divisive. Victor smirks; he’s ready to see who comes out on top. From the foyer, Victoria listens and smiles.

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At home, Faith gets a text from someone telling her she’s brave for calling out her bullies. Faith begins to reply and ask how the person knows about that, but Sharon interrupts. She really wants to fix things between them. Faith does too. They exchange ‘I love yous’.

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Adam arrives at home and is surprised to see Chloe. He gives her the bum’s rush and once they’re alone, he tells Chelsea his good news — he and Victor are buying Cyaraxes. The best part is, he’ll be able to crush Billy. Chelsea thinks, “You won’t have the chance, Adam. This will all be over soon and the only one who’ll be crushed is you.”

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