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In their suite, Summer asks if there’s anything she can do as Kyle paces. He admits he’s still concerned about Sally after telling her to stay away from his dad. Kyle has to keep his secret to protect his son — it’s the way it has to be. He admits he’d like to know more about the boy. Summer urges him to ask Jack for advice; even if he doesn’t tell him everything. Kyle will go right now.
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At the Abbott mansion, Jack gushes that the magnificent dinner was only outshone by the guest that came to share it with him. Sally asks, “What is happening here?” Jack knows they agreed to keep things casual but still wants to know about her and what would make her truly happy. Sally would love to run her own fashion company again. Jack asks if all her dreams are about work. Sally wants the love of a good partner as well. Jack thinks she’ll get exactly what she wants and says to hell with those who don’t think she deserves it. Sally feels she’s finally on the road to making her dreams come true. As they’re gazing at each other, Kyle walks in.
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After Kyle tells Jack he has something important to talk about, Sally leaves despite Jack’s protests. Jack informs his son, “This better be good!” Kyle retorts, “What exactly did I interrupt?” Jack doesn’t owe him an explanation and rants. Kyle decides he shouldn’t have come to talk to him.

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At Chance Comm, Billy’s distracted by an article about Ashland Locke divesting. Lily thought he put that behind him. Billy can’t. If Victoria refuses to buy the company Victor will find another angle. He decides they need to convince Locke personally that they’re the right fit. Billy video calls Jill to ask her to come to Genoa City — there’s something he wants to run by her. Jill can’t get away right now, but tells him about Abby’s surrogacy. She assumes Billy wants money and asks if Lily approves. Billy signs off. He’s determined to convince Jill and Lily that Cyaxares is a good fit.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria’s concerned to see Victor so late at night and senses he has bad news. He relays that depends on how she reacts to what he has to say. Victor announces he went to Adam about Ashland Locke’s company. He wants to buy it and have Adam run it. Victoria scoffs at her father working with Adam again and asks why he’s there — he’s already made up his mind. Victor wanted to see how upset she’d be. Victoria wonders what’s in it for Adam — does he also want revenge on Billy? Her answer about acquiring the company remains ‘no’.

In the penthouse, Adam realizes Chelsea is behind him. Startled, he asks, “Did you just come in by yourself?” The nurse appears; she wheeled her in a minute ago. Chelsea thinks to herself that when she can walk, she’ll be walking away from him as fast as she can. She wonders whether he was texting Sharon. Adam breaks the news that Victor’s buying a media company and wants him to be in charge. Adam takes a call from Victor wanting to meet and heads out. Chelsea thinks he’s doing this to stay close to Sharon — she won’t stand by and let it happen. She moves her hand.

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In his suite, Billy reconnects with Jill, who is worried he and Lily blew up. He reassures her before swerving to business. He explains he and Victor are vying for Ashland Locke’s company, Cyaxares. Jill supposes he’ll need her capital to outbid him and wants to be sure Lily’s on board. Billy insists Lily will come around if Jill steps up. Jill warns this can’t just be about Victor. Billy warns this is about Chance Comm’s survival. Jill questions how Victoria fits into this.
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In the hotel lobby, Sally runs into Summer and enthuses about how good things are for her in Genoa City. Summer points out she didn’t get her job… or Kyle. Sally tells her those are hers and muses about how crazy it would be if they one day became friends. Summer snarks, “Crazy is exactly the word I was thinking.” Sally thinks they’re two strong women who don’t let anything get in their way; they could be powerful if they teamed up. Summer suggests she try rent-a-friend.
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At Chance Comm, Lily’s surprised to see Victoria and tells her Billy’s not there. She invites her to stay and wait and pours her a scotch. They chat about the kids before talk turns to how well Billy and Lily work together. Lily adds it’s a wonderful relationship all the way around. The talk turns snarky as Victoria informs Lily she shouldn’t expect this to last — Billy’s restlessness is deeply embedded in his DNA. She suggests Lily’s destined for the same outcome. Lily won’t be scared off and insinuates that Victoria’s more drawn to him now that he’s become the person she wished he could be when they were together.
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When Billy returns, Victoria is no longer there. Billy reports that Jill nixed his idea. He wants to pitch it to someone else, but Lily needs to be on board. Lily glances at Victoria’s empty glass and muses she has to fight for what’s hers as well. She’s in.

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At the Abbott mansion, Jack’s frustrated that Kyle came all the way out there but won’t talk. He urges him to open up. Kyle insists he’s fine and apologizes for interrupting his night. Jack’s left puzzled after his departure.
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At the penthouse, Chelsea manages to get herself out of the wheelchair and into a standing position.
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At Crimson Lights, Adam tells Victor he’s more and more intrigued by his offer but he’s concerned about leaving Chelsea alone while he’s working. Victor assures him they’ll figure it out. Adam wonders if they’ll actually be able to bury the past and move forward. Victor’s determined for them to work together.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria calls Ashland Locke. She knows he’s been talking to her father about acquiring Cyraxares but she’ll be taking it from there. Victoria then informs him she’s prepared to beat all offers on the table.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Adam and Victor form an alliance.

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