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At the Abbott house, Traci finds Kyle in deep thought. She knows he was supposed to meet Jack and can see he has something serious on his mind. Kyle confides he was thinking about how lucky he is to have his dad.

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Kyle goes over Diane taking him to Europe as a boy and missing out on time with Jack. Traci thinks they’ve made up for it. Kyle wonders who he would even be today if his dad hadn’t welcomed him into the Abbott family. Traci can’t imagine a scenario where Jack would have rejected him; from the minute he found out Kyle was his he was all in. Kyle thinks every boy should have a dad like his.
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At Jabot, Summer’s trying to break into Kyle’s phone but he changed his password. Jack enters and startles her. Kyle asked him to look for his phone. Summer found it and will return it to him. Jack compliments her on the successful deal with Bill Spencer — he’s glad she took his advice not to let ‘minor irritants’ get in the way. Summer knows he means Sally and wonders why he cares so much about the tension between them. “What is going on between you two?” Jack informs her they enjoy each other’s company. Once alone, Jack gets a text from Sally, who has a surprise.
Summer, Jack startle Y&R

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At Crimson Lights, Faith confirms to Nick that she’s more relaxed away from her mother’s place, but she won’t thank him for taking her phone. Nick relays she hasn’t had any new messages and the girl who took the photo of Sharon and Adam was identified and is being disciplined. Faith worries her mother’s marriage to Rey will end. They discuss Adam, and Nick urges her not to worry about him. Faith wonders if her father will ever trust her again.
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Rey arrives at Sharon’s place to talk. He presses for therapy. Sharon’s reluctant but wants to hold off until she’s sure everything will be okay with Faith. Rey doesn’t agree with her plan — they need to start counseling now. If she won’t do it, that says a lot. The doorbell rings — it’s Nick. Rey leaves for the station. Nick updates Sharon that Faith is at the stables and wants to talk.
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Faith joins her parents and they discuss Jordan. Faith admits she goaded her into some poor decisions. Sharon and Nick are impressed by her digging deep. Faith has been replaying it in her head. Sharon muses that’s what counseling is like; it’s why they suggested therapy. Faith was worried they thought something was wrong with her. They assure her she’s perfect. Faith’s decided to give them the names of the kids who have been harassing her in hopes they’ll back off. Once Nick has the names he heads to Walnut Grove.
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Sharon tells Faith she was brave and broaches the topic of the kissing photo. Faith knows it was Adam’s fault. Sharon can’t blame it on him completely. Faith doesn’t know how her mother can stand to be around him. Sharon explains that Adam saved Faith’s life once, and he also got Sharon help for her mental health that changed the course of her life. Things aren’t always black and white. Faith asks if Rey’s moving out. Sharon promises things will get better.

At the penthouse, Chelsea has just managed to move her wheelchair on her own when Adam’s voice calls out, “Chelsea?” She freezes. He appears and breaks the news that Dr. Cavett said it’s too soon to leave. In her mind, Chelsea sneers that he never wanted to leave; he wants to be close to Sharon. Adam talks about meeting up with Victor, which prompts her to think, “You have two weaknesses — Sharon and your father — and there’s nothing I can do about it. Yet.”
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As Adam leaves, Chelsea thinks, “Finally,” and returns to moving her wheelchair with a slight smile.

At the hotel, Summer tells Phyllis she thinks Kyle is hiding something. She asks her mother to help her crack the password on his phone. Phyllis can do it but wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a huge violation of his privacy and he’ll find out if she learns something and confronts him with it. Summer confides it’s about an ex from his past in New York but she can’t tell her more. Phyllis guesses he’s afraid Theo will tell Jack. Summer explains it’s even worse — Theo told Sally, who is holding it over her head.
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Phyllis questions why Kyle’s so worried about the information getting out. Summer explains it’s because the woman is married to a man who destroys peoples’ lives. She has to get into his phone to find out why he was going to New York. Phyllis advises going to Kyle and demanding he be honest. If that doesn’t work they don’t really have a relationship.

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At Society, Victor observes that Adam has a lot of help with Chelsea; he needs something to occupy himself. He brings up the media company he’s planning to acquire — Victor needs someone to run the day-to-day operations. He asks, “That pique your interest?”

Adam thinks his old man wants to get back at Billy by competing with Chance Comm and Victoria turned him down. He asks, “Tell me more.” Vic relays the company will operate independently of Newman Enterprises and Adam would answer to him. Adam plans to leave Genoa City once Chelsea’s better. Victor feels that will take a long time; he wants him to run the company in the meantime. Adam will consider it.

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At Crimson Lights, Rey speaks to Sharon by phone. She updates him on the positive meeting with Faith and tells him she’ll go to counseling if that’s what it takes to make things right.
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In Sharon’s living room, Faith gets a text from someone who hopes ‘they’ pay for all the mean things they did to her. Faith asks who this is and how they got her number.

Kyle joins Jack at Jabot and learns Summer has his phone. The expression on Kyle’s face makes Jack suspicious and he wants to know what’s going on. He’s asking questions about the secretive trip to New York when Summer walks in with Kyle’s phone in hand. It rings. Kyle answers cautiously — it’s Tara. She warns that she and Ashland are coming to Genoa City on business next week and warns him to keep quiet. Kyle disconnects and asks to speak to Summer alone.
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Summer’s nervous because things have been off between them. She asks Kyle to be honest with her about what’s going on. Kyle tells her that after he and Tara had their affair she had a child — his child. Summer’s floored.

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At home, Chelsea dreams that Adam arrives to find her standing up. He’s excited but she pulls a gun from behind her back and shoots him. Chelsea awakens and stares at the door.

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