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At Crimson Lights, Sally tells Lauren she has some ideas to save the company money. Lauren’s pleased and asks about her new car — she suspects Jack took her to pick it up. Sally confirms it and relays what a terrific friend he’s been. Lauren assures her she’s not judgemental about them spending time together.

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At Jabot, Summer and Jack question Kyle about his aborted trip to New York. Summer reminds him he told her he was too busy there to go to L.A. and asks, “Why didn’t you tell me about it?” Jack exits, and Kyle apologizes. It dawns on Summer that he was going to see Tara Locke. She says Sally alluded to there being more to the story than what he told her. Kyle claims Sally’s just trying to mess with her. Gloria enters and reminds Summer about her meeting with Lauren. Kyle reiterates to Summer that ‘someone’ is playing games. Gloria guesses they’re talking about Sally but they won’t confirm.
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Once alone, Kyle looks at the photo of Harrison. Sally appears. “Can’t bring yourself to tell her, huh?” Kyle doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Sally clarifies that he had a son with Ashland Locke’s wife. Kyle snaps that he’s not his kid and asks why she didn’t tell Summer about Tara’s son herself. Sally doesn’t want to cause trouble; she’s enjoying her friendship with Jack. Kyle complains that Sally plots and schemes and then insists everyone get along. Will she keep quiet about Tara’s son? Sally advises Kyle to keep quiet if the child’s his. It’s too late to tell Summer and Ashland will come after him. Kyle denies it again and exits. Sally follows. A phone is left behind on a chair.
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Nick finds Phyllis holding a laptop at the hotel. He asks, “New computer?” She confesses it’s Sally’s. Nick’s scandalized that she entered the redhead’s room. Phyllis shows him the searches on Jack — Sally’s a stalker! Nick warns Phyllis to put the laptop back. Phyllis recalls how Sally buttered up Nick over Restless Style and warns she’ll have to go through this bigger, badder, bitch to get to him.
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Nick calls Phyllis out for fighting with Abby, Victoria, and now Sally. Phyllis snaps that she’ll always protect their daughter. Nick wonders if it’s really about Summer or if she’s just picking a fight. Phyllis sheds angry tears — she’s worked hard all her life and would love to be that bored. She maintains that Sally’s a man-eater and everyone will thank her in the end.

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At home, Chelsea coaches herself to move. She grabs the arm of her wheelchair and pulls herself forward a bit, but reverts when Adam appears. He reassures her about the recent upsetting visits. She fumes that he should just admit he kissed Sharon. He suggests they revisit leaving town to be with Connor, and is going to run it by Dr. Cavett. Chelsea wonders if he’s really going to see Sharon. Once alone, she thinks about being reunited with her son and getting Adam out of her life.

At Society, Lauren updates Summer that she’s received a contract from Spencer Publications. Summer’s distracted and Lauren assumes she’s tired. She asks if Summer’s spoken to Phyllis lately — apparently she has something to tell her. Summer guesses it’s about Sally and explains her mother’s not too keen on her friendship with Jack. As Summer leaves, Phyllis enters and tells her she found some information on Sally, but won’t say anything more.

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Phyllis catches up with Lauren and they talk about Michael’s sexy silver hair. Talk turns to Sally and Lauren relays she’s very fond of her. Phyllis suspects Sally has a plan when it comes to Jack. She MAY have seen something on her web browser. Lauren learns there was an extensive search on the Abbott family and Lauren can’t see the issue. Phyllis worries Jack is too vulnerable and lonely; he’ll fall for her. Lauren argues they’re adults and can figure this out. Phyllis thinks her daughter’s at risk as well. Sally’s very ambitious. Who knows how high her ambitions go or how high she’ll go to achieve them?
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Sharon watches as Adam joins Dr. Cavett on the coffee house patio. At their table, Adam broaches the topic of moving with Cavett, who warns it could be stressful for Connor. She also thinks it’s too soon for Chelsea. After, Adam walks inside. Sharon asks about his meeting with Dr. Cavett and lets him know she still cares. Adam updates her and explains he needed to put some distance between them, but he can’t do that right now.
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At the penthouse, Chloe tells Chelsea she made sure Adam’s not around. She asks why Chelsea didn’t want him to know she moved her hand and what she can to do help. Chelsea tears up. Chloe suggests she try to tap out a few letters with her left hand. Chelsea types, “Sharon.” Chloe is stunned when Chelsea blinks, “Yes,” to the question, “Is Sharon hurting you?” Chelsea communicates, “Adam and Sharon,” and Chloe gawps, “Together?” Just then, Adam enters, thinking things look intense. Chloe laughs if off as he heads upstairs.
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At Crimson Lights, Nick warns Jack that Phyllis’ latest mission involves him. She’s concerned that his judgement may be impaired when it comes to Sally. Jack thinks Phyllis needs to get a hobby and asks Nick to inform her that he’s doing just fine.
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Summer spots Gloria in the Jabot boardroom and asks if she’s seen Kyle. Glo reports he was by the elevator looking out of sorts. Summer tries to call him and his phone rings on the chair. Summer picks it up.
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