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Victor runs into Phyllis at Crimson Lights. He chuckles as he corners her and starts asking about the family. Victor explains he suspects that something is up with Summer. Phyllis insists that everything is great and says they shouldn’t interfere in her life. Victor growls that he always looks out for his own.

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At the Chancellor estate, Nina cringes as Abby gives herself an injection. Abby shares her worries that Mariah and Devon might be scared away when they face the legal reality of what they’re doing. Ashley pays a surprise visit and her daughter unpacks her situation. Her mom thinks she’s on the right track.
Ashley drops by the Chancellor house to see Abby Y&R

At Devon’s penthouse, he and Amanda have breakfast and talk about how perfect they are in bed. She slips into legal mode and asks him about the surrogacy. He’s not concerned about the legal issues. The lawyer doesn’t think he should be so casual about this. He suggests this must be personal to her given what happened with her mom. Besides, he is not becoming a parent, just helping out some friends. They debate protecting his rights until he gets a text that Abby is on her way.

Abby arrives at Devon’s place with a gift. It’s a framed photo of Katherine. Abby can never repay him for what he’s agreed to do. He reassures her. After she leaves, Amanda says she thinks it’s sexy that he has such a good relationship with his friend. He thinks she’s sexy in lawyer mode.
Abby brings Devon gift at penthouse Y&R

Ashley walks into Crimson Lights and chats with Victor about Abby and her worries. He thinks that their daughter is doing things right. He’s already set up a trust fund for her child.

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At the Jabot office, Summer tells Sally that Bill is not the monster she claims he is. Sally says Bill can be charming when he wants something. She reminds Summer that she still has dirt on Kyle and alludes to there being more to the story than she knows. Summer wants answers, but Sally advises her to ask Kyle.

Back at the Chancellor Estate, Abby tells Nina about her fabulous conversation with Devon. Everything is going forward!

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As Kyle’s leaving the Grand Phoenix for New York, he’s stunned to see Tara Locke in the lobby. She’s upset that he’s been trying to contact her. When he asks if Harrison is his son, she insists he’s not. Kyle wants proof. She says Theo is a scam artist and warns that Ashland will crush anyone who crosses him. After some prodding, she admits she had a DNA test done and the kid is Kyle’s. Now they need to pretend this conversation never happened for Harrison’s sake. She leaves, hoping this has put an end to it.

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Tara tells Kyle he's a father at Grand Phoenix Y&R

Later, at the Grand Phoenix, Summer complains to Phyllis about Sally. Summer insists she can handle her, but her mom thinks Sally is dangerous and needs to be gotten rid of. Alarmed by her mom’s intensity, Summer repeats that she can take care of this. As soon as she leaves, Phyllis grabs her key card and heads upstairs. She returns with Sally’s laptop, looks at the history, which shows she’s been searching the Abbotts, and calls Lauren to say they need to talk.
Summer talks to Phyllis about Sally at Grand Phoenix Y&R

At Jabot, Kyle, still reeling from his meeting with Tara, updates Mariah that Harrison is his son. He’s not sure what to do. Mariah reminds him of how dangerous Ashland could be. Sally barges in and Mariah takes off. They discuss their backgrounds until Sally brings up how wonderful Jack is. Outside the door, Jack listens as she goes on about how genuine he is.

Jack interrupts Kyle and Sally’s conversation and asks for a moment with his son. Once alone, Kyle immediately demands to know what’s going on between his father and Spectra. Jack says that’s none of his concern and asks why he was going to New York. Summer appears and asks, “You were going to New York?!”

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Mariah joins her lawyer, Brittany Hodges, and Tessa at Society to go over the legal contract for the surrogacy. Brittany strongly recommends Mariah consult a therapist. Mariah has already talked to her mom. Tessa is concerned about the implications of the huge undertaking, so the redhead agrees to continue consulting with Sharon. Brittany brings up other issues they will have to face, like breastfeeding. Once they’re alone, Mariah asks Tessa if she feels like she’s been pushed into this. Tessa reassures her, but reiterates that what Mariah is doing is a big deal.

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