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At Grand Phoenix, Billy tells Lily he needs time to consider this situation with Newman Enterprises before going upstairs. She’s worried he’ll head to the ranch, but he reassures her. Billy recalls Lily was going to spend time with Devon. Just then, Devon appears and asks Lily to sit down with him.

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Devon brings Lily up to date on everything going on with Abby and Chance before revealing he’s stepped in to be their sperm donor. Lily exclaims, “What?!” Defensively, Devon explains he cares about his friend Abby. He knows what Lily is going to say. Lily just knows what it’s like and warns things don’t always turn out how you expect. Devon won’t let that stop him from helping his friend. Lily wonders if part of this is to make up for the baby he and Hilary lost. Devon thinks it may be a little bit, but he wants to do this for Abby and Chance. Lily feels it’s an amazing gift.
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Elsewhere in the hotel lobby, Nick, on the phone, reassures Faith about the photo of Adam and Sharon which has been splashed all over the internet. He promises to make things right, and then disconnects and fumes.

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Rey enters Sharon’s house where she explains she’s been calling and leaving him messages — she was getting worried! Rey needed to take some time to calm down before asking her about this. He holds up the photo of her and Adam kissing on his phone. Sharon protests; they were discussing her ending Chelsea’s treatment and Adam pulled her into an impulsive kiss. Rey demands to know if Adam forced himself on her or if she gave him permission. Sharon, unable to meet his eyes, tightly replies, “It was just an irrational mistake.” Rey slams out the door.
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Victor shows up at Adam’s penthouse door with the photo of Adam and Sharon kissing. Adam glances at a suspicious Chelsea before joining his father in the hallway. He explains it was a momentary lapse and he has no idea who took the photo. Victor’s aware of his intense connection with Sharon but warns him he’s a Newman and people are always watching. It musn’t happen again. Inside, Chelsea wonders what’s brought Victor over. It’s like the past’s coming back — Adam wanting Victor’s approval, Sharon — and all she can do is sit and watch it happen.

Once Adam’s back inside, he reads to Chelsea, who fumes, “God you’re smooth. Acting as though nothing happened.” She wonders what Victor showed him on the phone. Suddenly, there’s hammering on the door. Rey stalks in and orders Rey to stay away from his wife. He holds up his phone and rants about Adam interfering in their lives time and again. He won’t stop until someone makes him. Adam asks if that’s a threat. Rey warns about consequences and storms out.

Adam tells Chelsea that Rey and Sharon are having problems and Rey clearly wants to blame him. Chelsea thinks, “What did you do?” She’s determined to find out what’s going on and glances at the cellphone beside her. Adam muses about people using him as a scapegoat and tells her there’s nothing to worry about. Chelsea snaps, “Of course there is. Otherwise you wouldn’t have had to sneak out in the hall to talk about it.” When Adam leaves, Chelsea eyeballs the phone again.

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Nick arrives at Sharon’s place looking for answers about the incriminating photo. It will be on the internet forever! Sharon exclaims that a bully took that picture and sent it to Faith to hurt her. Nick spent an hour on the phone with their daughter and feels the bullying should be addressed. Sharon agrees. Nick continues, “In the meantime, Faith wants to live with me full-time.” Sharon’s stunned.
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Nick explains their daughter is hurting and confused; it’s like Sharon is choosing Adam over her. They both know that’s not true, he continues, but this is a slap in the face to everyone who has loved and supported her. Nick won’t judge, given his track record, but advises she avoid having this happen again. They agree Faith will stay with him for now. Nick hopes Adam hasn’t done irreparable damage.

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At Victoria’s house, Billy confronts her about holding back information surrounding the Cyaxares media deal and asks if she plans to go after Chance Comm. Victoria admits this was her father’s idea. Billy snarks, “So much for you running the company.” Victoria wonders if he’s afraid of a little competition. Billy isn’t. He needles that her father is still calling the shots and suggests she quash the deal with Ashland Locke. Victoria swerves to the kids and won’t discuss business any longer. Billy complains about Victoria giving him whiplash with the kids’ schedule changes but agrees to go skating again. He wants to include Lily. Victoria retorts, “You should.”
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Nick runs into Rey at Society and tells him he just came from seeing Sharon. Rey fumes, “You went to my house and spoke to my wife about our problems?!” Nick reminds him his daughter lives there. Rey hollers that every time he turns around there’s another of Sharon’s Newman exes. He bellows, “Why can’t you all just leave us alone!” Nick calms Rey — his fight is not with him. Rey apologizes. Nick explains Sharon has a big heart and thinks she can save Adam. He asks Rey not to give up on her.
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At Sharon’s house, Adam stops in to tell her about Rey’s visit. Sharon’s stunned to hear he threatened Adam. Adam needed to see if she was alright. Sharon isn’t, and adds wryly, “Thanks to you.” She’s exasperated at him kissing her in a public place. Adam didn’t plan it. Sharon reveals Nick’s in on it now too because of the photo. Adam’s sorry, but that kiss… he can’t get it out of his mind. Sharon pauses, but then tells him he has to go and can’t come back there. Adam sighs, but goes. Sharon texts Rey to come home and work things out but he doesn’t respond.
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At the penthouse, Chelsea coaches herself, “You can do it,” as she moves her hand toward the phone. She stops when the nurse passes by, then resumes when the coast is clear. She manages to pulls the phone onto her chair. “Let’s see what’s really going on.”
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Billy returns to the hotel as Lily’s seeing Devon off. He updates her that he went to see Victoria and learned the acquisition was Victor’s idea. Lily doesn’t want to engage in a bidding war. Billy agrees and is hoping Victoria will quash the deal — he doesn’t believe she would do that to him.
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Victor drops into Victoria’s house to let her know he’s proud of the job she’s doing as CEO, but he still thinks Locke’s media company is in their range. Victoria questions the reason he’s pursuing the company — he wants to use it as a weapon to destroy Billy. “I can’t play that game.” Victor reminds her she’s his daughter; she’s a Newman. She may not think she can destroy Billy, but deep down he believes she knows she can.
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Adam returns to the penthouse just as Chelsea has touched the screen of the cellphone and seen the photo of him and Sharon. She replaces the phone quickly before Adam joins her and stares, heartsick and angry, at him as he perches on the sofa to assures her he hurried back to see her.
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Nick takes matters into his own hands.

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