Victoria blindsided
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Victoria is surprised to see her father sitting in her office. She wonders why he’s visiting. “I own the place,” he reminds her. This quickly turns to them arguing about the company’s lack of a media division. He knows of a company that will be spun off that they can get cheap. It’s part of his plan to go after Billy. She thinks that would be bad for her co-parenting. He’s worried she’s rekindled her fondness for Billy Boy and says he still has to pay for the exposé he ran on Adam. She doesn’t think he should be wasting his energy on this when Adam has done far more damage. Victoria walks out. Victor immediately makes a call and asks someone to put him in touch with Ashland Locke.

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Billy strolls into the Chance Com offices and tries to lure Lily away for enchiladas. She’s busy and they start negotiating for chocolate. After some banter, he leaves the sweets to her. Once he watches her eat, he brings up Ashland Locke’s media company going up for sale and suggests they buy it. It would be an opportunity to scale up. She wants to see some hard numbers first. He reminds her that she admitted she was falling for him. He’s been marinating in it and dances his way out of the office.
Billy and Lily talk expansion at Chance Com Y&R

In the Jabot office, Kyle skims the internet for photos of the Locke child. Summer shows up and asks who the kid is. He makes an excuse and she moves the topic on to her trip to see Bill. She suggests that Kyle accompany her, but he bluntly says he can’t. After he gets a call canceling a finance meeting, she tells him he’s free to go with her. He claims there are other reasons he needs to be in the office tomorrow. As soon as she steps out, he stares at the photo of the kid and sighs. He calls Chuck to get the jet ready.

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Lauren and Gloria are at Crimson Lights. Gloria is eager to get started on her new job. Sally arrives and Lauren introduces her to her replacement. Sitting down, Sally tells Gloria all about the job and Lauren takes the first opportunity to leave. Gloria tries to stop rolling her eyes as Sally goes on about how copy machines work. She’s already done her homework on Sally and knows that both of them were overqualified for this job. Tapping her head, Gloria says she keeps track of everyone who has been naughty. She’s reminding Sally of her namesake.
Jack interrupts Gloria and Sally at Crimson Lights Y&R

Jack interrupts and Gloria gloats about when she was his assistant. A text from Lauren arrives and she takes off. Jack tells Sally that Gloria’s time at Jabot was a strange one. Sally sensed how territorial Gloria was when he arrived. Jack admits that Genoa City is filled with his exes. She asks about Phyllis. He says both she and Phyllis cause men to take notice. Ending things with Phyllis was tough for him. He’s a romantic and has a hard time with it. She complains about labels. He thinks she’s spectacular. When he suggests dinner, Sally agrees just as Summer walks in. Jack takes off and Summer informs her that she’s going to LA to meet with Bill. Sally repeats her warnings about him and tells Summer about Bill blowing up the Spectra building while she was inside it.

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Billy goes to Society. Victoria walks in and he senses she’s tense. She tells him he hurt her feelings when he said she wanted him to be unhappy. He wasn’t trying to be judgmental. She warns that her father is dead-set on coming after him. Lily walks in. Billy gets a text about Newman making a move on Locke’s media company. He confronts Victoria. She’s startled and walks out. Lily thinks that this seems personal. He guesses that Victor is behind it.
Victoria tells Billy he hut her feelings at Society Y&R

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Victoria returns to her office and confronts Victor about going after the media company. She accuses him of not trusting her and being as controlling as he’s ever been. “You bet,” he confirms.

Summer returns to the Jabot office and tells Kyle that Sally upset her with what she said about Bill. She’s starting to think she should hold off on the trip. He convinces her to meet with Spencer and size him up. She reminds Kyle he has a few hours left to celebrate Valentine’s with her.

Sally joins Jack at Society and asks if this is a date. When he says it is, she smiles.

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