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Lily arrives at Chance Comm to find Valentine’s Day flowers and chocolates on her desk. She’s reading the card, which contains a riddle, when Billy strolls in grinning. Lily tries to guess the answer to “What would the bee say to his sweetheart?” until Victoria appears. She has Valentines for Billy from the kids, who insisted she deliver them ASAP. Lily and Billy exchange a look.
Victoria cards Billy Valentines Day Y&R

Lily and Victoria encourage him to read the cards. Johnny’s says, “Happy Valentine’s Day to the best daddy ever.” Katie’s says, “Daddy, I love you lots.” It turns out there’s a third card — for Lily. “Happy Valentine’s Day to daddy’s new best girlfriend.” Victoria gets a call that Katie slipped on the ice and Vikki and Billy take off, leaving Lily to look at her unopened gift for Billy.
Billy, Lily Valentines Day Y&R

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At Crimson Lights, Elena spots Nate and asks him to hold on for one minute; “Don’t go away!” She exits, and then returns with something she got for him in the gift shop in Manzanilla and hopes he’ll accept it. It’s a white shirt that’s just his style. Elena has something to tell him, but just then, Amanda enters. She’s meeting Devon.
Elena surprise Valentines Day Y&R

Amanda, Nate, and Elena chat about Manzanilla until Devon arrives. Slight awkwardness ensues and Devon asks if Elena and Nate are there celebrating Valentine’s Day together. Elena says no, she has to work. Devon and Amanda adjourn to the patio. Nate asks Elena what she was going to tell him earlier. Elena advises that she updated Devon on the events of their trip — she plans to be upfront from now on. Nate appreciates that, but notes it’s obvious Amanda doesn’t know. Elena feels that’s Devon’s call.

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On the patio, Amanda tells Devon something’s off with Nate and Elena and she suspects it’s been difficult to start a relationship with so much baggage. She’s glad they took time to get to know each other before taking the next step. They exchange Valentine’s Day cards. Devon’s contains a massage at the Grand Phoenix spa and Amanda’s contains the same thing. They decide to get a couples’ massage. Talk turns to Abby and Chance’s reproductive challenges. Amanda’s a little surprised he’s telling her about it. Devon reveals he’s been thinking a lot about it. He feels bad about their setbacks and is impressed with how Mariah’s stepping up — he wishes he could do something too.
Amanda, Devon talk Valentines Day Y&R

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At Grand Phoenix, Nick asks the lady in the green dress if Phyllis is there. She’s not, but left an envelope for him. Nick reads the card, which asks him to meet her at Society. He calls to redirect a delivery he had scheduled to the restaurant.

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At Sharon’s place, she’s looking at family photos when Rey appears; he’s slept in after working late. A knock comes at the door and a bouquet of flowers arrives. Sharon figures he ordered them a while ago. He confirms he did, but feels she should still read the card. She reads that it’s their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple and asking her to be his for the rest of their lives.
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Sharon gives Rey a card that says finding him was the best thing that ever happened to her. She’s proud to be his wife and is grateful for his love. Her heart is his now and forever. Rey wants to believe that. Sharon wants to embrace the spirit of the day without discussing Adam. Rey thinks someone else should be their priority right now. Talk turns to Faith’s troubles. Sharon knows she needs help, but she can’t force it. Rey recalls when Lola was a teen and suggests kids that age want to feel heard.

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Later, Faith listens from the stairs as Sharon recalls her daughter’s first jump on a horse. Faith leaves a card labeled Mom on the stairs and slips back up to her room. When Sharon finds it, she opens it and reads, “Even when we fight you’re always there for me. I don’t know where I’d be without you mom. I love you. Faith.” Sharon cries. It’s what she needed to hear. Faith, lurking, gets a red heart in an anonymous text on her phone.
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Nick joins Phyllis at Society. She loves the exotic flowers he got her. Nick learns she reserved the entire restaurant for the two of them by pretending to be his assistant because, otherwise, Abby wouldn’t have signed off on it. Nick grins. Phyllis proposes a toast but Nick’s out of sorts. He fills her in on Faith having vodka in her locker. Phyllis offers to help any way she can. Nick feels better after talking about it and asks what Phyllis has planned. Phyllis purrs, “You know what they say about romance? They say it begins with dance.” She cues up the music and they wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. After, Phyllis gifts Nick with a new handheld video game player; it might be fun to play with Faith. There’s also black lingerie that Nick needs to see Phyllis in as soon as possible. Phyllis grins, “Let’s go.”
Nick, Phyllis Valentines Day Y&R

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At Victoria’s place, Katie’s fine and Billy’s about to take off. Victoria apologizes for interrupting his celebration with Lily, but he questions if that’s true. He feels a part of her is unhappy he’s moving on. Victoria denies it. Billy’s happier with Lily than he’s been in a long time. Victoria’s glad and thinks he should probably get going.

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Billy rejoins Lily at Chance Comm where she gifts him with his favorite single-malt scotch. He’s thrilled and opens it. They toast to a Happy Valentine’s Day. Billy reveals the answer to his riddle is, “I love bee-ing with you honey.” His dad always told him that one when he was little. They recall what a great man John Abbott was and Lily tells Billy he’s becoming more like him every day. Billy thinks it’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to him. Lily declares there’s something else Billy should know… she’s falling in love with him too.

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