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Rey arrives at home where Sharon has been waiting for him. She wants to discuss him walking in on her conversation with Adam. She insists that Adam just needed her help because of the Chelsea situation. He explains he’s been trying to separate his distrust of Adam from her helping him but seeing them together has made it impossible. The cop just wants the pariah out of their lives and he’s sick of stuffing down his feelings about it. He’s tried to trust Sharon, but she hasn’t been able to stay away from Adam.
Rey ultimatum Y&R

When Sharon makes excuses, Rey points out that she always lets Adam back in. Sharon justifies it as trying to help. Rey wants Chelsea to get help too but they both know that Chelsea would not want it from Sharon. He assumes Sharon wants Adam to count on her and suspects that the love she has for him will never go away. Sharon protests; she said vows to Rey and this is insulting. Undeterred, Rey gives her an ultimatum: he’s drawing a line in the sand; if she can’t stop seeing Adam, he’ll know their marriage was a mistake. After Rey storms off upstairs, Sharon heads out the door.

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At his penthouse, Adam takes off to unwind, leaving the nurse with Chelsea.

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Adam goes to Society and runs into Victor, who gets him to open up about Chelsea. Adam explains Sharon has been keeping him grounded while he’s emotionally all over the place. Victor thinks they should be seeing someone more qualified than Sharon. His son insists that he and Sharon are just friends, which makes Victor chuckle.

When Adam says there is only one woman in his life, his father admits he’s never trusted Chelsea but notes they’ve been there for one another. This conversation isn’t one Adam wants to have. Victor just wants to be his father and asks if he’s split with the family after changing his name. Adam admits he will never escape from the family, no matter what his name is. Once Victor assures him he will be all right, he exits.

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Nate wakes up on vacation and finds Elena on the balcony, looking at the waves. She thought they would help her get back to sleep but that’s failing. He’s surprised she’s having trouble relaxing and asks her back to bed. Elena is thinking about Devon but insists saying his name in bed was just a slip of the tongue. The doctor suspects they may be moving too fast. She insists that running away with him is what she needed and asks him to take her back to bed.

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Devon sits on the couch in his penthouse until Amanda strolls down the stairs, wondering why he left bed. He had to come down and rehydrate. They decide to play professor-student and he gives her a lecture about all his body art. That gets her hot and she wants more than water to cool her down. She wants ice cream. After they eat some butter pecan, she tells him she needed to check out his ice cream selection and explains what the flavors say about a man.
Amanda, Devon chemistry Y&R

Amanda and Devon talk about how great their chemistry is, and she asks what all of this means. He assures her that this is not a rebound, but doesn’t want to label what they are doing. She likes the sound of no expectations, although she can’t shake the feeling he’s not totally over Elena. Once he assures her his past is in the past, he asks her back up to bed.

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Later, in their hotel suite, Elena wakes up to find Nate standing around, thinking about Devon. He accuses her of trying to hide something with sex and guesses she slept with his cousin. She confirms it. After she unpacks what happened, he wonders if that was the end for her and Devon or for them. Slipping on a robe, she says she and her ex can never get back together. Nate doesn’t think she knows what she wants and decides to take a walk.
Elena confess Y&R

Still at Society, Adam heads for the restroom and Sharon enters. She was going to call him and explains she is done treating Chelsea. He admits he’s been questioning his motives in asking her to help in the first place. He’s sorry for putting her in a horrible position. Sharon isn’t sure she deserves an apology as she’s also questioned her reasons for agreeing to help out. Adam asks what the thing between them is. Rambling, Sharon admits Rey is wondering if she’s still in love with him. Adam touches her arm and they pull into a kiss.
Sharon, Adam kiss Y&R

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