Kyle tells Summer about his affair at Abbott estate Y&R
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Summer and Kyle are at the Abbott residence. After he makes sure they are alone, Kyle explains that after they broke up, he went to New York and hooked up with a married woman named Tara. Her husband is Ashland Locke, a powerful older businessman who has a reputation for getting revenge on anyone who wrongs him. Sally and Theo discovered that Kyle was the man involved. Although Kyle and Tara covered their tracks, Locke will come after him and his family if he learns the truth. He insists that there is nothing they can do about this. Besides, Sally would ruin her own career if she made this public. Summer wants to rip Sally to shreds!

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Amanda and Devon make dinner at penthouse Y&R

Devon opens the door to his penthouse as Amanda drops off bags of groceries. She doesn’t want to go out while it’s cold outside. They are cooking dinner together so she can see if he makes more than omelets. After some time in the kitchen, he gets her to admit he has some skills. Seeing how he chops vegetables makes her think he’s the real deal. She tells him about learning to cook from one of her foster moms. The recipe she used brings back bittersweet memories for her, but they seem sweeter now. After they eat, he toasts to her and she asks about his past. Devon tells her about going deaf and she brings up his difficulties with Nate. When she asks how things are with Elena, it gets awkward. He thinks that it’s crazy that they’ve ended up here like this together. She likes the people that they’ve become and they should enjoy this because they deserve it. When she offers to help with the dishes, he says they can wait until after breakfast. She heads for the stairs and he follows her up.

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Elena is amazed by the hotel room that Nate checks them into. There’s an ocean view that helps them forget about Genoa City. She leaps into bed. He orders margaritas. After sex, he brings up how they hurt Devon and tells her how much he thinks about her. “You’ve made my heart so full Devon,” she says, ruining the moment. He puts on a robe and insists there’s nothing to forgive as she apologizes. When she claims there’s nowhere else she’d rather be, he admits he wonders about her feelings for Devon. Elena repeats that their being together is not a mistake and she wants to be with him.

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Jack and Sally talk travel at Society Y&R

Sally strolls into Society and joins Jack. She tells him how much she likes her new job and he wonders what’s next for her. Jack toasts to her and admires her attitude. She tells him to stop flattering her, but he predicts great things. They talk about Kuala Lumpur and he suggests she convince Lauren to open a Fenmore’s everywhere she wants to travel. Sally says she’d like someone to show her around. He says it’s better to discover alone. After she exits, he sighs.

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Phyllis tells Nick about Sally at Grand Phoenix Y&R

At the Grand Phoenix, Nick prompts Phyllis to tell him what’s going on with Summer. She tells him how dangerous Sally is but doesn’t want to overreact. Phyllis thinks Sally is thirsty for attention and wants what their daughter has. Nick is sure their daughter can handle herself. Phyllis says Sally is a snake just as she walks in. Spectra starts doling out compliments to Nick about his career until Phyllis starts bickering with her. Sally gloats about how great Jack has been to her and Nick smiles as he watches them taunt each other. After Sally walks off, Phyllis vows that she will regret it if she does anything to Summer. Kyle and Summer wander in and her parents ask why they ran off. She insists nothing is wrong and heads upstairs with Kyle. Phyllis assumes something is going on and is determined to find out what it is.

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