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At Grand Phoenix, Nick learns that Victoria paid Phyllis a visit to own up to trying to make her miserable. Phyllis thanks him. Nick wonders if she’s thankful enough to attend the Newman get-together with him tonight. Phyllis claims she has plans.

At Jabot, Summer tells Kyle she has plans with her mother and exits. Sally watches her go and joins Kyle in the boardroom. He congratulates her on her promotion and Theo appears. “Let’s show a little more enthusiasm for an up-and-comer like Sally.” Kyle gawps, “Theo. What are you doing here?”
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Theo lets Kyle know he’s been doing well with Dina’s business, but he’s there because he ran into someone from their past — Tara Locke. Kyle’s expression changes and Sally muses, “Oh, looks like you remember her.” Theo remarks on how serious things were between them and adds, “About as serious as you can get considering the two of you have a child together.” Kyle’s floored.
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Sally wonders if Kyle slept with Tara and walked away when she got pregnant… or didn’t he know she was pregnant? Kyle denies it’s true and points out Tara would never have confided in Theo. Theo concedes she only tolerated him, but he happened to see her in New York and she introduced him to little Harrison. He adds it’s been three years and nine months since Tara and Kyle last saw one another and the boy has Kyle’s dimples. “I wonder what the Locke-Ness Monster would have to say about that? Not to mention Summer.”

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As Theo cracks about getting out cigars, Kyle insists that he’s not the father. Theo reminds him Ashland is as ruthless as ever and Kyle has a grenade ready to go off any time. Kyle snipes, “Are you done?” Theo has to get back to Paris and will leave Kyle’s future happiness in Sally’s very capable hands. Once Theo’s gone, Kyle hopes Sally didn’t believe him; he’s just trying to stir up trouble. Sally doesn’t want to blow up his life, “We can peacefully co-exist, right?”

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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki tells Victor that Victoria left early. He figures she’s getting ready for the get-together and they speculate whether she and Nick made up. Talk turns to Adam and Victor complains he’s the only one who seems concerned about him and Chelsea. Nikki points out one crisis won’t wipe out the damage that has been done. They go over Nick’s problems with Faith, Abby’s issues, and Nikki shares that Victoria is lonely. Victor bristles, assuming Billy is playing on her feelings again. Nikki asks him not to bring it up at dinner.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria appears beside Billy and Johnny’s table and exclaims, “Hey guys! What a surprise!” Johnny relays that they’re waiting for Lily. Billy explains he and Lily discussed it and they have something important to tell him. Victoria thought they’d decided to wait. Billy says he’s 100% sure about Lily — Victoria helped him to see that clearly. Victoria argues about Billy telling the kids now. Lily arrives and Victoria leaves.

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Lily and Billy decide not to confuse Johnny by telling him about their relationship right after his mom was there. They play with Johnny until he suddenly asks Lily if she’s daddy’s new girlfriend. Billy confirms she is and Lily assures him she won’t take away from their special family time. Johnny asks Billy, “So does that mean you and mommy aren’t getting back together again?”

Billy gives Johnny a speech about how grown-ups have to make difficult decisions sometimes and explains Victoria is happy for them, while Lily’s at the counter. Lily returns and shows Johnny a fun video.

Summer meets up with Phyllis and Nick at the hotel, where Phyllis and Summer tell Nick he’s on his own for the Newman thing. He teases that they’re heartless, and then leaves. Summer opens up to her mom about her drama-free life. Phyllis wants to hear all about that Cindy girl over cocktails. Summer says, “It’s actually Sally, but yeah…”

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Once they have drinks, Summer updates Phyllis that she took her advice and let Sally know she had information on her, so she seemed to back off. She’s still concerned about what she might do, but Phyllis reminds her she is her daughter and is in the position of power right now. “Don’t let this wannabe, Serena Spectra ruin things for you.” Summer replies, “Sally.”

At Society, Nikki and Victor go over the reason for wanting the family to come together to talk. Nick and Victoria arrive making excuses for being late. Victoria was seeing to the kids, and Nick was trying to convince Phyllis to come. Victor’s glad she declined. Victoria and Nick rehash her apology to Phyllis before whispering to each other that if this turns into a ‘poor Adam’ thing they’re leaving. Abby blows in and announces she has life-altering news to share.

Abby informs the family she and Chance decided on a surrogacy and that Mariah will be carrying their child. Everyone’s blown away. Victoria asks if she and Chance will be the biological parents. Abby reveals Chance got bad news in that department but they’ll find a donor. There was one other bump in the road; Chance was called away by the Feds, but they’ll move forward regardless. Abby enthuses about a new member for the Abbott, Newman, and Chancellor families. Everyone is pleased for her.

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Kyle walks up to Phyllis and Summer in the hotel lobby and Summer can tell he’s very upset. Kyle glances at Phyllis and says it’s about Sally; he’d rather discuss this in private. Phyllis isn’t thrilled but leaves. Kyle informs Summer that Sally found out something. “About me.” He reveals there is something from his past in New York that she needs to know and he’d rather she hear about it from him than Sally… or read it in a tabloid if Sally plays dirty. Summer’s eyes widen with apprehension at his intensity as Kyle intones that this could cost him everything — including her.

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Kyle insists they go elsewhere to talk since he can’t risk anyone overhearing. They check in with Phyllis, and Nick who has just arrived, before heading out. Nick asks Phyllis what’s going on. She doesn’t know.

At Jabot, Sally calls Theo; she can’t thank him enough. He got the better of him after all, and now she’s protected.

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Still at Society, Nikki and Victor talk about their children being their greatest joy. Nikki’s relived Victor didn’t confront Victoria about Billy. Victor hopes their children find the same magic they have together.

At Victoria’s house, Billy asks about the Newman gathering, but Victoria wants to know how things went with Johnny. Billy relays that he and Lily decided to wait, but Johnny straight up asked him. He told him the truth and he thinks it went well.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Kyle makes a confession to Summer.

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