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At Jabot, Kyle worries to Jack about coming up with something for Summer for Valentine’s Day. Talk turns to the ice storm and Jack reveals he was snowbound all night with Sally Spectra. Kyle gapes. Jack insists she can be very down to earth, but Kyle doesn’t see her as an underdog and is concerned about Jack taking her under his wing. Jack reminds Kyle they’ve all been given second chances. Jack adds that he’s not going to be taken advantage of, and urges Kyle to stop thinking the worst of Sally.
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At Crimson Lights, Sally gets a call from Theo and is tempted to hang up since he told Summer she was after her job. Theo wants to make it up to her — he has something on Kyle, and it’s huge. It needs to be discussed in person. He’s in Chicago so will hop in a car and be in Genoa City soon. This will be one final screw you to Kyle from him. Sally disconnects and Lauren appears. “We need to talk and it’s long overdue.” It turns out she’s very pleased with Sally’s work and promotes her. Lauren will need a new assistant because Sally will have her hands full. Summer appear and asks, “Hands full with what?”

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Sally tells Summer that she’s been promoted to Junior Director of Internet Marketing. Summer announces that the Spencers are coming to Genoa City as Sally looks tense. Lauren asks, “Even Bill?” Summer confirms it. She needles that Sally will have to make time to reconnect with them. “Won’t it be great?”
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In Adam’s penthouse, Chelsea watches as Adam takes Sharon aside to talk. He tells Sharon she’s going too easy on Chelsea and urges her to create some conflict. Sharon rejoins Chelsea and baits her about being locked into her chair like a prisoner — she needs to get past this emotional block. Chelsea’s eyes flash so Sharon keeps it up by inviting her to tell her how much she hates her guts. “Say it. Say something Chelsea!” In her mind, Chelsea snaps, “I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel, Sharon.” Sharon reminds her all she has to do to get rid of her is improve.
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When Adam walks Sharon out, Chelsea imagines them kissing in the hallway. Chelsea thinks to herself, “Come on, Chelsea,” and moves her hand and fingers.
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Out in the hall, Adam’s frustrated with Chelsea’s lack of progress. Sharon assures him they’ll get there. Adam worries it’s been weeks; she’s in anguish and it’s all his fault. He explains about her falling in the elevator after he caused the power outage in Billy’s building. Sharon chides, “You didn’t mean to hurt anyone; it was an accident.”

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Adam rejoins Chelsea inside and wishes he knew if she blamed him for this. “Do you hate my guts?” Chelsea wonders if he wants her to hate him so he has an excuse to fall into Sharon’s arms. She considers whether she should just give up, and then decides she can’t or she’ll lose her son. Later, Adam calls someone and says he has an idea — and it might be a game-changer.

On the coffeehouse patio, Michael meets with Gloria, who snarks about him not making time for her, and accuses him of standing in the way of her getting a job at Fenmore’s. Exasperated, Michael reminds her he has no say in the hiring at Fenmore’s. He understands if Lauren’s reluctant — Glo’s a magnet for trouble and screwed up there in the past. Lauren listens as Gloria asks him to let Lauren know she has his blessing to hire her. Lauren joins them and Glo reminds her she offered her the assistant position. She has Michael’s approval and just needs to know when she starts!
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At Jabot, Sally updates Jack on her promotion. He assures her he had nothing to do with it, but thinks it’s great news. He wants to take her out to celebrate.

In Grand Phoenix’s lobby, Kyle and Summer debate Sally’s promotion. Summer’s suspicious but Kyle doesn’t think she should start anything. Summer reminds him he’s the one who warned her about Sally — why is he suddenly on her side again? Kyle can’t understand making things ugly for no reason. Sally earned the promotion and is no threat to her. Summer wonders if she’s gotten to him. Kyle muses if she’s gotten to anyone it’s his dad… they spent an entire night together. Summer’s eyes bug out. He explains she was stranded in the storm. Summer guesses Sally made the most of it.

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At Society, Jack tells Sally she’s on the right path. Sally hopes nothing ruins it. She wants to know more about Jack and asks, “How is it that you are single?” Jack muses that his romantic life has been full of many ups and downs; his next love could be around the corner. Sally gets a text — it’s Theo who is at Crimson Lights and asks if she’s ready for her Kyle shocker. She texts back, “Busy,” but Theo warns it’s now or never.
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Sally meets Theo on Crimson Lights’ patio and tells him about her promotion. She could use some insurance so Kyle and Summer don’t derail her progress since they learned about her past in Los Angeles. Theo begins a tale of him and Kyle visiting the Hamptons and enjoying all that it had to offer — booze, women, parties, and more women. Everything was fine until Kyle took an interest in an older, married woman. Sally gawps when he tells her the woman was married to the ruthless mogul Ashland Locke. She thinks Kyle must have had a death wish. Theo muses, “Or… he was really in love.”
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Sally tells Theo she doesn’t think it’s enough. If it happened four years ago why would Summer care? Theo relays there’s more. Ashland Locke never found out about the affair. Sally muses that if he found out, he’d try to ruin Kyle, so that’s something… but there’s no proof. Theo has proof. Sally wonders if he has emails or something. Theo states, “DNA.” He continues, “Ashland Jr. Actually, his name is Harrison. And he’s three years old.”

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At Sharon’s place, Adam wonders if she thinks it would be helpful for him to bring Connor home from boarding school. Sharon warns that seeing Chelsea so incapacitated could be traumatic for him. Seeing Connor upset could negatively affect Chelsea too. Adam sighs and thanks her for her advice. Sharon replies, “Anything you need, just ask.” He doesn’t know what he’d do without her. As they clasp hands, Sharon looks up to see Rey watching from the doorway.
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At home, Chelsea moves her hand and fingers again, but stops when the nurse appears.

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