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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby texts Chance asking where he is and wondering if he needed more time alone. She then calls Rey and leaves a voicemail asking if her husband is working on a case with him. Nina comes to the door and Abby explains she came home to an empty house last night and Chance was still gone this morning. Nina hasn’t heard from him but relays that Christine told her to meet her there. Abby panics — something’s happened to her husband.
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Abby fills Nina in on what’s been happening with them. Christine arrives and reveals Chance had to go away — and he won’t be back for a while. Abby wonders if Chance is in trouble because of something Adam did. Christine explains he’s a good agent and the Feds needed him. Nina blurts, “They just took him?!” Abby wants to know where her husband is, but Christine can’t tell her and neither can Chance. She gives Abby a letter and tells them, “He’s a hero. Hang onto that.”
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Abby and Nina read their letters, in which Chance explains he had to take the case but will do whatever it takes to come home to them. He wants Abby to keep living and move forward with building their family, and wants Nina to look after his wife and their child. He signs off by expressing his love. Abby frets that he’ll be gone for years. Nina assures her he’ll be home. Abby argues this must be a dangerous case. Nina points out he’s a fighter and nothing will get in his way. They have to keep on living and move forward with their plans.

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At Grand Phoenix, Billy and Victoria discuss the texts last night; he wants to clear the air. Victoria suggests they talk over breakfast.

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At Chance Comm, Billy updates Lily that he’s going to talk to Victoria and may get one of those elusive Newman apologies. She reminds him they have plans that afternoon as he goes.
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On the Crimson Lights patio, Nate senses Elena is a little distracted. She claims disappointment that he doesn’t have the morning off. Amanda passes through and Nate asks about her trip to New York before she continues out the door. Elena marvels at how easy it is between him and Amanda. Nate thinks maybe she and Devon will get there too. Just then, Elena spots Devon inside. As Nate goes on about Moses coming soon, Elena’s clearly distracted. Nate wants to know what’s on her mind. She flashes to sex with Devon and insists she’s fine… it’s nothing a little more time with him won’t fix.

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Elena suggests to Nate that they finally take that romantic getaway. Nate will try to rearrange things at the hospital and tells her she made his day. Elena smiles, but it fades as Nate walks away. Inside, Nate stops to chat with Devon and lets him know things are going well with him and Elena. They touch on Moses’ imminent arrival and Devon agrees to keep him posted. Once Nate’s gone, Devon joins Elena, but Nate re-enters and sees them together. He then exits again.

On the patio, Devon assures Elena he’d never say anything to Nate to make him think things have changed between them — as far as he’s concerned they haven’t. Elena still wants to build a future with Nate, but isn’t saying that to hurt him. Devon doesn’t want to hurt her either. Elena admits she’s debated telling Nate what happened between them but is worried how it could affect his relationship with his cousin… and with Amanda. Devon reassures her; he decided to be with her that night prepared to face any consequences and it was worth it. “I love you.” He promises they don’t have to tell anyone anything, then gets a text from Amanda and says, “Excuse me.” Elena gets a text that makes her smile as she goes.
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At Society, Billy can’t understand what’s going on with Victoria. She assures him he didn’t do anything wrong and has been great with the kids. Billy wonders if it has to do with Lily. Victoria admits she felt jealous that the kids took to Lily as well as they did. She’s sorry. Billy points out she wasn’t blocking Lily from seeing the kids, she was blocking him. It was a gut reaction and she’d like to come up with a new way to handle things moving forward.

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Victoria insists she’s fine with Billy seeing Lily, she’s a step up from Phyllis, but she feels they need to pull back on Lily spending time with the kids. Victoria warns if the kids pick up on how he feels about her it will be confusing. Billy reminds her they like Lily. Victoria asks, “What happens when you break up?” Billy calls it a cheap shot and is angry she expects his relationship to fail. Victoria just wants him to be sure before de-stabilizing their lives; the kids have been through enough.
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At Chance Comm, Lily confides in Amanda about Victoria running hot and cold with Billy. She has an idea why, but would love to hear her thoughts. Amanda recalls how Victoria thought their relationship was an affair and reflects that they weren’t communicating. He felt he’d never live up to her high standards. Lily thinks it must be strange for Victoria to see the man he’s become and thanks Amanda for her insight.
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Billy rejoins Lily at Chance Comm and relays that Victoria doesn’t think she should be in the kids’ lives at all right now and admitted she was jealous they got along so well. Lily’s okay backing away if he thinks it’s the right thing to do. Billy’s not sure it is. He worries they’ll think their parents are getting back together. The bottom line is that Victoria doesn’t want him to tell the kids about them until he’s sure they’re built to last — and he is sure. “You’re the one.” Lily is there too —1000%.

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Devon meets Amanda at Grand Phoenix and asks her about New York. She fills him in before inquiring about him. “What did I miss?” Devon shrugs off the question and asks about Naya. Amanda’s had a few short texts and wonders if something can be salvaged. Devon grins; he missed talking to her while she was gone. Amanda teases, “How are you so good at getting me to spill all of my secrets?” and adds, “One of these days I’m going to get you to spill all of yours.”
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At the Chancellor mansion, Nina produces a potential sperm donor list but Abby snaps, “It’s too fast.” This wasn’t just about being a mom, it was about doing it with Chance. Nina thinks babies equal hope and joy. “You should make this baby happen.” Abby’s uncertain, but Nina insists nothing has to change.

Mariah arrives at the Chancellor Estate, where Abby fills her in on the news about Chance. Mariah’s surprised to hear Abby wants to move forward with making a baby… if she’s willing. Mariah questions if she’s okay doing this on her own. Nina pipes up that she’s not alone… she’ll be there. Mariah tells Abby she’s amazing. Abby exclaims, “Then let’s start a family!”
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At Society, Nate and Elena toast to their upcoming trip to Manzanilla.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria talks to Hanna by phone and learns that Billy made plans with the kids. She informs her she’ll drop them off to him herself, and then cancels her 3:00 pm appointment.

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