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At home, Victoria begins making a video presentation looking back on the past 12 months as CEO, but gets distracted by a card made by Katie and flashes to Billy being at the house. She next recalls finding the kids playing with Lily and Billy at Chance Comm.

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Nikki joins Victoria, who explains the kids are upstairs with Hanna getting ready for bed. Nikki complains about Victoria overworking herself and wishes they’d made it to Hawaii. Victoria snarks that she’s sorry but her kids and her job is all she’s ever wanted. “I am perfectly happy with my life!” Nikki’s taken aback and tries unsuccessfully to convince her to go out for dinner.

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Talk turns to Billy baking cookies with the kids the other day and Nikki lets Victoria know she’s there for her whatever she needs, before leaving.
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Victoria resumes her work video until Johnny interrupts to show her his homework. After he goes back upstairs, Victoria looks at a framed photo of Billy with the kids. Before long, she dozes off on the sofa and dreams of the New Year’s Eve she found Billy in the snow, their wedding, and Billy’s last marriage proposal.
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Victoria’s mind swerves to her asking Billy to get help and him ranting that she can’t accept him for who he is. They argue about his supposed affair with Amanda and her believing Victor. Victoria accuses him of making this about her father and he hollers that it always comes back to Victor with her. Victoria ends up shouting that she’s done with this. Next, she remembers Billy embracing her before taking his suitcase and leaving the house.

As Victoria continues to doze, she goes back to a time before Delia died, where Billy loved their solid family unit — it all seemed so perfect. Suddenly, Lily cuts into her dream and is the one making perfect plans with Billy. Victoria thinks, “This is my life, not hers.” Billy and Lily express their love. Billy reaches out to Victoria but fades away.
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Victoria snaps awake when Johnny shouts, “Mommy!” He had a bad dream. She assures him that bad dreams aren’t real. Johnny explains he dreamed that his daddy wanted to be with them but monsters kidnapped them. Victoria reassures him again and suggests they call Billy.

In the hotel lobby, Billy and Lily are on their way to dinner when he gets Victoria’s call. Billy gets on with Johnny on speakerphone to make him feel better and promises to see him soon.
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At Victoria’s, she realizes Johnny wants to spend more time with his dad and tells the kid how much Billy loves him. Later, Victoria stares at her phone before calling Nikki and asking to get together and talk.

At Society, Victoria confides to Nikki that something has her mind spinning. Nikki has no idea what it could be. Vikki states, “It’s Billy.” Nikki sighs, “What has he done now?” Victoria relays he’s done nothing, in fact she thinks he’s finally grown up. Nikki snarks that he took his sweet time getting there. Victoria wants to give him credit for what he’s accomplished, but Nikki warns it could just be a phase. Vikki feels he’s become the man she always thought he could be and worries they broke up too soon.

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Nikki’s still skeptical that Billy’s changed, but Victoria’s convinced. She confides she’s questioning some of her choices — like believing Victor about Billy and Amanda without checking into it. Nikki asks if she’s still in love with him. Victoria’s just trying to pinpoint where they went off the rails and wonders if things could have been different. Nikki feels it’s pointless to second guess herself and questions if this has to do with Billy moving on. Victoria denies it; Lily’s great and Billy’s free to live his life. Just then, Billy and Lily appear by the door.
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Lily and Billy stop at Victoria and Nikki’s table. Lily goes to find seats and Billy checks with Victoria about Johnny before joining her. At the bar, Lily asks Billy if he wants to go elsewhere. He just doesn’t understand the temperature in the room dropping. She’s up and down and it’s confusing. Lily has an idea what it might be… then teases that maybe she’s upset he beat her at game night.

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At their table, Victoria tells Nikki she’s tired of obsessing over the past. Nikki’s glad and warns reuniting with Billy would be a step backwards. She urges her to meet new people and consider other options. Victoria needles, “Are you saying this based on your own experiences?” Nikki wryly replies that she wouldn’t suggest Victoria take that same path. She points out Billy lied to the police about Chance’s shooting; he hasn’t changed. Nikki feels Victoria needs to start making the best and healthiest decisions for her and her children.

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As Victoria and Nikki say goodnight to Billy and Lily, Vikki’s taken aback when Billy brings up the nightmare… then realizes he meant Johnny’s. Billy mutters to Lily about Victoria running hot and cold after she walks away. In the foyer, Nikki urges Victoria to finish her presentation at home and then think back on what the year has meant to her personally.

Alone outside Society, Victoria stops to watch Billy and Lily before continuing on.

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At home, Victoria goes through conflicting memories of the past with Billy. She gets a text from him. “Feel like something’s wrong. Don’t like where we’re at right now.” She assures him everything’s fine and they can talk.

In the hotel lobby, after first saying he sent a business text, Billy quickly tells Lily the truth; that he was trying to clear the air with Vikki. She thanks him for his honesty and, holding hands, they enter the elevator.

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At home, Victoria resumes her presentation about the company but it turns personal. She is lonely and misses being happy. It was a really hard year and the projections for 2021 don’t seem to be any better. She has her dream job and wonderful children and that should be enough, but she remembers what it felt like to be loved and to have a whole family in this house. Victoria knows what she needs… but she can’t have it. “The state of Victoria is… a work in progress.”
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Amanda points Lily in the right direction.

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