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Victoria pays Billy a visit at Chance Comm and asks him not to stop by the house later. He’s confused; the kids are expecting him. Victoria thinks it would be a mistake for the kids to get accustomed to the four of them being together. Billy snaps, “What’s the problem?” Victoria says it’s too much; she doesn’t want him getting any more comfortable in their lives. Billy argues that they’re co-parenting. Vikki wants very clear boundaries. Billy wonders what happened last night to make her feel how she’s feeling today. Just then, Lily enters awkwardly.
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Victoria figures she should go and tells Billy they’ll touch base later. Billy laments to Lily about the co-parenting blues, then asks about her trip. Lily and Amanda had an incredible time and she closed the deal. In the elevator, Victoria listens as Billy can’t wait to celebrate with Lily — he’s missed her.
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At Sharon’s place, Nick tells his ex that Nikki’s on her way and he wants to keep Faith’s sisters involved. They discuss presenting a united front as Faith enters. Sharon confronts her with the bottle cap Rey found in the sofa. Faith plays dumb and Sharon accuses her of drinking when she had Jordan over. Faith denies it. Nick says, “We want the truth.” Faith’s exasperated at not being believed, but Nick tells her they know she’s not OK. Sharon presses that too many things don’t add up — it’s time for Faith to see a therapist.

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Faith argues she’ll refuse therapy and rants as Nikki enters. She asks to speak to Faith alone and advises her that therapy could be a way to get her parents off her back. Faith complains she’ll never get out from under Cassie’s shadow. “Please, Grandma. There’s got to be something you can do to help me.”

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Nikki calls Sharon and Nick back in and proposes she take Faith with her for a while so they can all cool off. Sharon and Nick agree. Once alone, Sharon worries about losing their momentum. Nick accuses her of jumping into Faith’s face. Sharon knows Faith was drinking and if they keep letting her get away with it, things will only get worse. Sharon realizes she has a staff meeting and asks Nick to stick around. Nick agrees, if she’ll repeat after him, “We’re in this together.” She does.
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Gloria enters Grand Phoenix and exclaims to Phyllis, “Just the woman I’m looking for.” Phyllis learns she’s moved back and tries to cut their exchange short, but Gloria angles for a job as the concierge for the Escape Club — Lauren told her all about it. Phyllis handles the Escape Club herself and suggests Glo try Newman Enterprises… since she has leverage on Victoria. Glo doesn’t want to work there and asks again for a job. Phyllis says she’ll keep her ears open. Glo’s hearing that a lot.
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At Society, Mariah updates Tessa that she’s a candidate for the surrogacy and says she loves her for going on this crazy journey with her. Tessa imagines the glow Mariah will have, but Mariah worries this isn’t for them, but Abby and Chance. Tessa teases that she’s not the only one who can get pregnant if they decide to have a baby one day. Meanwhile, by the door, Abby arrives while leaving a voicemail for Ashley to call — everything’s changed. She disconnects and listens to Mariah and Tessa discuss baby names and possible marriage. Mariah tells Tessa she thinks they’re ready to talk about it. Tessa agrees; they can definitely start.
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Mariah spots Abby and calls her over to celebrate. Abby’s subdued. Mariah asks about Chance’s appointment and realizes something’s wrong. Offscreen, Abby fills them in on Chance’s results and his disappointment. She relays making a decision now seems rushed, though they discussed using a donor. Mariah’s there for her and isn’t going anywhere. Abby asks them to just be in love and not to worry about her. After Abby leaves, Tessa’s concerned about Mariah. She’s just sad for them — all they wanted was a baby of their own.

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At Crimson Lights, Lauren meets Gloria, who is desperate for a job. She has debts from her time in Los Angeles and nobody is willing to give her a chance. Lauren reminds her she’s burned a lot of bridges — no one feels they can trust her. Gloria insists she’s changed and asks Lauren for a chance to prove herself. If she’s not satisfied with her performance she can simply let her go. Lauren sighs and confesses she’s thinking about promoting Sally, which would leave open the job of her personal assistant. Glo vows she wouldn’t be any trouble and would do the job well. Lauren will think about it.
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At home, Victoria tells Johnny that Billy won’t be coming tonight and snaps at him to stop asking. She apologizes and assures him she and his dad love him to the moon and back. Once alone, Victoria picks up toys and seems deep in thought.
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In Grand Phoenix’s lobby, Lily regales Billy with the tale of being mistaken for back-up dancers in New York. It was fun; the only thing missing was him. Billy relays everything went well for him until Victoria told him to back off today. He’s mystified, but doesn’t want to discuss it anymore since they could be having fun two floors up. Lily teases, “What are we waiting for,” and he follows her into the elevator.
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Nikki returns to Sharon’s place alone and tells Nick that Faith’s playing chess with Victor. She reveals Faith feels misunderstood and that Sharon and Nick gang up on her; she wanted to get away from the pressure. She agrees with Sharon that a professional is Faith’s best chance.

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At Crimson Lights, Jordan texts Faith, who replies she just lost a chess match on purpose and is on her way. Sharon approaches Jordan and tells her Faith is going to be busy — it might be a good time for her to back off and give her some space. Faith arrives in time to overhear Jordan asking, “You don’t want me to hang around with Faith?” Faith intervenes. Jordan says she’s not allowed around her anymore and walks out. Faith shrieks at Sharon, “I’m not allowed to have friends anymore?! Just leave me alone!”
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Abby enters the Chancellor Estate and notices Chance isn’t in the living room. She heads upstairs.

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Next on The Young and the Restless: Victoria reflects on her past with Billy.

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