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At Newman Enterprises, Victor holds court with Victoria and Nick. He wants to arrange a family dinner. They both beg off, but Victor warns the family is more splintered than ever, that’s why they need to get together. Victor no longer expects them to have sympathy for Adam, but warns the two of them need to deal with the tension between them. He states that Nikki will be calling to organize the dinner and walks out.
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Nick wants an apology from Victoria for what she did to Phyllis. She gives him one, but he’s not satisfied. Someone else needs to hear it too — she needs to go say it to her.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby and Chance are so happy about the prospect of making a baby with Mariah. Abby doesn’t want to come on too strong… but she’s made a spreadsheet that will be very useful. Mariah did some research of her own and relays Tessa will get her some pregnancy-friendly teas. Once it’s settled that there will be a legal agreement, Chance leaves. Abby informs Mariah she’s made her initial appointment for this afternoon.

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In the penthouse, Elena wears a distressed expression on her face and not much else as she awakens beside Devon. As they dress, Devon says this was the last thing he expected to happen. He asks if she wants to talk about it. Elena just feels she should go.
Elena, Devon morning Y&R

At Sharon’s place, she and Rey discuss Faith sneaking to have Jordan over there the night before. She was upset about the subterfuge but they were on good behavior. She plans to keep a closer eye on her when she’s with Jordan. Next, Sharon reveals she’s decided to treat Chelsea. Rey doesn’t want to fight about it, but putting herself in close proximity to Adam is asking for trouble. After Sharon has left, Rey finds a bottle stopper under the sofa cushion and sighs.

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At home, Adam enthuses to Chelsea about Sharon having agreed to treat her. Chelsea thinks about him provoking the beast inside — fury is the best motivator, while he gets to be close to Sharon. “Everyone wins, don’t they?”

Sharon arrives at Adam’s place, where Chelsea snarks at her in her mind. Sharon tells her they’ll ease into it; she’ll stop in every couple of days to see how she’s doing and maybe something good will come of it. Chelsea thinks, “Maybe something will come of you and Adam you mean. That’s what you’ve always wanted.”

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When the therapy session ends, Chelsea imagines Adam kissing Sharon goodbye at the door. After, he urges Chelsea to use her rage to cause a breakthrough. She figures he’s maddened by not being able to tell what she’s thinking. When he walks off to let her rest, Chelsea moves her hand.
Chelsea imagine Sharon, Adam Y&R

Elena runs into Nate at Crimson Lights. He’s concerned because she didn’t return his calls last night. She explains she fell asleep and has to take a shower before work. Nate watches, puzzled, as she walks off. Devon wanders in and Nate tells him they need to talk. “I can’t believe what I found out this morning.” Devon realizes he’s talking about an email from Moses who is coming in just a few weeks. Nate’s hopeful their family will get together more often. Devon behaves oddly, so Nate asks if there’s something else on his mind. Devon shakes his head no and leaves.
Devon, Nate talk Y&R

At the Chancellor mansion, after her appointment, Mariah updates a grateful Abby that she’s a good candidate for surrogacy. Later, Abby comes down from upstairs and discovers Chance has come home early. She calls him out for not calling her after his appointment, then realizes he’s looking shell-shocked and asks, “What’s going on?”
Chance, Abby bad news Y&R

Chance reveals he has low sperm count and motility damage. “I can’t give you a child right now.” He feels he’s failed Abby, but she assures him it’s not his fault and she understands how he feels. Chance shares that it’s possible this could reverse itself and they could proceed. He hates himself for not being able to give her what she deserves. Abby deserves to know if everything has changed. Chance wants some time to feel down and then they’ll go find a donor or look into adoption. They’ll have a large, noisy family and their kids will know he loves them no matter how they got there. Abby leaves him to have a drink. Outside, she exhales. Inside, Chance takes a call and says, “I was wondering when you’d finally catch up with me.”

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Sharon arrives at home and Rey reveals he found the cap to a bottle of vodka in the couch cushion. Sharon realizes that Faith and Jordan must have been drinking during the time they were there alone. She has to call Nick!
Rey bottle cap Y&R

Nick gets to Sharon’s place and discusses Faith’s situation with Sharon and Rey. Sharon feels the best case scenario is Jordan was the only one drinking, but the worst case is Faith’s been drinking all along. She’s very concerned about Faith hanging around with this friend and is bent and determined to get her into therapy right away.

Soon, a therapist, Lanie, shows up at Sharon’s place and the trio fills her in on Faith going down a bad path. The doctor thinks professional counseling is warranted and could start right away. Nick jumps up. They need to talk about this first and will be in touch. When the woman leaves, Sharon snaps, “What the hell was that about? You know how high the stakes are for Faith.” Nick just wants to be cautious and doesn’t feel Faith is ready yet. Rey won’t weigh in. Sharon wants to proceed, but Nick warns there’s more than one way to lose a child.

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In Society’s kitchen, Elena tells Lola she needs a friend who won’t judge her. She got stuck at Devon’s for the night. It was awkward at first… and then it was something else. Lola realizes she had sex with Devon. Elena talks about the conversation they had and how they both realized how much they loved each other and how much they lost. She had to get out of there first thing and ran into Nate, who was so sweet. She laments that rushing off is her M.O. now. Lola presses her to be honest with herself about what she wants. Elena knows what she needs to do.
Lola, Elena Y&R

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis is floored when Victoria walks in and says she’s come to apologize. She’s skeptical, but Vikki insists she’s sincere. Her actions regarding the hotel were personal not business and she got carried away… she did enjoy seeing her squirm. Phyllis figures she’s doing this to get back on Nick’s good side and warns she’s not sure it’s possible to apologize for her personality… it’s who she is. Victoria snarks, “You would know.”
Victoria apology Y&R

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Elena arrives at Devon’s door wanting to talk. She’ll always be grateful for the time they had together. “I loved you so much and I hope you always know that.” So much has happened since then, however, and she doesn’t think they can go backwards. Elena doesn’t know what the future holds for her and Nate, but she owes it to herself to figure it out. Devon understands and he loved her too. He believes last night was about them trying to recapture that connection again, but their hearts are in two different places now. Elena’s relieved they feel the same way. “So how should we handle this?” They agree to keep it to themselves.

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