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At the Chancellor mansion, Abby and Chance are stunned to see Mariah at the door in the ice storm. Mariah blurts she’s not there to say yes to being their surrogate, but she’s also not saying no. She wants to talk and get more information. Abby explains how the process would begin with seeing the doctor. Mariah asks how many appointments there would be — she just started a new job. They reassure her.

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When Chance goes to make tea, Mariah shares her greatest concern with Abby. What if she agrees to this and it doesn’t work? Abby doesn’t know what she’ll do if surrogacy fails but she has to try. Mariah asks why she’s trying to have a baby now when she just got married? Abby explains they’ve both wanted this since they were dating. Mariah never imagined herself being a part of the vision. Abby can’t put into words what it would mean for Mariah to help make their dream a reality.
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Abby insists Mariah stay there for the night and goes to get her some pajamas. Mariah calls Tessa, who is stuck at Crimson Lights and will be crashing with Lola. Mariah tells her how much Abby and Chance want a baby. Tessa just wants her to wrap her mind around the enormity of what she’d be doing. Mariah worries she’d have stretch marks. Tessa says she’d be beautiful. It’s a generous thing Mariah’s thinking about doing and Tessa would fully support her.

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At Devon’s place, Elena relays all the tow trucks are in use. He apologizes for making her uncomfortable by asking about Nate earlier, but he’d like to understand what happened between them. Elena reminds him they made a clean break and have moved on. Devon needs to know why he didn’t see signs leading up to it. When did she know she wanted to be with Nate and not him? Elena wasn’t conflicted. She loved Devon. He scoffs; so this all had to do with the emotions of coming down from Jared’s overdose? Elena asks him to be honest too; he was immersed in the problems of a woman who looked exactly like his ex-wife. Devon defends himself.

Elena confronts Devon for going back on his word about seeing Amanda when he knew Elena was feeling insecure. He didn’t drive her to sleep with Nate, but she felt like she was competing. She didn’t want revenge, but that night with Nate… she felt wanted and needed — Devon hadn’t made her feel that way in a long time. Elena recalls telling him she regretted what happened with Nate but it didn’t make any difference… and it won’t now. Devon concedes he got caught up with Amanda and made a lot of mistakes; he should have shown Elena how much he loved her. Elena tears up.

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At the Abbott mansion, Sally thanks Jack for sharing his dinner with her. He appreciates the company. Sally leaves, but soon returns due to the weather. Jack warns she can’t drive; the guestroom is made up. She accepts the offer of a drink to take the chill off. Talk turns to how Sally got into fashion and she reveals her parents were carnival workers who abandoned her and her sister. She’s never been able to fill the hole in her heart but it made her a fighter. Sally followed in her Aunt Sally Spectra’s footsteps and rubbed some people the wrong way. Jack believes she’ll be successful.
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Sally asks to hear Jack’s story… she has all night. As Jack talks, the conversation turns to Kyle’s upbringing. Jack’s always admired his strength and kindness, though he’s had lapses in judgement. “He and Theo apparently had some wild days.” Sally looks thoughtful. After she heads upstairs, Jack pokes at the fire then stops to think.

At Jabot, Kyle and Summer play strip poker and banter. After raiding the vending machine, Kyle suggests they play a game where the first person who makes a noise loses. He opens his shirt and she sighs. Kyle says, “I win.”
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After Kyle and Summer have sex, talk turns to Sally. Summer admits digging up dirt on her was satisfying. Kyle doesn’t know if holding her past over her head is a good idea. Summer doesn’t think she can afford to make a mistake… her chance of taking her job is about as good as taking her man. Kyle muses, “As in zero.” Summer knows Sally was freaking out thinking about the worst parts of her past coming out. Kyle looks contemplative.

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At Victoria’s house, she and Billy relish the kids finally being quiet. She’s glad he decided to hang out there. He agrees; it was a nice change of pace from the office. Victoria thanks him for continuing to show up and admits sometimes she wonders how they got to this place. Billy goes over being a screw up. He hurt her and caused her danger; things he’ll regret until the day he dies.
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Victoria feels it can’t just be Billy’s fault. She had her own baggage being a Newman and unreasonable expectations. Billy’s sorry he put her through the wringer. He recalls when she found him drunk in the gutter on New Year’s Eve years ago and saved his life. She did it again when she decided she wouldn’t put up with it anymore. It forced him to take stock and grow the hell up. Victoria says it looks good on him. Billy wonders if she’ll get out there and find a man who deserves her. She’s sure at some point she’ll start dating again.

Victoria asks how serious Billy is about Lily. Billy doesn’t see a point in being casual at this age, but relays that he and Lily are taking things slow. After checking on a noise upstairs, Billy tells Victoria he’ll crash in the guest room. She blurts this was a really good day… for the kids. Billy will take these times while he can get them.

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby and Chance rejoin Mariah, who relays that Tessa is supportive. “Go ahead and make the doctor’s appointment. I want to do this for you guys. I want to help you have a baby.”
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In Devon’s penthouse, he apologizes to Elena for making her feel unwanted. Elena understands him wanting to hold onto something that was so unfairly taken from him. Devon had love in his hands and he let it go. He reaches out to caress Elena’s face. She tears up and they start kissing. Soon, they’re lying down together as the kisses turn more passionate…
Devon, Elena kiss Y&R

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