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At Jabot, Sally listens as Summer tells Jack her trip to L.A. was eye-opening. She bursts into the room. Summer’s really glad that she’s there; she wanted to let her know she met up with Bill and Wyatt Spencer and Flo Fulton on her trip — they had a lot to say about her. Jack gets a weather alert and will take his work home.

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Once alone, Summer lets Sally know that Wyatt and Flo’s reviews weren’t so glowing. Kyle appears as Sally concludes Summer found out what she did. She just wants to work together and admits to being upset that Summer was asked to helm JCV, but that’s in the past. Sally wants to start fresh. Summer tells her whatever she did in the past can stay there as far as she’s concerned. Sally fishes to find out what they said. Summer will let the sleeping L.A. dogs lie as long as nothing happens at Jabot. She adds if Sally’s ever feeling under the weather or misdiagnosed, Summer knows some great doctors. Sally grimaces.

Once Sally’s gone, Kyle thinks Summer handled it perfectly. Summer feels she has Sally cornered like a rat. Kyle warns cornered rats lash out — she may have made her into more of a threat.

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At Sharon’s place, Nikki’s arrived after seeing Nick and Faith coming down the drive and is concerned. Nick explains he brought Faith home early because of the weather, there’s no issue. Nikki goes upstairs to talk to Faith. When she returns, Nick and Nikki discuss whether the bullying is the reason she’s drinking. Nikki urges him to keep talking to her, and agrees to stay with Faith while he goes to find Sharon.
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Elena comes to Devon’s door with mail that showed up at the clinic for him. She marvels at being back in the penthouse. Devon states not much has changed… except for them. Elena finds his letter opener for him, then apologizes; it’s not her house anymore. She suggests now that they’ve both moved on that they could be friends… or something similar. Devon doesn’t think it’s impossible. They shake on it. Devon gets a weather alert and suggests she hang out until it clears up a bit.
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Elena asks about Moses, and Devon explains he’ll move in pretty soon. Devon thinks he’s most excited about being mentored by Nate. Talk turns to the night at the clinic as Devon asks if Elena had feelings for Nate before that. He’d like to know how long things had been building between them. Elena balks, but Devon thinks she owes it to him to answer. She leaves.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon breaks the news to Rey that Adam wants her to treat Chelsea. Rey assumes she agreed. Sharon relays she wanted to talk to him about it first. Rey doesn’t understand why Sharon would be Chelsea’s therapist. Sharon shrugs that Adam thinks Chelsea’s resentment of her could motivate her to get better faster. Rey smirks; it’s sounds like a good deal for Adam.

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Rey tells Sharon she should stay the hell out of it, then tersely adds, “But it’s your decision to make.” Sharon snarks that she appreciates him allowing her to decide. She’s musing that she may be Chelsea’s best chance at recovery when Nick arrives. Rey leaves and Nick notes he walked into a tense conversation. Sharon doesn’t want to discuss it with him because it has to do with Adam. Nick asks, “What’s he up to now?”
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On the patio, Sharon has filled in Nick about Adam’s plan offscreen. Talk turns to Faith and her mood swings. Nick thinks it’s common for teens, but Sharon’s keen to have her see a therapist. Nick balks, which irritates Sharon. She brings him around to her way of thinking as Mariah arrives.

Nick leaves, and Mariah asks what that was all about. Sharon teases, “Whatever you do, don’t ever have kids.” Struck by Mariah’s expression, Sharon asks if she’s considering it. Mariah confirms it’s a possibility and fills Sharon in on Abby and Chance’s request. Sharon asks how she would feel carrying a child she will not raise. Mariah figures it would be Abby and Chance’s kid and she’d be wacky Aunt Mariah. Sharon cautions it’s not that easy and talks about the bond that forms during pregnancy. Mariah doesn’t think it would be a problem, but Sharon warns, “Don’t be so sure.”
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Jack welcomes Gloria into the Abbott mansion out of the weather. Glo gives her condolences on Dina’s passing. Jack wonders if there’s another reason for her visit. As she muses about renewing old connections, Jack asks what she’s really after. Gloria ruminates about her fond memories of working with him at Jabot. Jack brings up the tainted face cream. Gloria proved her loyalty the last time… and if she returned, she’d be even more loyal. Jack marvels at the conversation becoming a job interview. He’s sorry but right now there’s nothing available. He’ll keep his eyes and ears open for something that suits her. Glo urges him to give it a little more thought and purrs, “You know how much I have to offer.”
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At Society, Sally meets Lauren, who’s apologetic about dragging her out in an ice storm. She’s so impressed with Sally’s influencer idea that she has another project for her. Sally knows Summer met with Bill and Wyatt Spencer and wonders if that’s the project she wants her to work on. Lauren replies, “As a matter of fact, it is.” Sally’s sorry, but she’s not the right person for the job.
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Sally’s forced to explain to Lauren that she and Wyatt Spencer have a past and it didn’t end well. She did some things wrong but it was all out of love. Lauren asks, “How wrong?” Sally doesn’t want to get into it but makes it a point to mention Bill Spencer blowing up her building… with her inside. Lauren gawps, “What?!” She assures Sally they’ll work out details of the project at a later date.

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Gloria enters Society and joins Lauren and Sally. Lauren wants Sally to drop something off to Jack. Gloria reveals he’s at home and adds she’s very protective of her old friend. Sally goes, and Gloria tells Lauren she’s missed spending time with her and has the perfect solution — she’ll come on board at Fenmore’s; Lauren must agree she’d make a valuable addition to the team. Lauren stammers, “Just not at this time,” but promises to keep her eyes and ears open for a position that suits Glo’s talents. Gloria snarls, “Did you and Jack rehearse that?”
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Sally arrives at Jack’s house and he advises her to relax with her tea; she’s going to be there for a while.

At Jabot, Kyle and Summer realize they’re stuck there all alone. Summer closes the boardroom door as she muses the possibilities for passing the time are endless.

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Elena returns to Devon’s door. Her car won’t start; she’s not going anywhere.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Jack receives an unexpected visitor.

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