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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby and Chance discuss ways to grow their family. They touch on adoption before talk turns to surrogacy. They could use Abby’s eggs and just find a gestational carrier. Chance thinks they should go with their hearts, not just their heads.

Abby wants to be a part of the pregnancy from conception to birth and with surrogacy the baby would be half of both of them. They decide to move forward with it and Abby marvels that they can still have everything they dreamed about. She wishes they could find someone they know to ask. Abby rules out Victoria, so they’ll keep thinking about it.

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Chance and Abby discuss their child not having a conventional beginning and compare notes on their own. They talk about managing their expectations and needing to feel close to the surrogate. Abby thinks she may know the perfect person.

At Society, Faith goes looking for Lola in the kitchen when Phyllis arrives. Phyllis tells Nick she’s probably still holding a grudge because she told him about her drinking. Nick says Faith’s not happy with him either — she overheard him and Sharon talking. Faith reappears and wants privacy to get on a group call about a project.

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Faith finishes her call and Phyllis enthuses, “That sounds like it went well!” Nick talks up the menu choices and Phyllis tries to get her thoughts on a youth spa package. Faith grunts one word answers. Nikki appears — their plane couldn’t take off in the fog. They invite her to join them. Nikki tries to connect with Faith, who resists making plans with her and accuses, “You want to lecture me on the evils of drinking.”
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Nikki admits she’s worried about Faith. The teen rants that Phyllis ratted her out and now they all think she’s an out-of-control alcoholic like her grandmother. “You act like I’m a lost cause and I’m really sick of it!” As Nick protests, Faith storms out. Nikki updates Nick that Sharon filled her in on Faith’s drinking — she was expecting this. Phyllis offers to let Faith vent at her, but Nikki thinks she can draw her out.

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Outside Society, Faith texts Jordan that she can’t take it anymore; her family’s driving her nuts. Nikki approaches and Faith apologizes. Nikki understands but warns she’s been pushing her limits. She reminds Faith she has a genetic pre-disposition for alcoholism, but she’s not a lost cause. Nikki recalls her own past — she hated feeling judged so will never judge Faith. They all just want to love and protect her. Nikki urges Faith to call her day or night.

Inside, Nick wonders if he and Sharon should be more proactive with Faith, but Phyllis cautions to use gentle guidance. Faith rejoins her father and apologizes for going off earlier. He just wants to protect her. Faith needs to learn how to take care of herself and might mess up sometimes. Phyllis approaches. Faith asks to take her up on the teen spa appointment.

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Devon meets Amanda at Grand Phoenix. She tells him she can still squeeze in drinks but doesn’t have time for dinner — she has to pack for a trip. Devon teases, “Our first date’s going to be out of town?” Amanda relays she’s going on a business trip with Lily. Devon offers up his jet and volunteers to tag along. “We’d have a hell of a time, don’t you think?” Amanda laughs but says he’d be a distraction. He takes that as a compliment.
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Amanda and Devon go over how close they’ve become and agree they’re excited to see where this goes. Devon chuckles over people thinking they’re a thing when they haven’t had a first date… or a first kiss. Amanda wants to kiss him but questions if it would be weird for him kissing someone who looks like his late wife. Devon explains they’re very different people. He sees her. Devon lists some of the unique things he’s noticed about her and she remarks on him being kind, generous, and open. They’re both excited to learn more and agree the kiss will happen soon.

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In the elevator, Amanda gets a text from Devon asking her to let him know when she’ll be back so he has something to look forward to. Amanda grins and sends him back a blowing kiss emoji.

At Chance Comm, Victoria appears in the doorway in time to see Billy and Lily playing with Katie and Johnny and bantering. She clears her throat. The kids cheer, “Mommy!” She explains her situation and Billy relays they were just about to head to dinner. The kids want Victoria to come… and they want pizza at home. Lily urges them to go ahead. She and Billy can have a nightcap later. Victoria chirps, “That’s a perfect solution!”

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At home, Katie and Johnny tell Victoria how much they like Lily while Billy orders pizza. While the kids are out of the room, Billy asks Vikki if it bothers her they got along with Lily so well. Victoria insists she’s not jealous and turns it around — he’s asking her so often she wonders if he’s the one questioning what he wants.

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After dinner, Billy answers Victoria’s question. He’s happy and in a good place, but he keeps questioning her because he wants to ensure she’s in a good place too.
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Billy meets Lily at Grand Phoenix. She guesses Vikki wasn’t happy about her interacting with the kids. Billy admits it’s complicated. It would be weird for him seeing Victoria and the kids with another guy, but as long as he was a good guy he’d be okay with it. They’ll get there with Victoria… but it might take some time.

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