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At the Chancellor mansion, Chance looks up female fertility and uterine scarring on the laptop. Abby appears. She can’t nap because her brain keeps replaying the doctor’s bad news.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Victor is set to go see Abby. Nikki hopes it’s not about her and Chance. Victor leaves and Nikki’s joined by Sharon, who’s seeking advice. She details how Faith’s been struggling since she had cancer and how Billy’s article led to kids at school harassing her. Nikki offers to talk to the Dean of Students, but Sharon wants to talk about something else. “She’s been drinking.”

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Sharon relays to Nikki that Faith has a new older friend, Jordan, who was with her both times after she drank. Nikki advises ending the friendship, but Sharon worries Faith needs a friend. Nikki argues if she’s a bad influence they must step in. Sharon isn’t sure how to handle the situation. Nikki wryly observes, “So you decided to go to the family alcoholic for advice.”
Sharon, Nikki talk drinking Y&R

Sharon worries she’s offended Nikki, but Nikki reassures her and would like to talk to Faith. Sharon’s pleased and relays they’ve decided to also get Faith into therapy. She and Nick are trying not to overreact but their perspective is colored by the circumstances surrounding Cassie’s death. Nikki warns of the red flags around underage drinking.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda spots Elena, who is meeting Nate there. Talk turns to Nate possibly taking Lily’s job offer before Elena asks how things are going with Amanda and Devon. Amanda explains they’re just friends. Elena sighs, “Yeah that’s what he said.” She admits it would give her peace of mind to know he’s moving on. Amanda thinks he’s getting on fine and confides he’s been her rock since she tracked down her birth mother. Elena’s stunned to hear of the discovery. They’ve a lot of catching up to do.
Elena questions Amanda Y&R

Amanda fills Elena in on the situation with Naya and her half-sister Imani. The restraining order cut deeper than she wanted to admit. Elena wonders if she’s better off without these people. Amanda confesses Devon’s told her to have an open mind because of his experience with Tucker. If the only family member she comes out of this with is Devon she considers herself lucky. Amanda gets a call from Devon asking to meet. She thanks Elena for listening and leaves.

At Chance Comm, Lily presents Nate with a lab coat that says Ask MD Now on it. He hasn’t agreed to take the job yet. Lily reminds him how determined she is when she wants something. Nate brings up Billy and is surprised to learn they’re involved. Lily demurs that they haven’t been seeing each other very long, but she can’t deny it could become serious. Nate’s concerned.
Nate, Lily job talk Y&R

Lily asks what Nate has against Billy. Nate had a front row seat to what went down when Billy and Victoria’s relationship ended and he and Amanda were getting together on the sly. He guesses Lily feels he has no place to judge. Lily sighs. It’s no secret Billy’s made mistakes but he’s been honest with her. She appreciates Nate doesn’t want her to get hurt, but swerves back to the job offer. Nate will give it a try on the condition he can back out if it’s not working. Lily’s thrilled and assures him he’ll be phenomenal.

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At the Chancellor mansion, Chance has updated Victor offscreen about the bad news. He suggests Victor let Abby rest, but just then she enters the room. Victor gets on the phone with a specialist, then disconnects and tells Abby the woman will connect with her doctor to review the situation. Abby brightens; there may still be hope! Chance looks concerned.

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Lily catches Devon smiling at his phone in Society and he admits he’s waiting for somebody. Lily shares she got Nate to sign on with the medical site. Devon’s glad he’s taking on the challenge. He updates Lily that Moses may be coming to live with him so Nate can mentor him. Lily’s thrilled. Talk turns to their personal lives and Lily singsongs, “Amanda. Ooo Amanda!”

Later, Amanda joins Devon at Society. She apologizes for being late and he tells her she’s worth waiting for. Amanda explains she was updating Elena on her birth family when he texted. She wants to focus on something else so they talk lunch specials. Devon then shares that Lily thinks there’s more going on between them than they’re willing to admit. Amanda laughs, “She said the same thing to me.” Devon says it’s got him wondering… “What would you say to going on an official date and see what happens?”
Amanda, Devon happy Y&R

On the patio, Nikki takes a call from Victor and asks what’s going on with Abby.

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At the Chancellor mansion, Victor disconnects from Nikki and promises Abby he’ll stay until the specialist from Chicago calls back. Soon, the call comes in and the specialist agrees with Abby’s doctor that the scarring is too extensive for conception. Victor promises they’ll find a specialist that will develop some kind of method. They’ll never give up. Victor makes more calls and comes up empty. Abby thanks him for trying. Victor figures there’s another way for them to have a child. Chance agrees; but they’re not going to discuss it today.
Victor supportive Y&R

At Crimson Lights, Nikki rejoins Sharon after her call with Victor and assures her they can always count on her, especially when it comes to Faith. Faith enters and Nikki wants to find a day when they can get together. Nikki leaves and Faith snipes at Sharon, “You told her didn’t you? About the drinking. Great. Now my own grandmother thinks I’m an alcoholic.”

Sharon admits she told Nikki about Faith drinking; she’d like her to listen to what her grandmother has to say. Faith snaps that maybe Billy should write about it. Sharon needed Nikki’s advice. Faith knows what she needs and it’s definitely not being labeled… or therapy. Sharon asks if she eavesdropped on her conversation with Nick. Faith lashes out about them scheming behind her back; she just made a mistake. “Leave me alone!”

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In their suite, Nate updates Elena that he took the job as the spokesperson for the medical site. Talk turns to his penthouse being under renovation and essentially uninhabitable. He can’t wait for the day he can bring her there. Talk turns to Amanda having found her birth mother and Elena explains Devon’s been helping her through it. Nate wonders how she feels about that. Elena thinks it’s great. He assures her it’s okay to feel conflicted. Elena assures him it doesn’t change how she feels about him; she wants this to work. Nate agrees, “That makes two of us.”

Elena awakens in Nate’s suite after dreaming she was in bed with Devon. Nate asks if she’s okay. She clears her throat and says she just forgot where she was for a second.
Devon, Elena's dream Y&R

In Society, Victor has brought Nikki up to speed on Abby’s situation. Nikki relays they need to be concerned about Faith too. She’s been hanging out with older kids and experimenting with alcohol. Victor grimaces. He’s glad Sharon reached out to her. He plans to be there for both Abby and Adam however he can. Nikki muses about retirement not turning out how he planned. The most important thing to Victor is family. They recall how amazing their trip to London was, but are glad they’re home to help the family members through their challenges… together.
Victor, Nikki talk support family Y&R

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