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At Chance Comm, Billy regales Lily with tales from ice-skating and she learns Victoria was there. Lily muses, “Glad you guys had a good time.” Just then, Victoria arrives with a device Billy left at her place last night. Lily notes it was good of her to bring it by personally. Victoria recalls how addicted he is to his devices — he used to name them. She gushes she had a wonderful time last night before leaving. Lily tells Billy, “I think she misses you.”

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Billy and Lily discuss Victoria’s schedule magically clearing up to go skating and bringing his tablet by so Lily knew the night was a success. Billy argues that Vikki likes Lily and is happy for them. Lily’s unconvinced. Billy thinks Victoria still sees him as a screw up and wants nothing to do with him. Lily, amused, replies, “If you say so.”
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Billy questions if Lily’s using Victoria as a way to put up a roadblock for them. Maybe she doesn’t want to deal with it? Lily doesn’t play games like that and if she has any issues she’ll bring them out into the open. Billy’s relieved and wants to rent out a whole ice rink for them. Lily grins; they have work to do.

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At Society, Victor catches Sharon leaving after spotting Adam. She asks if he’s heard any news about Chelsea. He points out Adam’s right there; why doesn’t she ask him? Sharon spoke to him yesterday and doesn’t want to bother him. Victor notes she’s one of the few people in town who shows him sympathy.
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Victor joins Adam and is pleased he agreed to meet with him. Adam needed something to keep him busy and expresses dismay that there has been no progress with Chelsea. Victor suggests he give Dr. Cavett a chance to work. Adam’s doubtful a miracle will happen. Victor thinks it’s a miracle they’re sitting there talking. Adam admits he’s grateful for everything his father’s done.

Traci approaches Mariah at Crimson Lights and thanks her for lifting Abby’s spirits last night. It meant a lot.

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At Abby’s appointment, Chance and Abby learn the news isn’t good. The doctor relays Abby has an unusual amount of scarring on her uterine wall from her miscarriage. It’s so extensive it can’t be removed and although her reproduction system is working, there’s no place on the wall for implantation to occur. Abby concludes, “What you’re telling me is I can’t have a baby.”

At home, Chance tries to interest Abby in food or drink until she finally says the only thing she needs, she can’t have — ever. Abby recalls how easy it was to get pregnant the first time and now it’s impossible. She wonders if the universe is punishing her. Chance promises they will have a family.

Traci visits Abby at the Chancellor mansion and they laugh about how Ashley will probably call the doctor. Traci will just tell her she’s loved and that everything will be alright. “I promise you. You and Chance are going to get through this.” Abby cries that it’s just so unfair. Chance joins them as Abby becomes distraught again. No matter how hard she tries he won’t be able to get pregnant! Traci reminds her she has options.
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Mariah arrives at the Chancellor mansion and gets in on the talk about options, but Abby is overwhelmed by the idea she can’t carry a baby. They urge her to get some rest and Traci and Mariah leave. Abby expresses her disappointment to Chance. She had an image in her mind of how their family would grow and it’s hard to let go of that.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki and Victoria enthuse about a real estate deal. Nikki reveals the two of them will sign the paperwork in Hawaii. Victoria knows what she’s up to. They bicker about whether Victoria’s working too hard. Nikki’s looking forward to it, but Victoria insists it’s a bad time but she’ll think about it. Victor appears and asks, “Think about what?”
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Victor listens to the debate about Hawaii and encourages Victoria to go. Nikki calls Billy and puts him on speaker to ask him to agree to watch the kids. He agrees and asks if Victoria’s okay with it. Victoria eyeballs her mother and sighs.

Adam enters the penthouse and calls out Chelsea’s name. She’s nowhere to be seen. There’s a knock – it’s Sharon, who has some books for him that might help. She relays her concern and asks, “How are you, really?” Just then, Chelsea’s nurse wheels her into the room. Chelsea thinks to herself that Sharon’s not there for her, she’s there for Adam. She wants her out…now! Sharon senses Chelsea’s upset, apologizes for stopping by unannounced as Adam protests it’s fine, and leaves.
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At Chance Comm, Lily teases Billy that Victoria will likely come up with a last-minute plan for him to join her in Hawaii. He reminds her he’s got the kids. They talk podcasts. Billy suggests one on romantic spontaneity. Lily rolls her eyes and agrees to go skating.

At home, Mariah updates Sharon that a friend of hers got bad news. She has no idea how to help or if she’s being annoying. Sharon thinks it’s a tricky line between caring and caring too much. She’s crossed it herself.

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At the penthouse, Adam tells Chelsea that Sharon meant no harm. Chelsea imagines Sharon coming to the door and Adam telling her, “I’ve missed you.” Sharon replies, “I needed to see you.” He caresses her hair and tells her, “You have been such a good friend,” as they begin to kiss. Picturing the scene, Chelsea grunts in protest. Adam rushes over to ask what she was trying to say. He pleads with her to do it again. She doesn’t, but he assures her they’re going to get there.
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At Society, Lily and Billy needle each other about skating. He thinks it would be a good time for Lily to get to know the kids better while Victoria’s out of town. Lily agrees but suggests they go slowly by referring to her as his friend from work. Billy wants her to know she means much more to him than that. “I am falling in love with you.” He questions her not saying anything in return. She mentions a slow build in romance but adds when someone tells you how they feel about you it’s always a wonderful thing to hear.
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On Crimson Lights patio, Nikki thanks Victor for his help with Victoria, then learns there’s no progress with Chelsea. She’s sorry and hope Adam appreciates his help. Victor gets a text from Ashley that Abby needs his help.

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At the Chancellor Estate, Chance can see other ways to get the family they want; they don’t have to make any decisions right now. Abby says the only option is to have a family with him.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Nate warns Lily about Billy.

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