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In the penthouse, Adam tells Dr. Cavett they’re hoping for some progress today. She asks him to leave her and Chelsea alone to give her a chance to do the work without pressure.

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At the Grand Phoenix, Amanda explains to Devon she was served with an order to stay away from Naya and her family. Imani is the one behind it. Devon wants to talk about it, but Amanda gets a text from Billy and wants the distraction of work.

After Amanda leaves the hotel, Nate and Elena arrive. Devon tells Nate his little brother Moses Winters wants to finish his school year at Walnut Grove and then pursue a medical career. Moses’ mom, Sofia, is wondering if Nate would mentor the kid. Nate thinks it sounds like a lot to take on. Elena, listening, drops her head as Nate mentions not being able to perform surgery any more. Devon shrugs; he delivered the message and Nate can always change his mind. Once alone, Elena asks Nate, “Was it the message? Or the messenger?”
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby’s hoping for good news from her doctor today with regard to conceiving a child. Chance has an appointment in a couple of days and assures her they’ll make this happen.

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Nikki finds Victoria working away at Newman Enterprises, observes she seems stressed, and urges her to take some time for herself. Victoria planned to take the kids to a fundraiser skate but can’t; she has meetings. She’ll ask Billy to take them. Nikki muses he may have plans. Vikki knows he’ll always make time for their children; it’s who he is. Nikki asks how she feels about him dating Lily. Victoria insists she’s happy for him. Nikki sniffs that it’s a pretty sweet set-up he’s got since the kids live with her.
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At Chance Comm, Billy leaves Amanda and Lily to talk. Amanda updates Lily that she spoke to her birth mother and then hit a brick wall. They go over the events during Naya’s visit and the ensuing court order. Amanda’s righteously pissed off at Imani. Lily urges Amanda to take a couple days to calm down and find the right approach to dealing with it. Amanda thanks her; she appreciates her friends. Lily coyly brings up Devon. Amanda doesn’t know where she’d be without him and teases he made her an omelet this morning. Lily’s left hanging as Amanda walks out.
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Adam greets Sharon at Crimson Lights and they touch on her honeymoon and Chelsea. Adam asks if it’s okay to hang out there and Sharon tells him, “Of course.” They talk about Victor bringing in specialists and Adam confides Chelsea hasn’t made much progress. Sharon advises him to be patient and asks how he’s doing. Adam’s okay but admits he feels guilty and can’t help but wondering if there was something he could have done to prevent what happened.
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Still in the coffee house, Sharon asks about Connor and Adam opens up before apologizing — he didn’t come to complain but she’s too good a listener. Rey appears and asks after Chelsea. Adam thinks she’ll be back to 100% soon.

Adam decides he should head home. Chance enters and says he and Abby have been meaning to reach out due to Chelsea. Adam snaps at Rey and Chance to quit pretending they care and walks out. Sharon informs the men that things aren’t going well with Chelsea and no matter what Adam’s done it’s hard to see someone in so much pain.

Rey and Chance remark on Sharon’s big heart and catch up on work before talk turns to Chance and Abby’s difficulties conceiving. Rey notes having kids isn’t in the cards for him now, but he wishes Chance and Abby all the luck in the world.

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At Society, Billy tells Victoria he and Lily closed a major deal. Talk turns to whether they’re turning serious. Billy gets the feeling she’s not happy about it. Victoria thinks Lily is awesome — she just doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Billy asks why she called him. Victoria wants him to fill in tonight with the kids. He hedges; he and Lily had plans. Victoria’s sure Lily will understand.

Behind the Society bar, Abby leaves Ashley a voicemail to call her back. Victoria overhears and asks if something’s wrong. Abby confides that she and Chance have been unable to conceive. Victoria recalls her past miscarriages. It was three years of bad news before Katie came along. Abby hopes the doctors will just tell her to be patient.
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Billy brings Lily sweets at Chance Comm. They hope Nate decides about being the face of their new site soon. Billy relays he can’t discuss it tonight; he’s taking the kids ice skating. Lily chirps that she’d be mad if he didn’t go, then bites her lip. Once alone, she places a dinner order for one.

At Devon’s penthouse, Amanda tells him she got a text from Naya apologizing for Imani taking things to the extreme. Nothing else. Amanda thinks it’s clear her birth mother wants nothing to do with her. Devon feels it’s her loss; she should be proud to have a daughter like her. Amanda figures they feel fine cutting her off because she turned out okay. Devon can’t fathom someone being so concerned about their reputation that they’d give up the chance to know their own child.

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In Society, Nate tells Elena it’s wrong for him to turn down Moses. She asks, “So what’s the problem?” He’s not sure how much of a role model he’d be. He’s accepted his limitations but is still angry and bitter about his injury. Elena tells him he’s incredibly wrong; he wouldn’t show Moses an ounce of his frustration. She urges him to help his cousin and guarantees he won’t regret it.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria tells Billy she finished her meeting up early and the kids are excited about them going skating as a family. Billy’s taken aback and seems irritated but then goes along since the plans are made. “Let’s enjoy ourselves.”
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In the coffee house kitchen, Sharon brings up Adam’s contact information on her phone.

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Adam arrives at home in time to hear Dr. Cavett telling Chelsea she’s sorry things didn’t go well today. He walks the doctor out and asks her what she really thinks Chelsea’s chances are. She just tells him to stay upbeat; it will help her. Adam re-enters the penthouse and reads a text from Sharon that says, “Let me know if you need anything.”
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Chance finds Abby crying in the Chancellor mansion after an appointment with her doctor. Abby has scar tissue from her miscarriage and her doctor wants to go in and take a look to find out if that’s why she’s not getting pregnant. Chance urges her not to jump to conclusions. He believes they’ll have the family they want and she should too.
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