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Back from their honeymoon, Sharon and Rey discuss their fun time in Miami with his family. Rey wants to take advantage of the quiet and continue honeymooning upstairs. Suddenly, Mariah busts in with balloons. “Welcome home!” She’s put out because they beat her there. Faith and Nick arrive. Sharon asks why she’s not in school. Nick explains she wanted to take the day off.

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Sharon and Rey talk about their vacation, Nick shares about a New Hope project, Faith jokes about hanging out with Christian, and Mariah says her job is going great. Rey leaves for the station after a text from Paul, and Mariah heads out as well. After Faith goes upstairs to do homework, Sharon complains about her taking off school, and is worried more is going on with her.
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Faith eavesdrops as Nick relays that the two times Faith was drinking Jordan was with her, according to Phyllis. He thinks peer pressure is at work. Sharon thinks something is really bothering her; they can’t just assume the drinking was experimental. They go over how upset Faith is about Adam. Sharon wants to get her a therapist. Nick suggests they have his mom talk to her about drinking. Sharon would rather have a professional. “I can’t lose another child, Nick.” Nick agrees.

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Nick tells Sharon she looks refreshed after her trip and she asks about him and Phyllis. Nick says they’re solid. Talk turns to Chelsea. Sharon imagines Adam’s a wreck. Nick urges her not to waste time thinking about him. Sharon thanks him for stopping by. He grins, “Message received,” and leaves. Sharon calls Faith, who wants to go hang out with friends at Crimson Lights. Sharon will take her. Faith mutters, “Great.”

On the jet, Billy and Lily enthuse about their new acquisition. Billy then wants to talk about them — Lily hasn’t looked him in the eye since finding out about Summer. Lily knows she was a consenting adult but he used her. Billy hopes she can move past it as Summer has done.

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Lily realizes he’s no longer that guy but… Billy interrupts that there’s no way to justify what he did but the fact is he felt betrayed and wanted to hurt everyone around him. Lily recaps that he slept with Summer to throw it in Phyllis’ face and didn’t consider the repercussions for her. It explains why he came to the prison to tell her about Cane and Victoria kissing — he felt stabbed in the back, but he didn’t consider how it would make her feel.  She concludes that when he gets hurt and wants to hurt other people without thinking of the fallout.
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Billy’s relieved Summer forgave him but still hates what he did. He admits he’s afraid Lily is rethinking things between them. Lily says he’s right… she has. Billy looks pained until Lily says coming clean was honest and brave, which are two qualities she’s looking for in a partner. Relieved, Billy asks, “What happens now?” Lily wants to move forward as a couple but warns the recklessness has to stop. She wants to hear his hard truths about her now. Billy asks her to be more spontaneous and teases she has a really annoying habit of bringing out the best in him. He turns serious — he doesn’t want to let her down. They decide to take time for themselves and celebrate their accomplishments. Lily purrs, “Let the celebration begin.”
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At Devon’s place, Amanda laments Naya calling her a mistake. What kind of mother or human does that? Devon’s sorry. Amanda reveals Rose could only afford to keep one of them because the family only gave her one lump sum of money. She thought Naya would have all the answers but she had to tell her about Hilary. It appeared the news broke her heart, which in turn broke Amanda’s too.
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Still in the penthouse, Devon’s glad Amanda got to tell Naya what she missed out on. Amanda muses that in the end she talked about Hilary being a star. Devon learns Naya’s walls went back up when Imani showed up. Devon’s sure meeting Amanda made an impact on Naya. Amanda admired her honesty and imagines she’s doing damage control now. Devon asks what’s next for them. He recalls how poorly he handled meeting Tucker; cutting him and Katherine out of his life for a while. They eventually bonded over music and he found a specialist who restored his hearing. “Things can change dramatically. Blood runs deep.”

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Amanda doesn’t want to get her hopes up where Naya’s concerned. Devon understands. He doesn’t ask Tucker for any more than he’s capable of providing. What does she want from Naya? She’s never had a mother who loves her. Choking back tears, Amanda says she needs a distraction. Talk turns to Chance Comm and Lily being with Billy. Devon has reservations about Billy. Amanda agrees he’s a handful, but she thinks he’s serious about Lily.

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At Crimson Lights, Jordan sweet talks Sharon about her honeymoon. After, Faith and Jordan whisper about being under surveillance. Faith confides her parents are onto her — they have to be a lot more careful.
Faith be careful Y&R

At Grand Phoenix, Devon and Amanda are shocked when she is served with legal documents.
Devon, Amanda served Y&R

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