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In their suite, Elena lunges in bed with champagne while Nate emerges from the shower in a towel. They agree waiting was the perfect thing to do and wonder what to do as an encore. Nate gets a message from Lily wanting to talk. She urges him to go; she’ll step out for fresh air and they can meet back there later.
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At Chance Comm, Billy wants Lily to fly with him to Seattle tonight to close a deal. Lily has a meeting with Nate ahead of time — he’s still her first choice. Billy will arrange their flight.

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Imani strides into Amanda’s suite, doffs her coat, and informs Amanda they’re going to settle this right now. She is her mother’s one and only child. She heard what Amanda is trying to do and assumes she’s a con artist trying to take advantage of their family. Imani warns no one threatens her family and gets away with it and levels, “Ask anyone who’s tried.” Amanda tries to get a word in edgewise but Imani rants about people always coming after her family due to their power. Amanda warns the threats need to stop.
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Imani claims her mother denied having any other children. Amanda cautions she’s in for a rude awakening. “Everything you think is fact, is actually fiction.” Imani remains suspicious. Amanda is an attorney and wouldn’t tank her career. She’s just trying to learn about her history. Imani found that Amanda’s identity has been scrubbed from the internet. Amanda explains she was being stalked. Imani is unmoved and informs Amanda she has the connections to fill in the blanks. As she walks to the door, Amanda hollers that they’re not done yet. Imani puts her on notice and stalks out.

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In the hotel lobby, Sally spots Summer and her suitcase and guesses she’s headed out of town. Summer dodges her inquiries about where she’s going and leaves.
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On the jet, Kyle gets a text from Summer telling him to hold the plane; she’s on her way. Suddenly, Billy boards and sits down. Kyle informs him the plane’s booked to go to L.A. Billy replies, “Well, I hope you’re not in a hurry.” They bicker as Kyle urges Billy to try a train or the Chancellor jet. Billy says Jill has it and he’s already changed the flight plan. Summer appears and asks, “What is he doing here?” Billy questions if they’re actually going on a business trip. Summer agrees they can fly together since they’re all going the same direction. Billy informs them they’re waiting on one more person.
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At Society, Lily updates Nate that Chance Comm is acquiring Ask MD Now. She wants Nate to head it up and be the spokesperson. Nate balks. He wonders if she’s offering the gig because of his hand. She thought he’d want to make a difference as someone people can trust. Nate thinks Devon might beg to differ. Lily hopes they can move past that. Nate will consider her offer.
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On the jet, Kyle’s impatient to depart and argues with Billy about whether the plane will drop off in Seattle or L.A. first. Lily boards and Kyle warns he’s thinking of rolling down the window and throwing Billy out. Lily muses, “Oh. This is going to be a fun flight.”
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Jack appears at the hotel, where Sally mentions Summer’s trip. Jack shares that she and Kyle are headed to L.A. to meet someone from Spencer Publications. After Jack goes, Sally wonders what Summer is up to. She sends her a text.

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On the plane, Summer gets Sally’s text wishing her a good time in L.A. and asking her to say hi to the Spencers for her. She huffs and fills Kyle in on Sally knowing their plans. Kyle muses, “She’s been busy!” Across the way, Lily and Billy send each other texts and laugh. Meanwhile, Summer plots her next move and tells Kyle she needs to stay five steps ahead of Sally.
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At Crimson Lights, Elena spots Devon and they share a pleasant greeting. He compliments her hair and she confirms she’s doing better after taking his words to heart — she’s moved on. She hates that she hurt him and will always regret it, but she’s done punishing herself. Devon mulls this may be how things were meant to be. He’s been reflecting too and wants to let go of the anger. She asks if it has to do with Amanda. Devon states they’re just good friends and he’ll try not to feel jealous seeing her around town with Nate. They’re glad they talked and part ways.
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In Amanda’s suite, she fills Devon in on Imani’s visit. “She’s terrified of the truth.” She wonders if Naya sent her to send the message that one daughter counts and the other one doesn’t. Devon understands she’s upset but urges her to compose herself before she responds. Amanda is fuming and has half the mind to force her newfound sister to back her words up. She rants about Naya letting her daughter handle her business. Devon cautions she doesn’t know that’s the case. Amanda will take this as a challenge and decides she’ll go to her house. Devon wants to go with her but she’ll finish this alone.
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Back in their room, Elena tells Nate that she and Devon made amends. He shares Lily’s offer with her, but questions if it’s right for him. For now, he wants to sip champagne and relax. She keeps talking about the position. He could become famous; it would be kinda’ hot.

On the plane, Lily gets a text from Nate thanking her for the offer; he still needs more time to think about it. Billy notes her determination. Summer asks why they’re going to Seattle. Lily doesn’t want to spoil the reveal. Billy and Kyle needle one another.

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In their suite, Elena films Nate talking about how to stay fit to show him how good he looks on video. He’s embarrassed. She teases he should take his shirt off to loosen up. When Elena asks about cardio fitness he can think of something one can do with a partner — it’s best he demonstrate.

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Outside the hotel, Sally phones her sister to complain about Summer and Kyle going to L.A. and Spencer Publications. Her biggest fear is Summer will find out what happened before she left. What she wouldn’t do for a thunderstorm over the Rockies right now.

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On the jet, the pilot warns Kyle, Summer, Lily, and Billy they’ll be going through some turbulence and to fasten their seatbelts. The plane jolts repeatedly.

At Naya’s door, Amanda hollers, “Hellooo!” She leans on the doorbell and yells, “You’re going to be the talk of the town!” Finally, Naya opens the door and the two women come face-to-face for the first time.
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