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At Devon’s penthouse, Amanda updates him that Naya backed out of their meeting. She’s angry, frustrated… and hurt. Devon asks about her next move. Amanda’s not sure. She doesn’t think confronting her will get her anywhere. Amanda hopes Naya has a change of heart.

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Lily and Billy are working at Chance Comm when Adam enters demanding to know how they’re going to exploit Chelsea’s medical condition. He tells Billy, “What she’s going through right now is on you.” He reasons if Billy hadn’t threatened another attack piece he wouldn’t have gone to the lengths he did to stop it. Billy reminds Adam he’s the one who caused the incident in the elevator with the power outage. Adam appeals to Lily — he has a son who is unaware of his mother’s condition and needs to keep it that way.
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Still in the office, Lily and Billy get into it about whether or not to do a piece on Chelsea. Lily accuses him of not seeing the bigger picture because he’s focused on harming Adam. Billy blames Adam for Chelsea’s condition — why should he get a pass? Lily warns him he’s making this too personal.

Amanda arrives as Lily and Billy continue their debate. They fill her in on Chelsea’s condition and Adam’s visit. Amanda sides with Lily on legal grounds and wants to stick to the story on Billy’s wrongful arrest. She exits, and Lily appeals to Billy to protect Connor. She questions if Adam’s right and Billy is just obsessed. He walks out.

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At Jabot, Sally thanks Jack for putting in a good word with Summer for her; they cleared the air. As they chat, Sally reveals she once tried to boost her social media presence by having a food fight with Steffy Forrester and she also crashed a Forrester wedding. Jack, in turn, shares the story of the wild bachelor party that landed him in jail and on the front cover of the paper.
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In their suite, as Summer packs, Kyle guesses she’s not really going on a business trip — she’s planning to dig into Sally’s past and hopefully get some leverage. Summer admits it; she needs to get proof that Sally’s the con artist she thinks she is. She wants Kyle to go with her and reminds him she’ll be taking a meeting at Spencer Publications. Kyle notes Wyatt Spencer used to go out with Sally. He’d love to go away with her, but not for this.
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Adam arrives at home and urges Chelsea to get rest. He tells her Dr. Cavett is on her way there now and has had great success with her protocols. She only has to focus on getting well; he’ll do everything else.

Dr. Lena Cavett arrives at the penthouse and works to put Chelsea at ease as she talks about doing some tests to determine her therapy. The doctor steps away to make notes and Adam assures Chelsea, “You can do this. We can do it together.” He tells her he loves her and will be by her side through this whole thing. Connor calls and Adam tells him his mother’s asleep but she knows he loves her — she loves him too.
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At Jabot, Jack tells Summer he heartily approves of her and Sally clearing the air. Summer hopes Sally realizes how lucky she is to have him in her corner. Jack thinks Sally has a bright future if she doesn’t get in her own way — she reminds him of him in his younger days. He thinks Sally just needs some guidance and looks forward to helping drive her ambition in the right direction.

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In the hotel lobby, Sally stops Kyle to discuss her making amends with Summer. Sally recaps that people think she has a hidden agenda but she’s been very upfront about who she is and what she wants since she came to town. Kyle seems wary after she walks away. Later, Summer arrives and tells Kyle that Sally has his father completely snowed. Kyle agrees Sally can’t be trusted and agrees to go with Summer to L.A.
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Devon brings Lily coffee at Chance Comm and she reveals she’s having a disagreement with Billy about a story. It’s bothering her because they’ve become involved. Devon grins. “Have you now?” He recalls arguing with Hilary at GC Buzz — it’s not easy to keep the personal and professional separate. Lily realizes she’s involved with a very complicated person. Devon sometimes misses the passionate exchanges.
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At Society, Billy runs into Jack, who is reminiscing about the good old days. Billy opens up that he was in a good place but his hatred for Adam keeps getting in the way. Jack advises him not to do whatever he’s planning to do — he’s letting Adam control him. Billy compares it to being stuck in an abusive relationship. Jack points out he wants to hurt Adam, yet he’s the one who’s suffering. “Stop suffering.” Billy will figure it out because it’s getting in the way of something he cares about and doesn’t want to lose.
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Lily finds Billy in his suite and they both begin to apologize at the same time. She admires his passion for getting at the truth. He admits he has a blind spot when it comes to Adam — it needs to stop. He doesn’t want to cause Chelsea and Connor pain. Billy declares, “No more stories about Adam.” Lily’s thrilled and thinks this is why Jill wanted them to work together. They discuss mixing business with pleasure. Billy knows they’ll challenge each other; they’ll also have plenty of opportunities to make up, which he thinks they should do on the bed right now. Lily smiles.
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Sally enters Society, spots Jack, then stops to take a call from her sister. She glances at Jack, who is sitting at the bar, and tells Coco things are going surprisingly well.
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At home, Devon dreams he sees Hilary, but realizes she’s Amanda as she says, “Guess again,” and begins to undress. Devon awakens and looks around.

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In her suite, Amanda leaves Naya a message saying she knows how difficult this is and hopes she has a change of heart. She doesn’t want to place blame, she just wants to talk. Amanda disconnects to a knock on the door. It’s her half-sister, Imani, who blurts, “Leave my mother alone.”
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Next on The Young and the Restless: Amanda receives a stern warning.

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