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At Newman Enterprises, Victor and Nikki catch up with Victoria after their trip. Victoria updates them that Chelsea’s in the hospital and it sounds serious. Victor tries to call Adam but gets voicemail. Nikki warns against him entering the picture but Victor won’t leave him alone.

After Victor leaves, Victoria and Nikki are on the same page about Adam causing stress for Victor. Victoria’s sure Adam will milk the situation for all the sympathy he can get. They hope Chelsea has a quick recovery so they can leave Genoa City for good.
Nikki, Victoria agree Y&R

At home, Adam phones the hospital and learns there’s been no change in Chelsea’s condition. He warns if they don’t let him see her today there will be hell to pay. Victor arrives and asks about Chelsea. Adam sighs that she’s unconscious and he can’t see her due to risk of infection. He wants to bring in specialists but keeps hitting brick walls. Victor immediately calls the Chief of Staff’s office and informs them he’s bringing in a group of specialists for Chelsea.

Adam’s appreciative of Victor’s efforts. Victor says he did the right thing reaching out to his father. Adam wonders if this is his karma. Victor urges him to search his soul to find out what’s really bothering him. Adam sighs, “Will I ever get it right?” Victor replies, “You bet you will.” Victor gets a call back from the hospital. He relays that Chelsea is still paralyzed and unable to speak but Adam can visit her. Adam cannot thank Victor enough.

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At Chance Comm, Lily bickers with Billy about being included as a hero in his story about the shooting case. Amanda, listens, then warns Billy to rethink the idea before he destroys every bit of credibility the company has. “Find another way to spin it.” She suggests another expose, this time on someone who is just as deeply involved but easier for readers to empathize with. Billy realizes she means him. Amanda and Lily brainstorm about the piece. Billy still wants to shine a light on Lily’s relentless pursuit of the truth but will go tell the reporter the story’s changed.

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Amanda and Lily congratulate themselves on the new story angle and agree Billy’s changed. Amanda credits Lily’s influence. Talk turns to Amanda, who hasn’t been sleeping. She’ll open up to Lily over coffee.

Kyle enters Society and is greeted by Sally, who senses a chill in the air. She explains Summer’s barely tolerating her and asks if there’s any way she can fix things. Kyle’s interested to hear that Theo caused the problems between them by telling Summer she planned to steal her job… and her man. Sally denies it, but Kyle notes she clearly has ambitions beyond being Lauren’s assistant. Sally has seen Summer in action; she’s smart. She insists she’s all about women supporting women.
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At Jabot, Jack needs Summer’s help — it involves Sally Spectra. Summer doesn’t want to hear anything in her defense and complains about Sally trying to steal her job, but Jack questions the information since it came from Theo. Summer argues she accused her of getting her job due to nepotism. Jack doesn’t expect them to be best friends but asks her to give Sally another chance.
Jack, Summer appeal Y&R

Lauren, Sally, and Jack meet in the boardroom, and he reveals Summer’s open to having a conversation with Sally to clear the air. Lauren warns her not to let them down. She vows to do everything she can to win Summer over.
Lauren, Sally, Jack meeting Y&R

At Society, Summer’s irritated at Kyle bringing up Sally right after Jack’s talk. Kyle advises keeping her close so as to be on top of any developing plots. Summer sniffs that it would be like befriending a snake. She gets a text from Sally and Kyle again urges Summer to neutralize her. Summer agrees to meet Sally.
Summer, Kyle plan Y&R

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At Crimson Lights, Amanda brings Lily up to date on the visit to her mother and seeing her half-sister. Lily learns that Devon went with her and is urging her to see it through. She’s glad she had support and feels Devon is right. She thinks Amanda is strong enough to handle whatever truth is out there.
Amanda, Lily meet Y&R

Victoria finds Billy at Society’s bar. They discuss the kids and Billy relays that he and Lily never went on their trip. He questions if Victoria used Johnny to get him to cancel his plans with Lily. Vikki is taken aback… she’d never use their children like that. Billy recalls her calling about Katie not feeling well when he was with Phyllis. Victoria feels he’s being egotistical and self-centered with these ridiculous accusations. Billy apologizes and shares he had a great time with Lily in town. Victoria’s glad.
Victoria defends herself Y&R

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At Jabot, Jack and Lauren hope for the best with Sally and Summer. Jack thinks the young women are a lot alike. They reminisce about being young and ambitious and the hell they raised back in the day, then laugh about becoming role models. Lauren thinks there’s more to Sally’s story. Jack believes everyone deserves a fresh start.

On the coffee house patio, Sally apologizes to Summer for letting things get so crazy and blames Theo. She assures her she’s not after her job or Kyle, who is totally not her type. Summer shrugs, “And vice-versa.” Sally’s just trying to figure out where she belongs and hopes they can start over. Summer’s non-committal. “Anything’s possible.” Sally teases Summer might discover she really likes her one day.

Back at Jabot, Summer snarks upon hearing that Kyle already had a text from Sally that they buried the hatchet. Summer would like to bury it somewhere alright… She saw through Sally’s act and decides she’ll go to L.A. to find out more about the woman who wants to take her job.

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At Chance Comm, Billy tells Lily the article will be good for both of them and teases she’ll learn his deepest, darkest secrets. Lily thinks he’s brave and assures him if he needs anything she’s always there. “I’m not going anywhere.”

In her suite, Amanda calls Naya. The woman answers and asks what she wants. “Do I know you?” Amanda tells her she doesn’t and explains, “I’m Amanda Sinclair.” Overcome with emotion, she chokes out, “I’m the daughter you didn’t give to your cousin Rose and I would very much like to meet you.”

Outside her home, Naya holds the phone away from her in shock.
Naya shock Y&R

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Adam enters Chelsea’s hospital room and says her name. She stares back at him silently.
Chelsea hospital Y&R

Next on The Young and the Restless: Kevin provides Phyllis with ammunition against Victoria.

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