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At Society, Arturo begins the wedding ceremony as Rey and Sharon exchange personal vows. He tells her she’s his best friend and promises to be there for her and her children however he can. “You’re my one and only.” Adam, listening, begins to walk away, but stops when Sharon expresses her love to Rey and says her love grows every day. He’s shown her what it is to feel truly loved in return and pledges to support him. “I’m proud to join my life with yours, now and forever.” At the door, Adam remains rooted to the spot.

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Arturo makes a speech about Rey finding the love of his life and Sharon and Rey being partners in every way. At the entrance, Phyllis spots Adam lurking. She loves it when she’s right. He insists he’s not going to disrupt the ceremony and adds, “I’ve seen what I needed to see.” Adam wants Sharon to be happy after her rough year so he’s leaving. Phyllis asks, “Does Chelsea know that you’re here?” Adam exits. Phyllis nods at Nick that she’s leaving his forgotten gift, then follows Adam out the door.
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Rey and Sharon exchange rings and Arturo pronounces them Mr. and Mrs. Rosales as the guests cheer. Mariah and Faith make a toast to the couple, teasing about the ways they’re complete opposites before welcoming Rey to the family. Mariah includes the other Rosales family members as well. Nick goes next, saying it’s a tribute to the kind of guy Rey is that he’s even there. He trusts Rey with his kid and jokes he loves him as much as Sharon does. Sharon thanks Nick and her daughters and looks forward to the next chapter. Rey speaks on the importance of not taking things for granted and thanks everyone. They toast to 2021 and Sharon kisses Rey.
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In her suite, Amanda replays watching Imani arrive at Naya’s door in her mind, then angrily storms out.

At home, Devon unpacks Thai food and opens a beer to ring in the New Year. Amanda shows up at his door — her mind’s working overtime. Devon warns it’s not fun or festive there but she’s welcome. Amanda teases his takeout is pretty sad but is super appreciative of his invitation — she didn’t want to be alone with her thoughts. Devon declares they can be alone together.
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While eating, Amanda jokes with Devon, who claims he’s usually swinging from the chandeliers on New Year’s. Amanda pleads to hear some of his music industry stories. After hearing some, Amanda reveals she’d choose him over any rock star. Devon shows off his tattoos. There’s a story behind all of them, but he’s doubtful it would interest anyone but him. Amanda holds his gaze and says, “I’m interested.”

At the Chancellor Estate, Abby and Chance debate whether to pack up Christmas before New Year’s. She suggests they could argue about it… or just skip to making up. After sex, Abby figures she won the argument.

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Chelsea awakens after dozing on the couch at home, calls for Adam, then experiences a gripping pain in her head. She tries to get up but falls to the floor. She calls for an ambulance then collapses.
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Adam arrives at home still deep in his own thoughts then suddenly notices Chelsea on the floor. The paramedics arrive and Adam explains about her aneurysm. He watches the paramedic kneels beside Chelsea and shouts, “We have to get her to the hospital right now!”

At Sharon and Rey’s reception, Lola surprises the couple with another call from Celeste, who has never seen Rey happier. She looks forward to blending their family traditions and creating new ones. After, Lola feels she’s gained two sisters in Faith and Mariah. Arturo’s glad Rey never gave up on him. Elsewhere, Jordan arrives and tells Faith, “Let’s get this party started.” Faith arranges with a reluctant Nick to spend the night at Jordan’s, after which they start the countdown and ring in the New Year.

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Hearing a racket, Devon opens his door in time to see Adam following the paramedics as they wheel Chelsea into the elevator. After closing the door, he fills in Amanda. She notices he seems a little shook-up. Devon assures her he’s fine. Fireworks start up outside and Devon notes, “It’s 2021. We missed it.” They share a bit of an intense look, then Amanda decides she should get going. Later, Devon dreams he’s kissing Elena but as he leads her to the sofa she turns into Amanda.
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At the Chancellor Estate, Abby and Chance discuss making resolutions and flirt as they pack up Christmas ornaments. He asks to share the first dance of the year with her.

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Still at Society, Mariah asks Nick if he’ll ever get married again; the romance is contagious. Nick observes that Mariah has her mother’s loving heart. They’re both just so grateful Sharon’s alive…she’s glowing. Nick says that’s just how Mariah looks with Tessa. Elsewhere, Faith shows off her vodka stash to an impressed Jordan.
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At the hospital, Elena tells Adam that Chelsea’s aneurysm burst. She’ll be in surgery for a few hours then will probably sleep. She urges him to go home and rest. Later, Elena gets a text from Nate wishing her a Happy New Year and hoping it’s a better year for both of them.
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In her suite, Amanda takes a call from Naya, who wonders why she called before and if she was the person outside her house on Christmas Eve. “What do you want?”

Nick enters Phyllis’ suite to find her waiting up in lingerie. She whispers, “Happy New Year. And Happy Birthday, Baby.”

Alone at home, Adam pours a drink and fights tears.

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Rey carries Sharon over the threshold at home and says, “Happy New Year, Mrs. Rosales.”

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