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At Crimson Lights, Mariah agonizes over pastries and finger sandwiches as Tessa tries to calm her down and offers to help. Faith chimes in that Tessa’s right — Mariah needs to chill. Tessa offers to pick up sparkling cider for Faith, who says it’s not necessary.

At Sharon’s place, Rey enjoys a visit with Lola and Arturo, who raves about how happy they all are for him. Sharon joins them and Arturo announces he took a course and got his license so he could officiate their ceremony tonight. They’re pleased; it would make the wedding that much more special.
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They get on a video call with Celeste, who heard about the tamales. She asks for one-on-one time with Sharon and tells her she wishes she could be there and looks forward to their trip to Miami. She’s so relieved Sharon’s on the other side of her cancer battle. Sharon couldn’t have done it without Rey, who is a wonderful man. Celeste wants to see the wedding dress, so Sharon takes the laptop upstairs.
Celeste call Y&R

Meanwhile, Rey tells Arturo what happened between him and Mia tore his heart out but time has passed and so has the pain. They’ll both be happy now. They look at Arturo’s photos and both Rey and Lola reveal they won’t be adding to the Rosales baseball team anytime soon. Lola and Arturo go upstairs and Rey and Sharon take a final moment together.

At Grand Phoenix, Nick wishes Phyllis was going to the wedding with him. Phyllis doesn’t think the day would be perfect for Sharon with her there.

In the penthouse, Chelsea has a video call with Connor, who is worried about her. She assures him her surgery will be quick and painless and explains it’s just to fix her headaches. Connor asks to see his dad, but he’s not there. Chelsea promises Adam will call to update him right after she’s finished with surgery. When she can travel, they’ll be together again. They express their love and sign off. Chelsea holds her head and grimaces.
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At the door to Chancellor Estate, Adam wonders if Chance will invite him in. Chance does so reluctantly. Adam thanks him for taking the bullet and Chance reiterates it evens their score. Talk turns to Adam leaving town. Chance confirms there’s nothing tying them together anymore and says, “Bon voyage.” Abby appears and asks what Adam’s doing there. Chance makes it clear he’s leaving and Abby warns Society is closed for a private event tonight. Adam has no intention of crashing Sharon’s wedding. Outside, Adam seems downcast.
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At Society, Chance and Abby are preparing for the wedding when Nick arrives and says Phyllis isn’t coming. They reveal Adam came by the house. Chance doesn’t think he’ll show up.

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At Crimson Lights, Adam touches base with Chelsea. He’s picking up her favorite dessert. She warns he might get a call from a realtor near Connor’s school. Adam hesitates at the news then signs off.

Inside, Adam runs into Phyllis, who wonders if he has a disaster planned for Sharon’s wedding. Adam’s not that guy anymore. Phyllis snickers. “Adam, seriously, it’s me.” She said the same thing the other day but doesn’t think it’s true for either of them. Adam concedes they’ve been on the outside looking in. Phyllis thinks that’s why they’re attracted to certain better halves. Nick for her and Chelsea for him…or is it Sharon for him? At the mention of Sharon marrying Rey, Adam hangs his head. Phyllis asks, “Does Chelsea know she’s a consolation prize?” Adam needles about her man version of musical chairs. Phyllis insists Sharon is his kryptonite and adds there are three things that are certain in the world — death, taxes, and Adam being Adam.
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Mariah, Tessa, and Faith join Sharon at home to pamper the bride before the wedding. After some bubbly, Sharon thanks them all; she’ll remember this day for the rest of her life. In a moment alone, she talks to Faith about how brave she was getting through her diagnosis and wishes her peace and joy in the New Year. She promises it will only get better from here.

Mariah and Tessa rejoin Sharon and Faith, but Tessa stands off to the side looking distraught. Mariah assumes her agent gave her bad news. Tessa got a headlining gig in New York… but it’s tonight. Mariah insists she go. Before she leaves, Tessa gives a heartfelt little speech to Sharon. She’ll dedicate a song to her and Rey tonight. After, Faith’s distracted by a text from Jordan, who has decided to come to the wedding reception tonight. Faith turns to look at the champagne.
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At Society, Abby greets Rey and introduces Chance to Arturo — Rey’s brother. Arturo congratulates them on their wedding. Abby tells him all about how happy they are; he did her a favor by cheating on her. Arturo supposes they’re all where they’re supposed to be. He loves Mia and is blessed to have his son. Abby steps aside and wipes away tears, then assures Chance what Arturo said had no effect on her at all. Chance wants to bail on the wedding and go home. “Are you with me?” She replies, “As long as we both shall live.”
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Later, Nick razzes Rey ahead of the ceremony, who admits he’s a little nervous. Nick calls Phyllis, who assumes he forgot the rings. He actually forgot the present and asks her to run it over; she doesn’t have to see anyone. By the bar, Rey reconvenes with Arturo and Lola for some sibling sparring. Faith walks in and Lola understands her being embarrassed by her dad. Next, Mariah enters, then everyone quiets as she’s followed by Sharon, who looks breathtaking.
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In the penthouse, Chelsea texts Adam that she’s getting hungry. Is he on his way?

At Society, Faith and Mariah walk through the room. Sharon appears and makes her way to the altar. As Arturo says, “Let us begin,” Adam arrives.

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Adam crash wedding Y&R

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