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At Sharon’s place, she and Nick touch on Christmas before talk turns to the wedding. Nick has something to say. She wonders if he’s changed his mind about being Rey’s best man. Nick says no; he’s excited and happy for her. That’s what he wanted to tell her. She’s pleased after all they’ve been through he’s in her corner. Nick replies, “Always.” They discuss her helping Adam. Sharon explains she set boundaries. Nick feels he doesn’t deserve her time, but remarks on her huge heart. They discuss Faith and agree they still need to keep an eye on her since alcoholism runs in the family from Nikki. They like Lola taking her under her wing.

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At Crimson Lights, Faith helps Mariah choose earrings for the wedding as Jordan walks in and heads straight to the patio. Faith joins her pal, who rudely tells her she won’t be coming to the wedding as it’s New Year’s and she has other plans. Faith understands she’s miffed she didn’t steal the vodka. Mariah appears and invites them to come in and eat brownies.
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Inside the coffee house, conversation is stilted. Faith shares that Mariah’s girlfriend is singer Tessa Porter. Mariah mentions partying and Jordan suddenly takes off. Faith asks Mariah why she had to bring up partying. Mariah wonders if she’s really so concerned what Jordan thinks. Faith denies it but glances worriedly at the door.

Lauren joins Sally in the Jabot boardroom, where they chat while waiting for Jack. Sally admits she missed her sister at Christmas, but it’s been nice to feel she belongs there. Jack listens from outside the door as Sally opens up about her parents dropping her and her sister, Coco, off with their grandmother as children, then taking off. Jack knocks and enters. Sally touches on her run-in with Summer and blames Theo for causing the tension. Jack will talk to Summer on her behalf, but the rest is up to her.
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At the Chancellor mansion, Rey’s updated Chance on things at the station. They recap the case against Alyssa. Rey feels sorry for her; she’s not the first person Adam’s pushed to the breaking point. Chance agrees Adam’s toxic; any loyalty he had to him is gone.

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At Grand Phoenix, Nate tells Elena about a bad joke made by a patient. They talk about working overtime. She had fun spending the holiday with him doing what they do best, but worries he missed time with his mom to stick with her. Nate relays he needed to feel useful even if he couldn’t perform surgery. The conversation turns to Lola. He’s glad they became friends. Elena’s missed her since she’s been in Miami; she’s not ready to live alone yet but does need to regain her independence. Nate takes her off guard by suggesting they get a room, then back tracks, but Elena decides room service sounds great.
Nate date backfires Y&R

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At Chance Comm, Billy welcomes Lily back with flowers. He was following her on the flight tracker and knew she was delayed. She teases him and agrees to a work dinner.

At Society, Lily talks about her holiday with the twins who are living up to their potential. He’s sure they think the same thing about her. Billy wants to report on Alyssa’s case by honoring those who fought for justice, which prevailed. He’d like to focus on her. Lily chokes. “No. That’s not going to happen.” Abby listens as they debate and Lily mentions Chance taking a bullet. She joins them and thinks it’s a great idea for Billy to highlight Chance being a hero. Lily smiles at Billy, “Let’s do it.”
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When Billy steps away, Abby and Lily discuss her moving into the Chancellor Estate and having trouble getting pregnant right away. She apologizes for being insensitive, but Lily’s unbothered and assures Abby she’ll be a wonderful mom one day. Lily steps away to take a call from Mattie as Chance arrives. He greets Billy, and Abby shares he’s going to do a story about him. Chance doesn’t want his name linked to Adam’s now that he’s back on the force. Billy reassures him it’s about everyone who helped solve the case. Lily returns and Billy tells her they’re good to go.

Faith arrives at home and tells Sharon and Nick not to stop their conversation as she heads upstairs. Nick’s about to go, when Rey arrives. Nick was worried he was going to miss his bachelor party. Rey’s concerned Sharon won’t like it, but Nick assures him she gave him the names of his cop buddies and he booked a strip joint. Sharon and Nick crack up at the look on Rey’s face. After Nick’s gone, Rey warns Sharon it’s her last chance to change her mind. She can’t wait to be his wife.
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Later, Faith comes downstairs to find no one around. She takes out her water bottle, sneaks over to the bar area, and fills it up with vodka before replacing it in her bag. Faith texts Jordan that she hopes to see her tomorrow… she has a surprise for her.
Faith sneak alcohol Y&R

Sharon and Rey return from a walk and relive the long road to where they are now. They express their love and Sharon beckons for him to join her upstairs.

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In a suite after room service, Elena acts awkward. Nate assures her they can just talk or fall asleep watching a movie. Elena thought she was ready, but still feels guilty about the way they got together. This may never be what he wants it to be. Later, Nate sends her a text.

At Crimson Lights, Elena reads Nate’s message asking to let him know that she got home alright. Elena assures him she’s fine, apologizes for tonight, and wants to talk soon.

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At home, Abby’s read up on what they should eat and drink for optimum fertility. Chance isn’t worried about conceiving — she got pregnant before.

Lily and Billy enter Grand Phoenix. He notices she’s quiet. Lily mentions Abby trying to get pregnant and worries he might want more kids. They agree they’re done with raising kids and are excited to start the next stage of their lives. They head upstairs for a nightcap.

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