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Adam and Chelsea arrive home from visiting Connor and recall spoiling him over the holiday before talk turns to her upcoming surgery. She assures herself it will be fine, but is clearly nervous. Adam reminds her the doctors have done the procedure many times and reflects on everything going so out of control after the memory of what happened to him as a boy. He reiterates no one in this town means anything to him anymore.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon and Rey go over their wedding checklists. Nearby, Tessa tells them how happy she is to be a part of it. After some joking back and forth, Rey and Sharon leave Tessa and Mariah to spend time together. Tessa confesses she hasn’t written the song for the nuptials yet. Mariah has an idea to remind her how epic it is to find the person you’re meant for and how true love changes everything.
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At Grand Phoenix, Phyllis gives Nick the first of her repayment checks and starts griping about Victoria trying to steal the hotel out from under her. As she’s warning what might happen if they ended up in a room together, Victoria enters. Nick adopts a wary expression as Phyllis gapes, “Seriously. The gall…” Nick’s impressed when Phyllis vows to ignore her.
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Nick joins his sister to confront her about meeting a colleague there. Vikki wants to move on but he doesn’t know how to forgive her. They rehash the dispute. Victoria refuses to make nice with Phyllis just because she and Nick are in the on again phase of their relationship.

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Devon’s relieved when Amanda shows up at his place; she hasn’t been answering his calls. She admits she hasn’t been able to eat or sleep since they went to Naya’s. Amanda reveals there’s more to the story than he even knows. The family had a history in politics so they played things close to the vest. The P.I. learned that Naya gave up her twins, and went on to meet and marry her current husband, with whom she had a daughter, Imani, and now lives a life of luxury and privilege.
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As they continue talking, Devon warns against drawing conclusions too soon but Amanda’s angry about being abandoned for the sake of saving someone’s political career. She doesn’t need to hear Naya’s excuses! Devon understands her instinct to put up walls, but she deserves to know why Naya did what she did. He thinks Hilary would want to know the full truth and wouldn’t run away from it. Amanda’s moved, but doesn’t foresee a happily ever after. She admits she feels bitter about Imani, who is blameless. Devon presses her to see this through.

At Society, Billy wishes Lily a good flight home by phone — he misses her. After disconnecting, he encounters Adam. They spar verbally about the shooting and which of them drove Alyssa over the edge. Billy warns even in the best horror films the monster can only cheat death so many times. They squabble about Billy being framed until Adam’s ready to walk out, only to run into Sharon.

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Sharon and Adam discuss her signing the commitment papers. He tells her she doesn’t have to worry about him now, especially with her wedding coming up. Adam’s happy for her and relays he and Chelsea are leaving town to start over. Rey enters and watches their close exchange as Adam thanks her for still giving a damn despite everything; it means a lot. Rey approaches, asks if Sharon’s okay and Adam thanks him for arresting Alyssa. After Adam goes, Sharon turns to her fiancé and gushes about becoming Mrs. Rey Rosales.
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Kevin’s on the coffee house patio leaving Michael a voicemail as Phyllis passes by. She hears him say the latest Gloria situation involves Victoria and Newman Enterprises and circles around to join him. After she admires baby pictures, they go over being past accomplices and Phyllis complains about Victoria trying to bring her down. They commiserate over not being able to win some people’s respect. Phyllis reminds him they could always rely on each other and works Gloria into the conversation. Kevin confides she’s gotten herself into something bad.
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Inside Crimson Lights, Chelsea admits to Chloe she’s terrified about the operation. She mentions Adam feeling guilty and Chloe’s puzzled — she thought this started with the fall in the elevator. Chelsea won’t confirm he played a role and talk turns to them leaving town. She’s sorry to leave Chloe, but glad to get away from the Newmans and Sharon. Chloe presses her about a fashion line again, and Chelsea vows they’ll find a way to make it work.

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Chloe joins Kevin and Phyllis on the patio. Phyllis compliments the new mom, and tells Kevin, “Let’s do this again real soon.”

Inside the coffee house, Sharon comes face-to-face with Chelsea, who congratulates her and Rey on their upcoming wedding. Sharon learns she has a medical procedure pending.

After Victoria’s meeting at the hotel, Nick confronts her about the whole demeanor she’s got going on — the dirty moves and condescension remind him of their father. He feels something’s changed and wonders if Billy was a better influence on her than he ever thought; at least when they were together she didn’t let the job turn her into the worst version of Victor Newman.
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In their suite, Nick notices Phyllis is in a better mood. She senses his tension and knows how to relieve it.

Alone in her suite, Amanda calls Naya, who answers. Amanda can’t get words out and disconnects.
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Mariah and Tessa enter Crimson Lights’ patio after a romantic walk, which Tessa confirms inspired her. She needs the fire escape and her guitar and rushes out. Sharon appears and Mariah asks how her errands went. Sharon shrugs; they went fine — the countdown to the wedding has officially begun.

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Chelsea finds Adam staring out the window at home. She learns he ran into Billy, Sharon, and Rey at Society. Chelsea asks about his exchange with Sharon and notes she’ll be saying her vows to Rey on New Year’s Eve while she’s trying to get some sleep before her big surgery. Adam once again reassures her she’ll be fine.

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