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At Newman Enterprises, Nikki reminds Victoria to take time off for the holidays. Vikki notices her mother’s full of Christmas spirit. Nikki reveals Victor’s agree to go to London. Victoria feels with Adam out of their lives and Billy free, it really will be a Merry Christmas.

In a suite, Billy lounges half-naked in bed as Lily emerges from the bathroom dressing. Billy sighs over spending the last 24 hours with her and can’t remember when he’s felt this close to anyone. Lily notes he’s letting his wall down since he usually hides behind jokes. They agree they want whatever this is to progress. Lily’s going in cautiously, but recognizes he’s not the only one with baggage. Going slow has to do with her and what she’s been through. Billy reiterates this is different for him. He can be himself with her and can trust her — he can be the man he wants to be for her.

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As Billy and Lily go over their schedules, they realize they have dinner before he sees the kids and she leaves to see Devon before heading to New York to meet Charlie and Mattie. Billy heads to the shower and she finds a gift behind the pillow. He reappears to tease, “You can open that.” It’s a gorgeous bracelet. Lily grabs her coat and rushes out.
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Lily returns to her suite with a gift she had ordered for Billy at Fenmore’s. She reveals lingerie and advises him to stay on the bed so she can show him how much she loved the bracelet. After sex, he opens his scarf and just loves it.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle phones Jack, anxious about the necklace being ready in time. Jack reassures him. On the patio, Summer has the same conversation with Phyllis. When she disconnects she joins Kyle and they both make excuses to leave.

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Standing by the Abbott Christmas tree, Jack looks at his Jacky ornament and flashes to last year with Dina, who remembered helping him make it. He gets choked up. Ashley appears. They both miss their mother and can’t believe she’s gone. Ash relays Traci will be back for dinner later and they talk about Abby, Billy, and Kyle’s happiness. Jack shares the story about Summer and Kyle’s jewelry.

Nikki stops by the Abbott house with goodies and Sally arrives right afterward. Jack introduces her to Nikki and Ashley. They make polite chit-chat until Sally marvels at being in the presence of two such remarkable women. Ash is sure she’ll do great at Fenmore’s. In a moment alone, Sally asks if Summer and Kyle are stopping by. Jack says they won’t be there until tomorrow and reminds her Kyle and Summer are definitely together.
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In Amanda’s suite, she and Devon discuss going to see Naya. Amanda notes she’s Hilary’s birth mother too so it’s bound to bring up feelings for him. They agree there’s a lot of unanswered questions. Devon suggests she call ahead — the last thing he wants is for her to be disappointed on Christmas Eve. Amanda’s torn between giving her a courtesy call and ambushing her. She debates putting the trip off but elects to go.

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In the hotel lobby, Kyle paces and Summer exits the elevator and looks out the door. Awkwardness ensues as they both confess they’re expecting a delivery. After they conclude their deliveries aren’t coming in time, Summer tells him about her surprise. He can’t believe it — he had the same idea. They marvel at Jack and Phyllis working to make it happen.
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Still in the lobby, Summer and Kyle look up as a hotel employee approaches. “You both have a delivery.” Once they have the boxes in hand, they open them and realize they’re stunning. He says the jewelry represents their history and future combined. She says he’s her forever.

Sally is entertaining Jack with a childhood story when Summer bursts in. She’s followed by Kyle. They’re making the rounds. They share the good news about their jewelry and Jack admires the necklace and tie pin. Sally says it’s cool they surprised each other that way. Jack goes for hot chocolate and Kyle and Summer reminisce about celebrating Christmas together as kids. Sally makes a face.
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In the car, Devon places a reassuring hand over Amanda’s as they sit outside her mother’s house. “Are you ready to do this?” Amanda decides she should call Naya and let her know who she is and that she’s there to meet her. Her calls repeatedly go to voicemail so she’s determined to go ring the doorbell. As she gets out of the car, a young woman arrives with presents and calls out, “Hey mom, open the door!” Amanda stands watching, stunned, as Naya lets her in and the door closes.
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After getting back in the car, Amanda tells Devon that woman was Naya’s daughter; the one she raised, loved, and wanted. Devon’s so sorry. Amanda wants to go home.

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At Society, Victoria happens upon Billy and Lily. She admires Billy’s scarf and Lily’s bracelet and muses that their relationship has gone beyond close friendship. She didn’t know they’d decided to go public. Lily replies, “Neither did I, until today.” Victoria shoots Billy a look then blurts, “I’m thrilled for you.” She excuses herself. Lily doesn’t think she likes them being together. Billy loves that they’re together.
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As they enter Kyle’s suite, Summer complains about Sally. She’s surprised to see Kyle had the room decorated for Christmas and champagne is chilling. They toast to a Merry Christmas.

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At Newman, Victoria looks at a photo of Katie and Johnny and decides to head out.

In the Abbott living room, Jack, Sally, and Ashley admire the Christmas tree ornaments. “Merry Christmas from The Young and the Restless” scrolls across the screen.

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