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At Chance Comm, Lily and Billy debate going to New Orleans. Lily points out he’d never forgive himself if something delayed them and he missed the holiday with his kids. Billy will plan something else special and heads out after warning her to keep her schedule open.

In the Chancellor living room, Chance laughs over the gift of a fertility idol from an old buddy. Abby breaks disappointing news to him — she’s not pregnant this month. Chance thinks it’s normal; they just started trying… and the best part is now they get to try, try again. Abby takes a call from Billy. She’s glad he was exonerated. He’s at Society and has something to ask her. She tells him to ask Lola, disconnects and tells Chance that Billy’s really into Lily.
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Chloe and Kevin arrive at the Chancellor mansion and admire the decorations and tree. Kevin says their kids will love living in a mansion, which causes Abby to abruptly excuse herself. Chance follows her out. Chloe and Kevin reminisce about last Christmas there. Chloe admits she’s sentimental about the place and Kevin asks if she’s having second thoughts about moving. She loves their new house. As Chloe puzzles over Chance’s fertility idol, Kevin finds the flashdrive Gloria left behind. They debate whether to put it back.

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On Crimson Lights’ patio, Nate and Elena discuss him teaching medical students. Suddenly, Devon enters. All three share an awkward silence until Devon assures them there’s no need to be so tense — they can just move on. He learns Nate may not perform surgery again and didn’t intend for that to happen. Nate remarks it’s the true test of a person’s character; how they deal with setbacks. Elena gets up and rushes out. Nate reveals this hasn’t been easy for her. Devon replies that makes two of them.

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Elena rejoins Nate on the patio, where she imagines planning a holiday trip with Devon and kissing him under the mistletoe. Nate interrupts her reverie to assure her Devon will be fine. Elena knows he’s still in pain. Nate reminds her he wants them all to move on with their lives.
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Inside the coffee house, Devon flashes back to when he and Elena declared their love before remembering her confession. He walks out.

At Society, Lola and Billy discuss Rey ensuring justice was done. Billy’s hoping Lola will go above and beyond for a different reason. Lola loves a challenge but can’t make a personal menu for him while cooking for customers. Billy relays he’s rented the whole place out. Lola gets to work and Billy calls Lily to meet him there in an hour.
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At Grand Phoenix, Lily updates Amanda that Billy has surprise plans for them later — she’s nervous. Amanda wonders if they’re getting serious. Lily thinks so. Amanda’s happy for them. Lily needs a favor…

In Lily’s suite, Amanda can’t believe the former fashion model needs her advice on what to wear. Lily tries on a series of dresses until they settle on a form-fitting metallic number. Amanda exits and gets a call and says into the phone, “No that can’t be.”
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Abby arrives at Society and admires Billy’s set up. She’s pleased to see him smiling, happy, and free. They make peace over the shooting situation and Chance arrives. He jokes Billy didn’t have to go to all this trouble. Billy relays it’s for Lily, then heads to the kitchen. Abby apologizes to Chance for being sensitive about babies. Chance feels inspired and goes home to prepare a surprise.

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After Billy’s donned a suit, Lily arrives for dinner. Billy’s eyes pop out of his head at her dress. She learns Lola’s cooking them a feast while he’s mixing drinks. They toast to freedom and having just as much fun as they’d have had in New Orleans. After dinner, Billy teases she was moaning with ecstasy over the food. She wonders what else he thinks she won’t be able to resist. Billy has a fantasy he wants to indulge… right now. Lily’s briefly scandalized until he admits he wants to dance with her. Later, Billy and Lily pay their compliments to the chef and wish her a happy holiday in Miami.Lily dress Y&R

Back at the Chancellor Estate, Kevin asks Chance about the flashdrive. He says it’s not his or Abby’s. It must be Jill’s so he’ll take it off his hands. Chloe interrupts to say it’s Esther’s; they’ll keep it. Later, Abby arrives home to find Chance has decked out the living room like the tropics — their honeymoon will last forever. He gifts her a baby ornament; that’s what they’ll be celebrating next year.

Still on the patio at the coffee house, Nate’s understanding about Elena not wanting to invite him up. He reminds her Devon said to move on, but won’t push her. He has an idea that might make her feel better and suggests getting out of town. Elena’s not ready but will consider it.

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Chloe and Kevin settle at a table inside Crimson Lights and Kevin plugs the flashdrive into his computer. He quickly blurts, “Oh no.” He turns it around to reveal a photo of Gloria. The other files are password protected. Kevin breaks the code and reveals it has to do with Newman Enterprises, a bank transfer for 2.3 million dollars, and the Cayman Islands. Someone’s been siphoning funds to an offshore account. They wonder how Glo got all the money and what she’ll do with it.
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At Devon’s place, Amanda reveals she just got a call from her P.I. who thinks he’s found her birth mother.

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