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At Chance Comm, Billy tells Lily his court date was cancelled and the judge ruled him a free man — thanks to her. Lily wasn’t about to let him be framed. Billy wishes he could have looked in Alyssa’s eyes and questioned her. He proposes dinner. Victoria calls him over to her office to see the kids.

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Billy arrives in Victoria’s office and tells the kids that someone blamed him for something but now it’s all okay. He promises he will be with them for the holidays and hands them candy canes. Walking over to Victoria, he tells her about his dream and she assures him he’s a wonderful father. They go over the holiday schedule. She’s surprised he’s leaving town for the night and assumes it involves Lily. He senses this bothers her, but she insists otherwise. Victoria urges him to take it slow and stay grounded.
Lily accepts trip invitation Y&R

Back at Chanc Comm, Billy tells Lily they’re having dinner in New Orleans. He’s really grateful for her and hopeful for their future. She’s charmed and agrees. Victoria calls and claims that Johnny is having a hard time because he thinks his dad won’t be home for Christmas. Billy gets his son on the phone and reassures him. Lily tells Billy there’s no way they are going anywhere.

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Sally runs into Jack at Crimson Lights. They chat about her holiday plans. Jack urges her to spend time with her family while she still can. If she wants company on Christmas Eve, she’s welcome to drop by the Abbott house.
Jack talks to Sally Y&R

At the coffee house counter, Sharon and Rey look forward to their wedding. He wants them to enjoy Christmas as well. Faith strolls in and snubs her mom to listen to music and eat brownies. Jordan shows up and apologizes for keeping her distance and assures Faith she will choose her over the mean girls. After they leave, Sally introduces herself to Sharon and compliments her on the coffee shop. When she returns to her table, she calls her sister and tells her how much she misses her. She already has a strategy for handling Summer and her husband.

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Rey drops by Lola’s apartment, hands her a gift, and admires her tree. They debate opening gifts before Christmas and recall their holidays growing up. She’s excited that Arturo will be back for the wedding and he hopes his brother won’t bring any drama. As they strategize about how to sort out any conflict that arises, the topic turns to how excited he is to get married. He has faith that she’ll find happiness too.
Rey visits Lola Y&R

Jordan and Faith go to Society, where Lola greets them. The chef goes off to whip something up. Jordan suggests that the girls at school are jealous of how cool Faith is and gives her a plan for stealing a bottle of booze from behind the bar. That will prove she’s awesome. Reluctantly, Faith agrees. While Jordan makes a distraction, Faith looks at the bottles. Rey and Sharon arrive and check on them before walking off. Faith admits to Jordan that she couldn’t steal the alcohol.
Jordan tells Faith to steal Y&R

In a room at the Grand Phoenix, Summer and Kyle tease each other about work. They have time to spare so he suggests sex. She thanks him for dinner last night and says they should go to work. When she notices that his tie clip is missing, he says he took it to the jeweler for cleaning.

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Kyle and Jack conclude a meeting at Jabot. They discuss their holiday plans until Summer interrupts. When Jack takes off to shop, Kyle offers to have Summer’s necklace cleaned. She says she lost it, stammers through an excuse, and walks off. When she returns later, she says that she saw his tie clip at the jeweler. He says that the jewel fell out and he was having it replaced; he feels terrible about the whole thing. When Summer walks out he smiles to himself.
Summer, Kyle tie pin Y&R

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When Jack arrives at the Abbott home, he looks at the decorations and remembers hanging ornaments with Dina.

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