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Amanda joins Billy in the interrogation room where he admits he had a rough night. She updates him that Alyssa never returned to Kansas. Billy muses, “She lied. I knew there was more to this.” Billy learns that Alyssa can shoot at a marksman level and wonders if she tried to kill Adam and is framing him for it. Billy rants that the police should be questioning her. Amanda doesn’t want Michael alerting Alyssa to their suspicions. She has an idea that could change the course of the case, but it could backfire. Billy’s up for the risk.

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At Chance Comm, Lily asks someone questions about Alyssa on the phone, pretending she’s doing a story on her. She learns the reporter has a bad temper and holds grudges. She disconnects as Victoria appears and asks why Billy’s bail was revoked. Lily explains Billy tried to confront the eyewitness — Alyssa Montalvo. Victoria’s confused as to why she’d try to frame Billy. Lily thinks there’s more to it than meets the eye. Victoria wants to take Billy an update but Lily says she and Amanda have it covered. After, Lily takes a call from Amanda, who asks her to reach out to someone.
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At Crimson Lights, Lily meets Rey. She knows he has doubts that Billy’s the shooter and relays that Alyssa has motive in the shooting because she hates Adam. Rey gathers she’s suggesting Alyssa shot at Adam and is framing Billy. Lily divulges that Alyssa is a sharpshooter and that she found shooting gloves in her hotel room. Rey’s not completely sold on the theory but Lily urges him to investigate. If she’s right he can set an innocent person free and arrest the real culprit. Once alone, Rey calls an officer and tells them not to move Alyssa’s things until they hear from him.
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In the interrogation room, Amanda and Billy discuss Lily putting herself out there for him. Billy says she’s an amazing person and shares they’ve gotten closer. Amanda hopes he’ll find a way to repay her for all she’s doing. Billy replies, “You can count on it.” Victoria arrives, so Amanda exits. They talk about Lily being so invested in his defense. Vikki thinks it goes beyond friendship and tells him Lily’s not the only one — she’ll do anything she can to support him. Billy learns the kids are still unaware of what’s happening. If they find out, Victoria will tell them she believes in him. Billy’s grateful.
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At Society, Nikki’s concerned about Billy. Victor wants Adam’s assailant behind bars; if that’s Billy then so be it. She asks about Adam and Chelsea’s move. Victor reveals they’re renting a house near Connor for the holidays. He got a strange feeling from them when he last visited and believes something’s off. Nikki reminds him Adam’s problems are no longer Victor’s concern. Victor’s tired of his family telling him how to feel about Adam. His son has his support. He apologizes for being short with her and Nikki suggests they take a vacation to London. Victor’s reluctant but agrees to consider it.
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At Grand Phoenix, Summer notices Kyle’s a million miles away. He admits he was stewing about Jack letting Theo have the boutiques in Paris. He was relishing the thought of him walking away with zip, but is glad they’re rid of him for good.

At Jabot, Sally rambles to Jack about Kyle and Summer and references romantic tension in the workplace. Jack informs her Kyle and Summer are very happy. He knows Sally’s ambitious and warns her not to get ahead of herself and to let Lauren guide her. After, Summer enters and confronts Sally about wanting to steal her division out from under her. She won’t let someone like her waltz in there and take it away. Sally hints that Summer got her position at Jabot due to her relationship with Kyle. She knows Summer’s work history and nepotism has played a big role — she’s a lightweight and Sally’s a pro. Sally challenges, “Let’s see who ends up on top.”

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At the hotel, Lauren confronts Sally. Jack told her she’s becoming a bit of a handful. The older woman talks to her about how she’s handling her ambition. She urges her to concentrate on what she’s doing, and how she’s doing will follow.
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At Jabot, Jack reflects to Kyle about the amount of time he has on his hands now that Dina’s gone. Summer enters, and Jack exits. Summer warns Kyle to steer clear of Sally, who wants her job and will try to use him to get it. Kyle thinks she seems focused on impressing Lauren. Summer admits she got the heads up from Theo and advises Kyle again to keep his eyes open. Kyle suggests they don’t engage, then Sally’s attempts at causing trouble will fizzle out. Just then, Sally enters. Kyle says he and his fiancée have somewhere they need to be.

Still at Jabot, Sally talks to Lauren about updating the virtual dressing room app. Lauren’s pleased and impressed — this is how she’ll move up the ladder. Sally confides she has a deep desire to prove she can make it on her own; it’s a survival instinct. Lauren talks up her good points — she reminds her of herself at her age. She’ll look after Sally, but warns, “Don’t make me sorry I did.”

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On the coffee house patio, Summer and Kyle reiterate their desire to take things slow despite Kyle referring to her as his fiancée to get under Sally’s skin. Jack enters and hears them laughing together and looks pensive.

At Chance Comm, Amanda hopes Rey takes Lily’s bait and runs with it.

Rey enters Alyssa’s hotel room and searches through her suitcase before finding the shooting gloves in the drawer. He bags them as evidence and exits.

Next on The Young and the Restless: Amanda questions Lily about her relationship with Billy.

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