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In his cell, Billy tosses and turns. Inside his mind voices of his family and friends weigh in on his situation. He shouts, “I was framed; I didn’t do it!” Suddenly, Adam appears and warns they all pay for their sins… one way or another. Billy tells Adam he didn’t shoot him and the person who did is still out there. They debate who the dangerous one is and which of them should be locked up. Adam thinks they’re more alike than Billy would like to believe. Billy argues, “I’m not like you.” He rants that people despise Adam and the world would be better without him. Adam maintains Billy’s just like him — it’s where his drive to punish him comes from and the reason he can’t walk away. Adam pops the cell door open and invites Billy to “give it a try.”

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Next, Billy’s cell door opens and he walks out only to find himself in the Abbott living room watching Jack, Amanda, and Lily talking about Billy being found guilty in court. Jack wants to file an appeal and Amanda’s agreeable. They discuss Michael painting Billy’s character in a negative light due to his past of pursuing vengeance. Lily protests that Billy worked hard to overcome his history — she’s proud of him. Amanda will call Lily and Jack as character witnesses at the sentencing. She’s not sure how long he’ll go away for but he’s regarded as a violent felon. Amanda leaves and Jack tells Lily that no one expects her to put her life on hold for Billy.
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Suddenly, Billy’s in Crimson Lights with Abby. He’s relieved she can see him. She snarks that his worst nightmare is not being the center of attention and rants about him pretending to care about her at the hospital when he shot the man she loves. Billy insists he didn’t shoot him. Abby heard the testimony about him lying in the courtroom. Billy’s outraged she would think he’d shoot his nephew in the back then show up at the hospital. Abby calls him selfish and immature and complains there’s nothing heroic about publishing the article on Adam — did he stop to think about anyone else? Billy’s sorry about the fallout and hollers he’s not perfect. Abby declares him a chaos junkie like Adam and storms off.

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Next, Billy’s in Victoria’s office as Johnny and Katie ask their mother when daddy can come home. He assures them he’ll be home by Christmas but they don’t hear him. Victoria explains their father’s been accused of doing something he didn’t do. He told the truth but no one believed him. Katie asks if she trusts daddy. Billy tells Victoria, “Yes you do,” and Vikki snaps at him to stop — this is hard enough! Billy complains he was framed and reminds her she brought him the article that made him the perfect fall guy. Victoria protests it was a business move for her — vilifying Adam was more important to him than his own children. Billy realizes the kids are gone and Victoria says they need to get along without him.
Victoria, Billy dream Y&R

Billy next squares off with Victor from his cell, where he accuses him of setting him up. Victor knows he didn’t shoot Chance, but he tried to kill Adam before. “You’re exactly where you deserve to be.” Billy argues Adam should be there, not him. Victor’s glad his grandchildren won’t be subject to his toxic influence. He’ll hire a reporter to write about his crimes and everything he holds dear will be gone. Billy feels he’d still be a better father than Victor. Victor needles that John thought Jack was superior to Billy. “Billy Boy Abbott!” He calls him a screw-up and leaves him with a final thought — “This is it. Your future is right here. I hope you rot in this place.”

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Now Billy finds himself in the Chancellor mansion with a teenage Delia. He tells her she’s beautiful. Billy knows it’s a dream and when he wakes up his heart will be ripped out. Delia remarks he’s always so sad and getting into trouble. Billy will fix this; he’s innocent. She reminds him he promised things were going to change. Billy argues he’s been much better. Delia calls him out on being obsessed with Adam. Now he can’t protect Johnny or Katie anymore than he protected her. Billy asks her not to say that and expresses regret. He tears up as Delia goes because there’s no point — he’s not listening.
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At Chance Comm, Billy listens to Lily on the phone lobbying on his behalf. Victoria arrives and questions how many more years Lily will devote to the lost cause. She reveals Johnny needs a lawyer. Billy vows to find out who’s targeting his son.

In an interrogation room, Billy joins a grown up Johnny. Rey enters — he’s sick of seeing Johnny’s face in there. He wonders if he’s trying to impress his Uncle Adam and reminds him embezzling from Jabot’s accounts is a serious crime. Billy rants that Adam’s trying to get back at him but they don’t hear him. Johnny won’t rat out Adam who’s the only person who gives a damn about him.
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Back in his cell, Billy is needled by Adam who says he’s got Johnny under his thumb. Billy will kill him. Adam mocks his anger issues and alludes to all the fights he’s had in there that have added decades to his sentence. Adam lets him know Johnny’s with him and Chelsea. Billy reminds him he’s already taken one of his kids and pleads, “Don’t do this.” Adam can’t walk away from their feud any more than he can.
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Billy next appears in a tux at a table in Society with Lily, who reveals she never gave up on him. She relays his conviction was overturned on appeal and raises a toast to his amazing attorney. Billy turns to Amanda to thank her. Lily explains Jill, Ashley, Traci, and Jack also helped to move mountains. Jack appears and prays he’s learned his lesson. He has. Victor materializes and disagrees — his life is circling closer and closer to the drain. Victoria arrives and hopes he’ll do right by their kids. Billy plans to spend the rest of his life proving to Lily that her faith in him wasn’t a mistake. She tells him she’s his ride or die; he can always count on her. Billy awakens in his cell and says, “I know you are. And together we won’t let any of that happen.”
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